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What A Hell - Various - Waterhouse Revisited Chapter II

Label: Hightone Records - HT 7013 • Format: Vinyl LP, Compilation • Country: UK • Genre: Reggae • Style: Dancehall
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Foreword: Minor wording changes, some punctuation changes and a few tasteful additions to enhance my written word for this revised version of the story. I awoke to the cries of my fellows by noon of the next day. Lili's voice was the first I heard. Then followed Horace and Ravaia, Azarain joining in shortly after. Where are you?! At first I was under the impression of being in a dream world. As I opened my eyes, a most staggering sight revealed itself to me. It appeared as though I was suddenly teleported into a crystal cave!

Everywhere around me sprouted prismatic appendages from the walls and floor in different colours, seemingly transforming and taking over the room I laid myself to rest in earlier. So much so that even my coarsely sewn-together bedroll started morphing into a solid mat at its edges and corners, with little shards of the colourful growth everywhere.

I quickly rose up to my feet, surveying my surroundings. Where there had been a blank and mossy brick wall before, to my left there now stood a sparkling mural of white, blue, red, green, yellow, teal and purple beauty with little spiky, sharp looking Persiste - Cliff Richard - Silver protruding from it.

What A Hell - Various - Waterhouse Revisited Chapter II to my right I espied a mosaic of stained glass coffins emitting a gay shine in their beauteousness. The floor to my feet, not completely overrun by whatever versicolor coating all this was, twinkled enjoyably, casting lovely shadows at the remains of the partly broken ceiling. As if in a trance I marvelled at this pulchritudinous display of otherworldly elegancy.

I noticed not how close my boots were to the foreign substance but I was swiftly flung into present reality once more by Lili's voice yelling behind me: "Yagir! By the Nine! Are you okay? And what is all this? I turned around and 19 - Paul Hardcastle - 19 (The Final Story) up, seeing the party of four blocking the sun's rays providing me with shadow so I didn't have to squint. All of them stood there in absolute awe at the look of the vitreous caverns I was situated in.

And by extension, at the opalescent, gargantuan jewel that had also started giving off various colours as opposed to the night it so brutally crash landed. I responded to my friends, enunciating what had transpired the night before.

How a surreal force presented itself to control the adjacent flora and fauna. How the wisps danced. And how the thing from above struck the area after which a pillar Water Boy - Kenneth Spencer - American Spirituals (Shellac, Album) extraneous radiance shot up. Lang, Lang Ists Her - Peter Sandloff - Deutsche Filmkomponisten, Folge 6, of course, I told them of my first observations I had made, iterating how I myself was surprised as to the interesting developments that had unfolded over night.

Recalling whence I climbed in from, I rapidly ascended the debris-filled cave in whereby I knocked over some protrusions in the fractals of the stony brick floor. Being above ground again I proceeded to greet my peers with a solid handshake. Lili then started speaking of how the four of them observed an almost indescribable light they spotted from the lodge in Leyawiin and their worries about my well being.

They knew the ruins lay in this general direction. Albeit I got thrown around by the blastwave the impact created, I told them, I was fine nonetheless. After this little chit-chat and Ravaia What A Hell - Various - Waterhouse Revisited Chapter II me on having traveled alone yet again, I gave them my notes I had made that night. Lili, Horace and Azarain studied the pages avidly before proclaiming it's high time we set up camp for our base of operations.

As it presently was, we would have much more to do than we previously expected. We proceeded to build up the different tents my friends brought. First, we set up the big tent in which we'd examine and study specimens taken from the ruins. While Horace and I built this one under Lili's guidance, Azarain and Ravaia started constructing the four smaller tents. Three of them would be used for sleeping in.

One for me, one for Horace and Azarain and one for Ravaia and Lilisephona. The last tent would be used as a crude infirmary in case someone contracts disease or injury. You can never be too sure when dungeon delving so it always helps to have some medicinal herbs and some basic What A Hell - Various - Waterhouse Revisited Chapter II equipment along with a spare cot at hand.

Our group also rented some horses to aid in the transport of our wares. After we were done building our shelter, we unloaded our supplies from the six horses my friends brought along.

Let me reiterate: you can never be too sure. Furthermore, our 'better-safe-than-sorry' kind of attitude has saved us in the past. I remember a venture from way back into some cave that was supposed to contain some antediluvian relic of sorts.

At one point, the pathways fell to ruin preventing passage in or out those vaults. But Horace was careful enough to carry a pair of pickaxes with him. At the start of our journey we mocked him for that but considered it a boon when we actually needed to dig ourselves out of the solid earth.

Needless to say we failed in retrieving said relic but at least we all survived. Ever since, we always keep a list with us containing notes on crucial supplies. And what can I say? The pickaxes are listed, too. We carried the copious amounts of provisions, tools and collapsible furnishings, mostly stools and two small tables, off the horses and placed it all in our linen-roofed safe holds. When everything was done and all items put into place we took our horses in an effort to tie them to a pole we hammered into the ground by the camp.

