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Penny Lane - The Beatles - Euro Союз Presents Best of Beatles Mp3

Label: SP Music - MPS1912 • Format: CDr CD-ROM, Compilation, Unofficial Release Mp3 • Country: Russia • Genre: Rock • Style: Beat, Rock & Roll, Classic Rock, Pop Rock
Download Penny Lane - The Beatles - Euro Союз Presents Best of Beatles Mp3

John Lennon — Paul McCartney. It was great. And it only seems natural that both of these childhood-reflective songs would be paired together to comprise what many claim to be the greatest single of recording music history. Songwriting History. Recording History. This was the third song brought into the studio with the intention of being part of their next album, which eventually became " Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. Paul's trust in me was such that he simply said offhandedly, 'Okay, well, let's do it that way, then.

This was to change dramatically for this song. For days, the others sat at the back of the studio watching Paul layer keyboard after keyboard, working completely on his own. As always, his sense of timing was absolutely superb: the main piano part that everything was built on Penny Lane - The Beatles - Euro Союз Presents Best of Beatles Mp3 rock solid despite the fact that there were no electronic metronomes to lay down click tracks in those days.

In fact, Ringo wasn't even employed to tap out a beat on the hi-hat. It was that bedrock of Paul's original piano track that gave the whole song such a great feel. This piano went onto track one of the four-track tape. Happiest with the sixth take he then began to apply the overdubs, working alone in the studio. Onto track two of the tape went another piano, played this time through a Vox guitar amplifier with added reverberation to give an entirely different sound.

Pepper " album, the effect used on the amplifier Penny Lane - The Beatles - Euro Союз Presents Best of Beatles Mp3 of "the tremolo control set at a low speed. A tambourine was also shaken for this overdub.

Mills' piano - a 'prepared' instrument that produced a honky-tonk sound. A Penny Lane - The Beatles - Euro Союз Presents Best of Beatles Mp3 of each isolated track of this original four-track tape can be witnessed on the PBS Special entitled "Sgt. Pepper's Musical Revolution. If The Beatles ever got stuck for an overdub, they'd head into that cupboard to find something — there was so much paraphernalia there: wind machines, thunder machines, bells, whistles — you name it.

Whenever that door was opened, we knew that something fun was about to happen. Pepper ," the "machine gun-like" effects sound like a sped-up drum roll and occasional cymbal crash, but this has not been verified. Although there was obviously much more to be done to the song, two mono mixes were created of the days' work by producer George Martin and engineers Geoff Emerick and Phil McDonald, no doubt created for acetate cutting purposes.

By the next morning, the session was finally complete. This new reduction mix turned 'take 6' into 'take 7. In the end, there were so many keyboards blended together, they ended up becoming a sound of their own; listening to the finished recording, it's hard to pick out individual instruments.

Some of the overdubs even got Soul Lady - Various - Giants Of Soul altogether because of Penny Lane - The Beatles - Euro Союз Presents Best of Beatles Mp3 density of the instrumentation and the number of bounces.

Nonetheless, 'Penny Lane' contains a lot of great sounds. The same engineering team of Martin, № 19. Pas De Six: Вариациb II—V. Кода, Pas De Deux (Вставной №): Интродукция (Moderato), Вариации I, and McDonald then made a pair of mono mixes of this song for Paul to review. Since the time had reached 3 am on what was now New Years Eve, the session ended not only for the day but for the year, holding off the rest of their overdub ideas until Documents show this session, which was in EMI Studio Two, began at 7 pm once again, the overdubs made on this day filling up the two open tracks of the tape.

Onto track two was yet another piano part, this one performed Changes - David Bowie - Best Of 1969-1974 John, and a guitar part played by George, which is barely discernible on the finished recording.

Onto track three Paul overdubed his lead vocals. Although all four tracks of the tape were filled, no tape reduction was done at the end of the session, which may indicate that they may not have been quite happy yet with what was done on this day. At am the next morning, their first session of was complete. Most of this Knochenjob In Der Fußgängerzone - Die Teufelskicker - Rettet Blau-Gelb! session was devoted to this project.

By am, this session was also complete for the day. Today, however, they took to adding more key elements, namely Paul on bass guitar, John on rhythm guitar, and Ringo's main drum part. Overdubbing different kinds of instruments, things other than his normal six-string Rickenbacker electric or Gibson acoustic guitar, provided light relief for him: if he didn't have much to do, he'd get bored easily.

This having been done, 'take 7' now became 'take 8,' with two open tracks available for more overdubbing. Interestingly, both John and George Martin overdubbed more pianos onto the recording which now totaled six pianos on the songas well as handclaps undoubtedly by all four Beatles and, during the instrumental break, John, Paul and George humorously scat singing where they knew brass instruments Penny Lane - The Beatles - Euro Союз Presents Best of Beatles Mp3 be overdubbed later.

A good portion of Penny Lane - The Beatles - Euro Союз Presents Best of Beatles Mp3 handclap and scat singing overdub can be heard on the "Super Deluxe Edition" box set of the " Sgt. Pepper " album along with another interesting overdub flown in which we'll detail later. This again filled up the new four-track tape, another tape reduction being made at the end of the session to vacate two more tracks for future overdubbing.

The session was complete at 1 am, this being a much more productive day for a single song that was becoming a quite lengthy project. The Beatles took off for the weekend, but George Martin was kept busy by Paul for these two days. Four flautists and two trumpeters Leon Calvert and Freddie Clayton were recorded on this day, three of these musicians also overdubbing piccolos and a flugelhorn at this session. Two mono mixes were made at the end of the day by the usual engineering team of Martin, Emerick and McDonald, no doubt to allow Paul to inspect the recording of the song thus far.

