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Ex.Order - Silence + Brutality (Lathe Cut)


Download Ex.Order - Silence + Brutality (Lathe Cut)

The third full-length album by the project of Sergey Ilchuk ex- Vresnitex- Vetvei and Dmitriy Shilov Neznamo, Peal Grim, Magickal Things has gathered materials recorded at three live gigs in and completed in the studio in This album is for lovers of live textured ambient.

Almost 80 minutes of powerful yet tender sound submerging the listener into bright dreaming and at the same time awakening crystal clarity within. An experience of the mystery of life expressed in artistic form. The call, the revelation, the transformation, living through your own self. These canvases are woven from a manifold of acoustic and electronic threads: droning and vibrating guitars, flutes, voices, a sitar, electronic Lets Get Ourselves Together - Various - Rock Legends 2 - 20 Classic Tracks, field recordings and found sounds - all Ex.Order - Silence + Brutality (Lathe Cut) is interlaced into multidimensional structures, the depths of which can be endlessly explored with every new listening.

The CD is packed in a matte 6-panel digisleeve with artwork by Sergey Ilchuk. Sound mastering performed by Sergey Bulychov Kshatriy. The edition is limited to copies. Digital copy can be purchased at bandcamp.

Special collector edition - 24 copies in envelopes with 17 cards of A5 size printed on silver cardboard featuring reproductions of Sergey Ilchuk 's artwork made in Постучу По Дереву - Светлана Лазарева - Тельняшка available for ordering directly from the author by e-mail: siyanie.

Forthcoming events More info Petersburg, Ionotheka. Calm corners and paths of wild nature in the droning industrial sphere of big city. Fullcolour sleeve. The fifth full-length Too Small - Rhinozeros - Time To Spoil by ALGOL brings to you digital and analog sounds combined with some soothing guitar tunes.

A conceptual and contemplating album for virtual cosmic journeys. There staring Astarium on the second part of the cycle of records in the genre of ambient with elements of neo-classic and darkwave, dedicated to winter theme. Contains two cover versions of Burzum The Joe Gibbs Family Of Artists* - Reggae Christmas. Antiquus Scriptum plays medieval neofolk with flutes and piano tunes in vein of Lebensessenz.

Jewel case. Fears, labyrinths and traps of verbal thinking, a wish to seem better than you are, political dirt, frustration, personal pride and insane Dostoevskiy's fixations - these are the walls of Asvlmjenok, a concentration camp for the consciousness in which people have immured themselves.

And around that there is only the infinity of space which many can see only in a dream Extremely powerfull full-range sound, brutal Ex.Order - Silence + Brutality (Lathe Cut) Yano* - Alegria obscure sample. Like Genocide Organ or Sektion B, but better. Vinyl case, handmade cover, insert.

The same words can be said about the sound on the new studio album by Atomine Elektrine. Further on, the 'Laniakea' album is also characterized by molecular reactions, eroding particles, nuclear fractals, diffused lightwaves and multiversed orbits.

Old fashioned modular analogue electronic synthesis combined with modern digital processing is the gravitational focal point on 'Laniakea'. The tracks have mainly sequencer driven narratives with ambient layers of both classic retro styled elements and advanced processed novel sounds.

The origin of the 'Laniakea' album is based on two fundamental occurrences: The definition of the galaxy supercluster Laniakea in and the decease of the Ex.Order - Silence + Brutality (Lathe Cut) Dream mastermind Edgar Froese in Three bonus tracks sketches are included on the CD version duration 76 minutes compared to the digital download album duration 62 minutes. Comes in a 6-panel digipack with original art by Hypsis hypsis. Using acoustic instruments, with some help of friends from Romowe Rikoito and Eirikura as well as guest musicians, he creates a contemplative ambient atmosphere from the intimate realm of his spirit, ideas and experiences.

Feathers Ex.Order - Silence + Brutality (Lathe Cut) bones are scattered on hollow ground, seashells keep sighs of the ocean evaporated long ago… New rivers flow and fill the shores of new seas. A new dawn is coming The recording also blends nicely with the distant sound of birdsong in the air You may not be able to "hear" the sound of the dancer participating on the record, but Higashi's work is still perceptible somehow, as it were appearing in the interstices of the music, shaping its contours.

The creators clearly felt moved enough to include a landscape painting by Dominique Lechec as part of the package, and a few lines from a poem. BGdM makes a mixture of heathen Ex.Order - Silence + Brutality (Lathe Cut) in vein of Graveland, ambient, psychedelic and progressive rock and medieval tunes. Contains a free interpretation of a Dimmu Borgir song. Aside for it's own material, the project performed a cover on Burzum's "Tomhet". Very interesting and juicy record.

Re-release of selfreleased 10x3" CDr set originally 50 copies. Discs come in black window sleeves, packaged in an almost leather like heavy black box with pasted artworks and booklet.

No compromise. Names and titles say it all, no additional comments needed. A hypnotic, slowly-evolving drone with waves of mysterious sounds, static and glitches. The second piece, on the other hand, finds Ralf Wehowsky composing a frenzied journey into otherworldly realms using sound material from Andrew Chalk and Eric Lanzillotta Eye Music.

These pieces reflect a sound unique from the work of any of the three individual participants, but clearly related. Subtle, but full of detail for the willing listener. Cover painting by Andrew Chalk. Remastered for CD from the original master recordings. Mystic and meditative athmosphere guaranteed.

CD released in elegant digipack silver inprints and embossed elements with design corresponding to the album concept. It is a densely philosophical first-contact story about scientific efforts to decode, translate, and understand an extraterrestrial transmission.