We cleverly placed our camp near the now colourfully illuminated cave-mouth, so naturally, the steeds and mares had to be brought near it as well. However, when we approached the site, the horses started going crazy. They jumped and tore at the ropes we used to hold them with, neighing ferociously in denial at the hole's precipice.

One kicked Azarain in the chest with its hind What A Hell - Various - Waterhouse Revisited Chapter II before disbanding from the herd, driving him into the mud. The others we could keep under control no longer, so we let go of the leashes to avoid getting hurt like poor Azarain had.

The animals fled at once, disappearing into the distance in the warm midday sun. We were collectively baffled by such fright when it dawned on us that curiously, the whole area appeared to be vacant of fauna. We did not really have the time to ponder on this quite astounding fact too deeply since we were busy taking care of Azarain as we hurled restoration spells at him from the distance. He swiftly got up again and after thanking us, sported an inquisitive look on his face asking the question we've all been thinking.

In utter bafflement we surveyed the area and indeed, not a living thing could be seen or heard. No wolves or hares, no falcons or even insects. Even the plants seemed to bend away from the crater. I took to explaining this odd detail away by the shockwave that happened, but weird it was regardless. Reassuringly, Lili told him with a sharp tongue that, should come our investigations with more peril and What A Hell - Various - Waterhouse Revisited Chapter IIwe wouldn't have to carry all these materials back anyway.

Horace shot her a mocking Together (Yvel & Tristan Remix) - The Quasar* - Bonfire EP and went back to his tent, puffing his cheeks. We all did the same to retrieve food, firewood and some stones to prepare a campfire at which we would eat.

While our group waited on evening to come upon us, we Watermelon Man - Woody Herman - Woodys Winners met inside the big tent to discuss our next steps. We've been working together for years so the operation didn't take much planning.

Azarain proposed we'd fashion a Im Still Waiting - The Mighty Diamonds - Stand Up ladder first to then safely descend into the gay lit cavern, collecting samples for further studies.

Horace munched a piece of bread in agreement, adding that the pickaxes should come in handy. In response, Lilisephona remarked it'd be best we wear protective gloves since the crystalline substance had some sharp tips and edges and we wouldn't want to put the infirmary to use too soon.

All nodded and were content with the plan thus far. I then spoke up and proclaimed that, while the other two were digging, I'd investigate deeper into the haunting ruins for any clues that might help us understand what's going on.

Lili gave me her okay in this respect and suggested she'd stay in the camp together with Ravaia to guard the premises and coordinate our undertakings. We all approved in unison and lifted our mugs in acquiescence.

After the awkward silence that ensues when everybody present is drinking at the same time, we noticed the sky darken and headed out to light our fire. As the flames reflected off our eyes by nightfall, we cooked up some venison stew to keep us fed. Grey smoke rose up from the smouldering logs we set ablaze and the smell of freshly cooked meat and charred wood filled the surprisingly stale air around us. While we sat circumjacent to the fire, we told each other stories from the past.

Ravaia recounted a very peculiar client from her time as a sellsword a couple years back. Apparently, the guy was a retired hunter living in a small shack in the Rift woods in Skyrim. For some inexplicable reason he dared not tell, he had an intense fear of caves so he sought Ravaia's help in retrieving some rare herbs from Snapleg Cave betwixt Nilheim to the west and the Rift Watchtower to the southeast.

Ravaia could remember his name not, but vividly recalled how I I.

Allemande - J. S. Bach*, D. Purcell*, B. Sammartini*, F. Couperin*, K. P. E. Bach*, J. M. Lecla and bathed in sweat he was when she entered the cave to fetch the precious greens. Upon successful retrieval and delivery, the client awarded her a surprisingly large amount of coin and hastily disappeared into the What A Hell - Various - Waterhouse Revisited Chapter II . She lifted up her mug and took a gulp of warm mead.

Lili and I then told of our tale in respect What A Hell - Various - Waterhouse Revisited Chapter II our first meeting at the Throat of the World to which Horace responded by raising one eyebrow. We looked at each other in puzzlement when he finally explained that he was on his way patrolling the roads around Ivarstead with his fellow Stormcloaks when he witnessed someone falling down, getting completely obliterated on impact. Surprised, we all burst into laughter at the notion of how close we actually were to each other.

Azarain had nothing to tell, shrouding himself in mystery as always. He never was too talkative and he never really told us anything from his past. Only that he fled from Morrowind after Red Mountain plunged the province into chaos. For years he had been stranded in Raven Rock on Solstheim mining for ebony until he at last earned enough septims to afford passage to Skyrim's mainland to start his life anew. The only thing he added to the conversation was that he was grateful to have met such amazing companions such as us.


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