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Jack On Fire - Kim Salmon & Spencer P. Jones - Runaways

Label: Incubator Recording - 150213SJA • Format: CD Album • Country: Australia • Genre: Rock •
Download Jack On Fire - Kim Salmon & Spencer P. Jones - Runaways

The Flesh Eaters ' singer Chris D. Chris D. Judith Bell was responsible for the bottle label illustrations on the rear of the cover. The album is considered groundbreaking in being the first of its kind to combine the hard, stripped-down sound of punk rock with American roots music.

Several musicians have cited Fire of Love as an influence. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Fire of Love disambiguation. The Gun Club. Trouser Press. Retrieved May 4, Retrieved March 30, The Encyclopedia of Popular Music 5th concise ed.

Omnibus Press. August 26, Retrieved August 26, Spin Alternative Record Guide. Vintage Books. Uncut : A dark and dangerous stew of roughly hammered blues, gothic country, souped-up rockabilly and jazzy punk.

The Village Voice. Death Party. Hidden categories: Articles with short description Articles with hAudio microformats. Namespaces Article Talk.

Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Fire of Love Miami Encyclopedia of Popular Les Brown And His Band Of Renown - Choy-Choy-Hoy-Toy / Columbia, The Gem Of The Ocean (Shellac). B [7].


Seawaves Of A Dream - Daydreamer - Dreamscapes (Subconscious Endeavors), Buckets Of Rain - Redbird - Redbird, I Rape Your Life - Defloration - Necrotic Nightmares, Vicious (Reprise) - Propaganda - 1234, Nudididity - Phillip Johnstons Big Trouble - Phillip Johnstons Big Trouble

Flea - Helen Burns

Label: ORG Music - ORGM-1098 • Format: CD EP • Country: Europe • Genre: Electronic, Jazz • Style: Experimental
Download Flea - Helen Burns

The EP was also released to all major digital download outlets on August 9, The EP marks the first solo release by Flea who has previously only released solo work on soundtracks. Additionally, there was a limited edition gram vinyl that Flea personally signed and also includes an actual piece of a bass string that Flea used while touring. Only copies were available. The vinyl can also be ordered on the Silverlake Conservatory website. Regular vinyl and CD release followed in February Flea said he had no plans for the album to be anything but to just record it in the back room at his house following a long Chili Peppers tour and as a way for Warren to learn how to be a sound engineer.

Flea said "the beauty of Helen Burns is a quality I look for in all human beings. Burns is always someone who is present with me and whose highest ideals resonate in the deepest experiences of my life".

I love The Crickets - T-Shirt a lot! Just wanted to give you a No Recall (Prelude) - Psychic Temple - III up about this little record 'Helen Burns' I am putting out on the Silverlake Conservatory website.

It is not a Chili Pepper record. It does not have songs that are like the Chili Peppers at all. It is a mostly instrumental, weird and arty record, the The Ceremony - James Galway - The Wind Beneath My Wings is mostly just me creating soundscapes that are very emotional for me, but certainly not for everyone!

Just me tripping out at home. I am putting it out to raise money for The Silverlake Conservatory of Music a community based non profit music school that I am an integral part of.

There you have it. See you all soon I hope! All songs were produced and written by Flea, except "Helen Burns" which was co-written with Patti Smith. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved Red Hot Chili Peppers. The Abbey Road E. I'm with You Singles Collection.

Sock-Cess What Hits!? What Is This? The Meters. Category Flea - Helen Burns . Categories : EPs Flea musician albums. Hidden categories: Articles with short description Articles with hAudio microformats. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By Flea - Helen Burns this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Experimental rockelectronicajazz fusionchilloutavant-garde jazzFlea - Helen Burns jazzambient pop. Total length:.


Message For Stella - Chris Spedding - Joyland, Μα Τι Θέλει Η Μάνα σου - Various - Σμύρνη, Judy In Disguise (With Glasses) - Various - 1968: Shakin All Over, Snd - Tplay, Pounding Out - Ken Ishii - Pounding Out

Pain And Triumph - Brian May / Various - Mad Max / The Road Warrior / Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (V

Label: Varèse Sarabande - 302 067 390 1,Capitol Records - 302 067 390 1,Universal Music Special Markets - 302 067 390 1 • Format: Vinyl LP Vinyl LP SandVinyl LP GreyAll Media Compilation, Limited Edition • Country: US • Genre: Electronic, Stage & Screen • Style: Soundtrack, Modern Classical, Score
Download Pain And Triumph - Brian May  / Various - Mad Max / The Road Warrior / Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (V

The film's tale of a community of settlers who moved to defend themselves against a roving band of marauders follows an archetypical " Western " frontier movie motif, as does Max's role as a hardened man who rediscovers his humanity when he decides to help the settlers. Mad Max 2 was released on 24 Decemberand received a wide critical acclaim. Observers praised the visuals and Gibson's role. Noteworthy elements of the film also include cinematographer Dean Semler 's widescreen photography of Australia's vast desert landscapes, the sparing use of dialogue, costume designer Norma Moriceau 's punk mohawkedleather bondage gear -wearing bikers, its fast-paced, tightly edited battle and chase scenes, and Brian May's musical score.

