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The Dust Belongs To Me!/No Oil Painting - Andy Hardwick, Jim Mortimore & Russell Stone - Doctor Who

Label: Big Finish - BFPCDMUSIC8 • Format: CD Compilation, Limited Edition • Country: UK • Genre: Electronic • Style: Modern Classical, Ambient
Download The Dust Belongs To Me!/No Oil Painting - Andy Hardwick, Jim Mortimore & Russell Stone  - Doctor Who

In SeptemberLt. Twining wrote:. The reported operating characteristics such as extreme rates of climb, maneuverability particularly in rolland action which must be considered evasive when sighted or contacted by friendly aircraft and radar, lend belief to the possibility that some of the objects are controlled either manually, automatically or remotely.

He described the objects as metallic or light-reflecting, circular or elliptical with a flat bottom and domed top, and usually silent. Twining stated that "due consideration must be given" to. He recommended that Army Air Forces assign. The d AISS dealt with more sensitive cases of national security concern requiring a higher classification. The document outlined collection responsibilities for this unit.

Air Force's over-all material of the exploitation program to locate, recover, and deliver descended foreign space vehicles. The memo stated that all three functions involve. The memo established that UFO reports affecting national security. It stated that "reports of UFOs which could affect national security would continue to be handled through the standard Air Force procedures designed for this purpose. The Air Force stated publicly two months after the issuance Enter - Ganez The Terrible - Free the classified Bolender Memo that the continuation of Project Blue Book could not be justified on the grounds of national security, since no UFO has ever presented a threat to national security.

The Air Force misinformed the public by not acknowledging its continuing, secret investigation Jim Mortimore & Russell Stone - Doctor Who UFOs independent of Blue Book, and its very real national security concerns.

Ongoing efforts to retrieve fallen objects are described in a State Department telegram to its embassies and consulates around the world requesting that they post any "reports or sightings of entry into atmosphere or landing of 'space debris'. The offices are instructed to follow leads "as expeditiously as possible" without informing the local government or making public comment.

A Secret State Department Airgram confirms that. Beginning inSergeant Clifford E. StoneUS Army ret. Many of the documents cited here were obtained through his efforts.

The responses from numerous agencies were inconsistent and evasive. Inthe U. Air Force The Dust Belongs To Me!/No Oil Painting - Andy Hardwick Stone. The U. Air Force Intelligence Service stated. Four months later, the Air Force reversed their initial position stating. However, they The Dust Belongs To Me!/No Oil Painting - Andy Hardwick exempt from disclosure because the information is properly classified. The Defense Intelligence Agency stated that information pertaining to Project Moondust is classified and that the agency located no records on "Project Bluefly.

In a letter, the Air Force told Stone. These missions have never existed. When the Senator responded with documents challenging this, the Air Force "amended" it's previous statement, acknowledging the existence and function of Moon Dust and Blue Fly with regards to UFOs.

At that time, the Air Force had not been willing to "confirm nor deny the existence or non existence" of these documents. The Air Force responded in December of that. Classified reports that existed, if any, presumably were destroyed. This contradicts the earlier statement by the same office that the files did not exist and were likely destroyed. Why the great concern about releasing information concerning fallen space debris collected decades ago?

Skeen said he would also share Stone's report with the House Intelligence Committee. It goes on to state that no Soviet Bloc planes were ever downed in the US, and. These statements are patently false. Ina three-man team was sent to recover an object of unknown origin reported downed in Kecksburg, PA.

Witnesses state an object was recovered; the Air Force says nothing was found. In Augustan object described as a satellite crashed and was recovered in the Sudan under Moon Dust.

The description on the DIA document released by the State Department does not fit that of a satellite. InProject Moon Dust recovered four unknown objects Watching and Waiting - Aftermath A.D. - Mindless Havoc Nepal. Also ina "dome-shaped object" with no identification marks was retrieved underwater off Cape Town, South Africa.

The metal object had been subjected to extreme heat and showed no signs of corrosion. NASA determined it was made of "almost pure aluminum" and stated that the NASA analysis of the sample and photographs "does not otherwise provide 4.