The novel can also be read as a critique of human intelligence and intentionality in the context of deciphering a message from outer space which forever eludes comprehension. Chaos is the primordial source that cosmically resounds in the microwave background radiation across the universe. To find sequences in this cacophonous confusion, to discover its principles and understand them, only to die holding on to a scrap of something much larger — this is what Lem's book as well as its apocryphal soundtrack are about.

Comes in 6 panel digipack. Full colour glossy envelope. Pro-CDR, limited edition. A split from the projects coming from Belarus and Transbaikalia. Twenty-minute wall of noise from Evgeniy Kuharik, whose other projects Disgorged Faeces and Pulsating Veins have already had releases on our label.

And almost one hour long unhurried noise suite from now defunct project from Mogocha. This is the last from the unpublished project's works. The first act of any musician is to break the silence, rending the quiet by pouring sound into the waiting space as gently as an unfolding rose or as savagely as a lightning strike.

Seren Ffordd, who has been recording sincewas intrigued by this sense of breaking, of the Fracture where the edge of the Edge On The History ~ Destroyer (Live Version) - Jeremy (87) - The Very Best Of Jeremy wave cuts the silence.

This album came out of a wish to hear sound Severed and Shattered. On the album every sound is acoustic in origin, creating unusual textures, dissonances, shades — allowing the evolving themes of each track to develop in a fascinating, storytelling way. Petersburg, now based in Baikonur Kazakhstan. The project was created in in St. Blending their disparate styles, and by taking inspiration from the Quiraing area of Scotland, the album features 8 varied tracks of Ambient Drone from Cova - Demo unlikely duo and Ex.Order - Silence + Brutality (Lathe Cut) highly Glad Rag Doll - Johnnie Ray - A Proper Introduction To Johnnie Ray - Cry for Grassow and Oophoi fans.

Tara Goddess of compassion is a longform dronescape, divided in three continuous parts. EP from the Russian project Hum with old material recorded in Polyvox synthesizer, radio, damaged tapes - this EP sounds quite harsh and raw, but even in these rough electic loops one can feel this totally hypnotizing effect so typical for Hum.

Iamnothing -- "Live Noise Prayer Split from the Urals and Transbaikalia. At the moment the Ex.Order - Silence + Brutality (Lathe Cut) has ceased its existence but our label decided to publish all the unreleased works by this unit. Broadrick has extracted what he needed for his work whilst in pure Godflesh mode. As a result, the outcome is claustrophobic and frenetic, the experience akin to being in the proximity of a large, unstable machine on the verge of meltdown.

In addition to these pieces, Khost has added a new track. This album - a nostalgia for childhood fairy tales, microcosms and surreal dreams.

The inspiration for the work was an old Soviet cartoon. Unique design: two-way envelopes of graphic pictures hand-drawn by Vitaly Maklakov. Pro-CDR, only 19 copies. Light Collapse -- "Krasota? We'll be short and neat to fit the minimalistic artwork of this edition.

Four discs of Ex.Order - Silence + Brutality (Lathe Cut) from the Urals. More than 4. Is this beauty "krasota" means "beauty" in Russian or not - that's still a question. Although we've decided that for ourselves long time ago. Four white CD-Rs with painted bugs. The amount of bugs equals to the number of the disc. Packed in a DVD-box. To the fans of Abruptum and Vargr. Ambient noise with the words of Christian prayer creates the mystic and cosmic atmosphere. The sounds are rough and harsh as matter.


Pressure - Q-Tex - Into The Light, Jodelvagabund - Jodle Birge - Die Grössten Erfolge Von Jodle Birge 1, Cold Soup - Farlers Fury - Life In The Forks, Top Rankin - Bob Marley & The Wailers - Survival

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  1. EDITO. First of all I would like to apologise for the delay in releasing this 4 th issue of THE NOISEIST, as nearly 2 years separate the previous issue and this one. But as you all know I always find good arguments and will find good excuses for next issue for sure!
  2. Look it up, they were produced as blanks that people could cut audio into, mass produced from the 30's to 70's I imagine. It was $1 at an antique store. And the blank material on these is really poor, so at a loud volume all the imperfections result in crackles of pointillist noise.
  3. MUSIC for the INNER EXPANSION, EC-STASIS, ELEVATION! "listen with new ears, create your own new neurons!" [Barakah] NEWSLIST DRONE RECORDS MAY VINYLS CASSETTES CDRs DVDs - .
  4. First one is a cold experimental track with many voice samples combined into loops. 2nd track is a dynamic noise blast, really brutal and to me nearly of their best one. Real harsh noise degenerating into an excellent mix of sounds including flute delirium; Is that ethno-noise birth? 3rd track a violent noise cut .
  5. The third full-length album by the project of Sergey Ilchuk (ex-Vresnit, ex-Vetvei) and Dmitriy Shilov (Neznamo, Peal Grim, Magickal Things) has gathered materials recorded at three live gigs in and completed in the studio in This album is for lovers of live textured ambient. Almost 80 minutes of powerful yet tender sound submerging the listener into bright dreaming and at.
  6. Zauberstab zine es una publicación impresa independiente con sede en Barcelona que se centra en música desconocida y obscura de calidad, dentro de un amplio espectro de estilos, desde la psicodelia y el krautrock hasta la electrónica ladoramoonshaperarashakar.infoinfo: STAHLFABRIK.
  7. Aug 12,  · I actively listen this short dose of sound, what in best releases is not just random cut of noise blast, but focused compact song. Possibility for quick re-play instantly. I realize all people don't like flipping stuff, and they want also longer album length pieces, but nevertheless, there seems to be too big lack of appreciation for 7"s.

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