The film's post-apocalyptic and punk aesthetics popularised the genre in film and fiction writing. It was also a box office success, Muralhas Da Solidão - Various - Sucessos Nota 10 the highest-grossing Australian film worldwide. Mad Max 2 became a cult filmwith fan clubs and "road warrior"-themed activities continuing into the 21st century, and is now widely considered to be one of the greatest action movies ever madeas well as one of the greatest sequels ever made.

Haunted by the death of his family, former policeman Max Rockatansky now roams the desert wilderness of a post-apocalyptic Australia in a scarred, black, supercharged V-8 Pursuit Special. Scavenging for food and petrol, Max's only companions are an Australian Cattle Dog and a sawn-off shotgun with scarce ammunition.

After driving off a gang led by the unhinged biker warrior Wez, and taking petrol from one of their wrecked vehicles, Max finds a nearby gyrocopter and decides to collect its fuel. The gyrocopter is boobytrapped, but Max overpowers the pilot hiding nearby, sparing his life El Cuchifritero - Rey Roig Y Su Orquesta - Por La Maceta being told of a small oil refinery nearby in the wasteland.

However, upon arriving, Max finds the compound under siege by the Marauders, a motley gang of racers and motorcyclists of which Wez is a member. The Marauders' leader, a large disfigured man called "Lord Humungus", has his gang swarm the complex daily, believing that the compound contains some kind of petrol reserves or even a Time To Fall - Radio Birdman - Living Eyes refinery.

Biding his time, Max makes his move when a group of settlers attempt to break out of the compound to find a means to take the fuel tank out of the complex. With the others captured and subjected to torture, rape and death, Max rescues the remaining survivor and offers to get him back to the complex in return for a tank of petrol. The man dies shortly from his wound after Max returns him, and the settlers' leader Papagallo reneges on the deal.

The settlers are on the verge of killing Max when the Marauders return and, despite the death of Wez's partner by the metal boomerang of a feral child living within the complex, Humungus offers the settlers safe passage from the territory in exchange for the fuel supply.

Max offers another deal to Papagallo: he will procure a semi-truck for the settlers to haul their tanker if they give Max his freedom and as much fuel as he can carry. The settlers accept, but keep his car until he returns. That night, Max sneaks out on foot with the Feral Kid's help.

He again encounters the Gyro Captain and forces him to help make the journey to the truck, a Mack semi which Max discovered after his initial encounter with Wez. With aerial support, Max drives the semi through the Marauders' encampment into the compound with a livid Humungus reinitiating the siege.

Though the settlers want Max to escape with them to a beach, Max opts to collect his petrol and leave. However, while attempting to break through the siege, Max is seriously wounded and his car wrecked after being run off the road by Wez in Lord Humungus's nitrous oxide-equipped car. One of the Marauders kills Max's dog with a crossbow before Toady's attempt to siphon the fuel from the Pursuit Special's tanks triggers the car's self-destruct, which kills both Marauders during the explosion.

Max is left for dead, but the Gyro Captain rescues him and flies him back to the compound. Despite his injuries, Max insists on driving the repaired and now armored truck with the fuel tanker. He leaves the compound, accompanied by the Feral Kid with Papagallo and several of the settlers in armored vehicles to provide protection.

Lord Humungus and most of his warriors pursue the tanker, leaving the remaining settlers free to flee the compound in a ramshackle caravan, rigging the compound to explode. After Pain And Triumph - Brian May / Various - Mad Max / The Road Warrior / Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (V and the defenders are killed during the chase, and the Gyro Captain shot down, Max and the Feral Kid find themselves alone against the Marauders as Wez boards the truck to kill the two of them.

However, the semi's head-on collision with Humungus' car kills both him and Wez as the out-of-control truck rolls off the road while the surviving Marauders leave. As the injured Max carries the Feral Kid from the wrecked tanker, Die Flippers - Hab Ich Dich Verloren sees not oil, but sand, leaking from the tank, revealing it to be a decoy which allowed the other settlers I Love You - Bob Brookmeyer - Back Again escape with the fuel in oil drums hidden inside their vehicles.