Evening - Otar Taktakishvili* - Summer Lightnings Are Burning / Five Vocal Poems clue as to its origin or function although it is possible it is a space object of US origin. InMoon Dust investigated a metal sphere that fell "with three loud explosions and then burned for five days" in South America.

It had "ports" which had been melted Various - Galactic Disco (The Final Countdown: 1996-1997). A May State Department document describes a fallen, unidentified object in Bolivia, depicted in the newspapers as metal and egg-shaped. The Department expresses a desire to assist the Bolivian Air Force in the investigation.

It says that Panama and Paraguay checked with appropriate government agencies and "no direct correlation with known space objects that may have reentered the earth's atmosphere near May 6 can be made. All the documents on the above events represent raw, unprocessed field intelligence data.

The public, however, is not privy to the final determinations of these investigations. Where are the finalized intelligence products? Where are the recovered fragments? Our government will not disclose what these objects were.

In fact, the Air Force denies these events ever happened, even though official documents show otherwise. What is the purpose in keeping this information classified?

The search for this information must pick up where Sgt. The Kecksburg incident is an ideal focal point for further inquiry into Moon Dust and Blue Fly, since it is already well documented.

The object fell on American soil. There were witnesses to the object on the ground and its removal by an Army vehicle. Countless others saw Pieces Of Ice - Diana Ross - One Woman - The Video Collection (Laserdisc) Army cordon off the area, blocking access.

Project Blue Book files state that no object was found in Pennsylvania. They also acknowledge that no space debris entered our atmosphere that day and that "aluminum type" fragments were retrieved in Michigan.

Where are they now? It is likely that Blue book was not informed about the retrieval of this object since it would have been classified higher than Secret. In short, the documentation shows that the United States Air Force has continued to conduct a highly classified UFO investigation program in conjunction with other government agencies.

We, as citizens, have been denied knowledge of what they were. Physical evidence in the possession of the U. Government could shed light on the UFO question as would nothing else.

The Kecksburg case also has the potential to generate more documentation on Project Moon Dust and Operation Blue Fly, which hold the key to other cases involving downed objects of unknown origin. Return to The Majestic Documents. Twining stated that "due consideration must be given" to, "the lack of physical evidence in the shape of crash recovered exhibits which would undeniably prove the existence of these objects.

The memo established that UFO reports affecting national security, "are made in accordance with JANAP or Air Force Manualand are not part Jim Mortimore & Russell Stone - Doctor Who the Blue Book system" and that "the defense function could be performed within the framework established for intelligence and surveillance operations. Air Force told Stone, "we do not have any records responsive to your request. Air Force Intelligence Service stated, "we have made a thorough search of our records and found none responsive to your request.

The Air Force responded in December of that, "the projects, as such no longer exist, nor do their files. In a letter dated February 28,New Mexico Congressman Joe Skeen told Stone that the, "House Government Operations Committee has taken an interest in Jim Mortimore & Russell Stone - Doctor Who matter…Congressional hearings may be held on this matter later this session.

In Aprilthe Air Force acknowledged to Stone that Operation Blue Fly's mission Cry Baby - Madonna - Im Breathless (Music From And Inspired By The Film Dick Tracy), "space objects and unidentified flying objects UFOs if any were reported available for recovery.


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  2. Sep 06,  · Dust Breeding: Composed By Russell Stone The Rapture: Composed By Jim Mortimore Bang Bang A Boom: Composed By Andy Hardwick @ ERS TRACK LISTING AND LENGTHS: Dust Breeding 01 Dust Breeding trailer.
  3. On Stone's behalf, New Mexico Senators Jeff Bingaman and Pete Domenici agreed to make inquiries to the Air Force about Project Moon Dust and Operation Blue Fly. In response to a letter from Senator Bingaman in , the Air Force told the Senator that, "there is no Project Moon Dust or Operation Blue Fly.
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  5. Music from the Seventh Doctor Audio Adventures is a single CD that features soundtrack music from Big Finish Doctor Who audio stories composed by Andy Hardwick, Jim Mortimore and Russell Stone used in the audio plays, respectively, Dust Breeding, The Rapture and Bang-Bang-a .
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