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Red Vs Blue - Feverdream - Pretend Its Forever

Label: Transformed Dreams - F 6834 • Format: CD Album • Country: Netherlands • Genre: Rock • Style: Punk, Pop Punk, Indie Rock
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While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. BlueAgent Carolina Red vs. Follow up to Mechanical Failures! But things are not as over as they might have seemed. After all, the one constant in the universe is 'Reds don't die'.

Prompt from Primtheamazing: Fix it fluff fic for the Simmons with deteriorating cyborg parts! In the wake of losing Simmons, Grif is a disaster.

See the end of the work for more notes. Grif knows before anyone tells him. They can go into the technical aspects all they want. Upgrades to this and that, all solid in execution, the body just couldn't hold out, no brain activity, on and on But it's all just washing over him like brutal surf and disappearing after it leaves him decimated.

Someone, Carolina, decided that he should be the one to decide what needs to be done with The body. Should it be buried? Or should the team of former science assholes see what they can learn from it? He doesn't want to see it. He knows Parisienne Moonlight - Anathema - Judgement but seeing it will make it real and if it becomes real then He knows he won't recover from it.

Feels the foundations of his mental stability threatening to crumble again. So days go by with no action from him, the world ground to a halt, Carolina, and Gray convince everyone to leave him alone, let him have space, let him He's not sure what time it is, he'd been in bed and not moved since Some prior point? But whenever it is its both too early and too late for this.

Lopez, however, has never been one to actively give a shit about anything, let alone what anyone wants or doesn't, so he comes in any way. There's something in his hand. Grif is up before he can fully process it, a cataclysm of conflicting emotions shrieking in his brain when he sees what Lopez brought.

Grif's vision swims and wobbles and shaking hands covering the fragile object, not actually touching it, too scared to. There was There was still blood on it, bits of It wasn't even clean! Did he just- did Lopez just go in and crack him open and. Lopez continues, still ignoring his question.

He gestures to where Grif's hands feebly try to protect the little chip. The one Caravan - Lou Pallo Of Les Pauls Trio* With Special Guests Featuring Steve Miller, Keith Richards, human here had. It would be a waste if you didn't. Or he thought I'd be the only one willing to let him do it?

Humans have odd expectations and hangups about their bodies. Curiosity is like a cancer though. It gnaws around inside your head and won't let you think about Red Vs Blue - Feverdream - Pretend Its Forever else. What is he supposed to do with it?

He's never seen the chips jammed inside his own skull but he's fairly sure they don't look like this Like there in the middle is what looks like probably the standard chip, but there are other things connected to it, it's still small, but Can this even fit in alongside the one he already has? And if it does, what's supposed to happen? So apparently getting the thing in is easy Somewhere in the distance Donut gets all fluttery Grif feels an odd sense of vertigo when it boots up or installs or whatever it does and he may or not have blacked out for a minute but after that Well, nothing seems to have happened.

Lopez just kind of shrugs at him and after a long and decidedly uncomfortable moment he reaches up and awkwardly pats Grif on the head. It immediately brings to mind him doing the same thing to Simmons when he'd been asking him, presumably, to do this for him.

To rip out To harvest, this from him when he That night he has the weirdest dream. It's like a fever dream with no fever, a mess of images and sounds and sensations. Thoughts that don't make sense, don't feel or sound like him. Emotions so intense he feels like he's losing his mind. It's all, red, red, red, and a green that makes his heart skip, and circuits and metal that have no right to feel as warm and alive as they do.

Its horrible and terrifying and he would give anything for it to never ever Red Vs Blue - Feverdream - Pretend Its Forever. Somehow he doesn't wake up till morning. Its all just shreds and scraps by then and Grif can't shake the feeling that there was something important about it all Which surprises him. But today he just Can't bear to exist in this room right now, and besides, he's actually hungry He finds himself feeling oddly out of place as he wanders the halls.

It all looks No, the halls are the same. The angle is off. No, it isn't. Its one of those things, he decides, it's been so long that even Red Vs Blue - Feverdream - Pretend Its Forever things seem weird. He staunchly ignores the glances and stares he gets when he wanders into the kitchen, only the early risers are here, but its still uncomfortable.

He focuses instead on the silent Red Vs Blue - Feverdream - Pretend Its Forever to eat something, makes it easier to pretend that he's okay and that there's nothing weird about it. That's true He's heard that before if you don't eat for ages and then suddenly eat lots of heavy food Yeah, its like after the colony, he ate so much and almost immediately threw up. He'd forgotten that. He can feel the stares burning into his back and at one Ничего Нет - Сергей Галанин - Я Такой, Как Все he jerks, certain, for a moment, that Red Vs Blue - Feverdream - Pretend Its Forever touched him.

But no, no one is there. He does end up staring down Washington though for a good while when the Blue sits across from him and tries to start a conversation. Eventually, he gives up and Grif gets to eat in peace.

He wanders for a bit and ends up on the deck, the same place where he Where Simmons There's an awful ache in his chest and part of him wants to leave, to run back inside, but part of him He can't explain it, but he feels an urge to stay. He's tired, isn't he? He could rest in the sun. That would be okay, wouldn't it? Didn't have to be a nap even, just a rest? Just to sit? And its The sun feels so good, its warm and it pushes at the ice that's built up inside his chest.

He finds himself starting to doze, but every time he feels like he might nod off there's a jump of adrenaline, his heart tightens in fear and he's awake again. Guilt floats about him like a haze. Does he even have the right to feel good right now? It hasn't even been that long! His tenuous hold on himself slips a bit, eyes stinging, he covers them with his hands.

Please, he doesn't want to fall apart now. His shoulders shake. He doesn't want it to be real.


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  1. Dec 14,  · I know this song is old but I've been wanting to do an edit it for forever and I dunno why but Red vs. Blue seemed the perfect match. I had so much fun rewat.
  2. Oakey's POV *** I shut my eyes tight as I ran through the teleporter, bracing myself for the pain that was sure to ensue. To my surprise, I emerged on the other side only slightly sore. I opened my eyes to see the maroon soldier, Simmons, standing in front of me, looking around in confusion. Only then did I take the time to observe my surroundings.
  3. Sep 10,  · I do not own Red vs Blue or dream on they are owned by Aerosmith and Roosterteeth.
  4. It's like a fever dream with no fever, a mess of images and sounds and sensations. Thoughts that don't make sense, don't feel or sound like him. Emotions so intense he feels like he's losing his mind. It's all, red, red, red, and a green that makes his heart skip, and circuits and metal that have no right to feel as warm and alive as they do.
  5. Oct 20,  · BLOOPERS: ladoramoonshaperarashakar.infoinfo This is probably the most challenging video I've ever done. Mostly because I'm used to doing videos by myself and this.

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