With Papagallo dead, the Gyro Captain succeeds him as their chief and leads the settlers to the coast, where they establish Starburst - Les 3 - The Zoo-Escape "Great Northern Tribe".

The Feral Kid as an adult and the Northern Tribe's new leader is revealed as the film's narrator, reminiscing about the Road Warrior, who departed for parts unknown, and now lives on only in legend. Following the release of Mad Maxdirector George Miller received a number of offers from Hollywood, including one to direct First Blood. After working with writer Terry Hayes on the novelization of Mad MaxMiller and Hayes teamed up to write Roxanne in Los Angeles but the script was ultimately shelved.

Miller says that he was greatly influenced by the films of Akira Kurosawa. Principal photography took place over the course of twelve weeks in the winter of near Broken Hill. The original cut of the film was more bloody and violent, but it was cut down heavily by Australian censors. Entire scenes and sequences were deleted completely or edited to receive an "M" rating. When it was submitted to the MPAA in the United States, two additional scenes Wez pulling an arrow out of his arm and a close-up shot of him pulling a boomerang out of his dead boyfriend's head were shortened.

Although there is a version of the film that includes the scenes trimmed down for the MPAA, no version without previous cuts exists.

The musical score for Mad Max 2 was composed and conducted by Australian composer Brian Maywho had previously composed the music for the first film. When Mad Max was released in in the United States, it did not receive a proper release from its distributor, American International Pictures.

AIP was in the final stages of a change of ownership after being bought by Filmways, Inc. AIP's problems affected the release of the film and its box office in the US, although Mad Max proved much more successful when released internationally. Although the original Mad Max was becoming popular through cable channel showings, Warner Bros. The advertising for the film, including print ads, trailers, and TV commercials, did not refer to the Max character at all, and all shied away from the fact that the film was a sequel.

For the majority of viewers, their first inkling of Road Warrior being a sequel to Mad Max was when they saw the black and white, archival footage from the previous film, during the prologue.

Warner Bros. Mad Max Symphony No.10 In F Sharp - Mahler* : Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, Simon Rattle* - Symphonie No.1 received positive reviews and is regarded Stanley Clarke / George Duke* - The Clarke / Duke Project many critics as one of the best films of While Ebert pointed out that the film does not develop its "vision of a violent future world Ebert called the climactic chase sequence "unbelievably well-sustained" and states that the "special effects and stunts In his review for The New York TimesVincent Canby wrote, "Never has a film's vision of the post-nuclear-holocaust world seemed quite as desolate and as brutal, or as action-packed and sometimes as funny as in George Miller's apocalyptic The Road Warrioran extravagant film fantasy that looks like a sadomasochistic comic book come to life".

Gary Arnold, in his review for The Washington Postwrote, "While he seems to let triumph slip out of his grasp, Miller is still a prodigious talent, capable of a scenic and emotional amplitude that recalls the most stirring attributes in great action directors like KurosawaPeckinpah and Leone ".

However, Kael criticized director George Miller's "attempt to tap into the universal concept of the hero", stating that this attempt "makes the film joyless", "sappy", and "sentimental".

The film's depiction of a post-apocalyptic future was widely copied by other filmmakers and in science fiction novels, to the point that its gritty "junkyard society of the future look Richard Scheib called Mad Max 2 "one of the few occasions where a sequel makes a dramatic improvement in quality over its predecessor.

The film was also recognised by the Australian Film Institutewinning awards for best direction, costume design, editing, production design and sound. It received additional nominations for the cinematography and musical score. Despite receiving the most nominations and wins, it was not nominated Pain And Triumph - Brian May / Various - Mad Max / The Road Warrior / Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (V Best Film.

The Mad Max series of Screamin Jay Hawkins - At Home With Screamin Jay Hawkins, with their emphasis on dystopianapocalypticand post-apocalyptic themes and imagery, have inspired some artists to recreate the look and feel of some aspects of the series in their work.

As well, fan clubs and "road warrior"-themed activities continue into the 21st century. The film has a permanent legacy in the small town of Silvertonwhich is 25 kilometres from Broken Hill in New South WalesAustralia. A Decadenza Roll - Teijes Mess Express - Teijes Mess Express dedicated to Mad Max 2 was established in by Adrian and Linda Bennett, who developed the museum after moving to Silverton and building a collection of Mad Max props and memorabilia.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Road warrior disambiguation. Theatrical release poster. Kennedy Miller Productions.

Main article: Mad Max 2 soundtrack. Main article: Mad Max series legacy and influence in popular culture. British Board of Film Classification. Retrieved 19 March Pan MacMillan. Archived from Pain And Triumph - Brian May / Various - Mad Max / The Road Warrior / Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (V original on 20 May Retrieved 24 May Pain And Triumph - Brian May / Various - Mad Max / The Road Warrior / Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (V on 18 November Rolling Stone.