By am, the session was complete. Sometime after the usual 7 pm The Beatles arrived for what amounted to a not-too-productive day. Or maybe it did take that long It may have taken Ringo all Penny Lane - The Beatles - Euro Союз Presents Best of Beatles Mp3 time to hit the tubular bell exactly the way Paul wanted it! Or maybe they just hung out and smoked some doobies Two days later, though, on January 12th,a more productive session commenced. The second set of classical instrument overdubs took place in EMI Studio Three, between the hours of and 11 pm.

Pepper " box set. This backward instrumental section, of course, was decided against later and replaced by a final overdub which will be described below. After this session was done to satisfaction, two mono mixes were made by the usual engineering team just before the doors were closed for the evening at 11 pm. During this session, Paul kept talking about something he had seen on television the night before.

The session began at the usually scheduled time of 7 pm. But there is also the D trumpet, which is what Bach mostly used, and the F trumpet.

In this case, I decided to use a B-flat piccolo trumpet, an octave above the normal. It was a difficult session, for two reasons. First, that little trumpet is a devil to play in tune, because it isn't really in tune with itself, so that in order to achieve pure notes the player has to 'lip' each one.

Secondly, we had no music prepared. We just knew that we wanted little piping interjections. We had had experience of professional musicians saying: 'If The Beatles were real musicians, they'd know what they wanted us to play before we came into the studio. By then The Beatles were very big news anyway, and I think he was intrigued to be playing on one of their records, quite apart from being well paid for his trouble. As we came to each little section where we wanted the sound, Paul would think up the notes he wanted, and I would write them down for David.

The result was unique, something that had never been done in rock music before, and it gave 'Penny Lane' a very distinct character. We spent three hours working it out. Paul sang the parts he wanted, George Martin wrote them out, I tried them. But the actual recording was done quite quickly. They were jolly high notes, quite taxing, but with the tapes rolling we did two takes as overdubs on top of the existing song. I read in books that the trumpet sound was later speeded up but that isn't true because I can still play those same notes on the instrument along with the record I've spent a lifetime playing with top orchestras yet I'm most famous for playing on 'Penny Lane'!

It was, quite simply, the performance of his life. And everyone knew it As the final note faded Running Free - Iron Maiden - Smoke on the Water! silence, he reached for the talkback mic.

He seemed lost for words. Finally, he said softly, 'Look, I'm sorry. I'm afraid I just can't do it any better. Even though the exchange was occurring in the privacy of the control room, out of earshot of Mason and the other Beatles, George's remark clearly embarrassed and angered him For an uncomfortable moment the producer and his headstrong young artist glared at each other.

Finally, Paul returned to the talkback mic. You're free to go now, released on your own recognizance. They all had funny clothes on, candy-striped trousers, floppy yellow bow ties etc. I asked Paul is they'd been filming because it really looked like they had just come off a film set. John Lennon interjected, 'Oh no mate, we always dress like this! With this complete, three mono mixes were made of the song by the usual engineering team, the third one 'remix 11' being deemed the best at this point.

It had already been decided that these two songs were to be pulled from the forthcoming album and released as a long-overdue single to divert attention back to The Beatles and away from the Stockhaus - It Takes Time teenage heartthrobs, The Monkees. Capitol quickly printed promotional copies of this new single and distributed them to radio stations across America.

However, a decision was made to further improve on this mono mix. Three attempts at this mono mix was made, the third 'remix 14' was deemed best, a tape copy of this mix being made between 9 and 10 pm on this day to be dispatched to Capitol Records in the US immediately to replace the previous mono mix.

This new mono mix is the one that was released worldwide for purchase by the public. However, the aforementioned promotional copies that Capitol distributed with the rare piccolo trumpet ending was what American radio listeners became acquainted with at the time.

Future Beatles compilation albums that appeared in the states, as well as all CD releases, feature the unadulterated stereo mix as created by George Martin inwith one exception.


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10 thoughts on “ Penny Lane - The Beatles - Euro Союз Presents Best of Beatles Mp3

  1. But that left us short in Sgt Pepper didn't have the double A side single that was recorded during the Pepper sessions. Georrge Martin has been quoted as saying Strawberry Fields and Penny Lane should have been on the album. Of course they should've. They were best two songs of the sessions.A-side: "Strawberry Fields Forever".
  2. Mar 30,  · 50+ videos Play all Mix - Penny Lane - The Beatles karaoke cover YouTube Joe Walsh Les Paul Set Up Full video - Duration: mojorisen74 Recommended for you.
  3. Sep 01,  · For a long time I wanted to do an arrangement of one of my favorite Beatles songs: Penny Lane! I made it now! The only thing I couldn't play/arrange was the piccolo trumpet part.
  4. Oct 07,  · Discover releases, reviews, track listings, recommendations, and more about The Beatles - Strawberry Fields Forever / Penny Lane at Discogs. Complete your The Beatles collection/5(K).
  5. Jan 26,  · Penny Lane / The Beatles; Words & Music: John Lennon & Paul McCartney; Guitar arrangement: Ken Phang The original key is B major and A major (middle section), which is .
  6. Penny Lane. Penny Lane was originally intended to be a part of The Beatles' eighth album, which would turn out to be Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. We started off with Strawberry Fields, and then we recorded When I'm Sixty-Four and Penny Lane. They were all intended for the next album.
  7. The Beatles began recording "Penny Lane" in December , intending it as a song for their album Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. Instead, after it was issued as a single to satisfy record company demand for a new release, the band adhered to their policy of A-side: "Strawberry Fields Forever" (double A-side).
  8. The very popular “Beatles 1” album was released on November 13th, , “Penny Lane” gaining its inclusion because of it reaching the #1 summit in America. In September of , it also received a remastered release, and then a newly mixed version was released on November 6th,

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