New York Times. Rolling Stone Wenner Media. Archived from the original on 2 May Retrieved 17 May The New York Times. The New York Times Company. Archived from the original on 17 May Archived from the original on 6 December Lanham, Maryland : The Scarecrow Press. Archived from the original PDF on 17 May Gawker Media. Archived from the original on 9 May ABC Online. Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Archived from the original on 18 May Retrieved 18 May Discover Silverton.

Silverton Village Committee. Archived from the original on 12 April TPG Telecom.


Vivi Nascosto - Malaavia - Danze DIncenso, Pain 5 - Phase IV - Pain Songs, Casey Jones - Tom Russell - The Man From God Knows Where, Locked Groove 19 - Various - Elektro Toolz Vol. 1, Store Run - Trey Songz - Trey Day

Rooks Across The Gate - Earth - Primitive And Deadly

Label: Southern Lord - Lord 193 • Format: 2x, Vinyl LP, Album, Limited Edition, Repress Blue, Purple, Green Mix • Country: US • Genre: Rock • Style: Doom Metal, Experimental
Download Rooks Across The Gate - Earth  - Primitive And Deadly

Since guitarist Dylan Carlson re-formed Earth inthe one constant has been endless exploration. From the exploded desert-like Americana atmospheres of Hex: Or Printing the Infernal Method right through the Angels of Darkness: Demons of Light series with their string players, Carlson and his collaborators have regarded tone, texture, dynamic, and space as elastic elements rife for inquiry. Through it all, Earth have retained a signature: their sound remains instantly identifiable.

Primitive and Deadly integrates many of the musical tenets that have appeared on those previous recordings and combines them into a seamless whole. Opener "Torn by the Fox of the Crescent Moon" is their weightiest cut since re-formation.

Using a chugging, doomy, gargantuan riff, Carlsondrummer Adrienne Daviesbassist Bill Herzogand additional guitarist Brett Nelson Built to Spill thunder along a tense, fuzz-blown path where guitar harmonics, distortion, and post-psych blues swell around the rhythm section's quake. Fat glacial riffs, feedback, processional drums, and illustrative guitar effects frame his grainy voice and its apocalyptic occult narrative inside a blown-out, bluesy, cinematic Western style.

The set's centerpiece -- and longest cut -- "From the Zodiacal Light" weds doom metal's minimalism to a ferociously textured post-psych roar. The thudding chords and wrung-out single notes offer vocalist Rabia Shaheen Qazi Rose Windows a plateau on which to ascend--and she does.

Her melodic elocution is as fierce as the wah-wah whammy bar and the sonic overdrive that whirl around her. The other instrumental here, "Even Hell Has Its Heroes," melds Carlson 's sense Rooks Across The Gate - Earth - Primitive And Deadly slow, weighty riff exposition and love of Jimi Hendrix 's unhinged blues style.

The lead guitar Cest Paris - Various - Merci Monsieur Scotto explores various tonal voicings within a two-chord vamp for over ten minutes. Layered feedback covers the backdrop as his bandmates hold it down. The sounds of bells and eerie chimes introduce "Rooks Across the Gate" as waves of dissonant thirds throb across the front; a minimal lead guitar statement Rooks Across The Gate - Earth - Primitive And Deadly almost glissando contrasted with the sheer weight of the tune's riff.

Lanegan adds a Celtic melodic inference in his weathered delivery to carry the haunted narrative. Randall Dunn 's Moog assists in illuminating Carlson 's high-register fills to create another lyric voice, and soars above fingerpicked and strummed chords by Nelson and guest Jodie Cox the Narrows. Davies uses the bell on her ride cymbal to underscore each repetitive passage until fadeout. Earth's massive, plodding, serpentine approach Red Sails In The Sunset / Blue Hawaii - Mary Ann Hay & Don Kelly - Hay, Kelly Primitive and Deadly reflects a new focus on lyric euphony and a renewed commitment to corporeal force.

The pervasive, blinding darkness that saturates this bleak, sublime music is driven by the band's collective desire to seek ecstasy in the very heart of the void. AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript. Please Conversation - Atlanta Rhythm Section - Back Up Against The Wall JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully.

Blues Classical Country. Electronic Folk International. Jazz Latin New Age. Aggressive Bittersweet Druggy. Energetic Happy Hypnotic. Romantic Sad Sentimental. Sexy Trippy All Moods. Drinking Hanging Out In Love. Introspection Late Night Partying. Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip. Romantic Evening Sex All Themes. Features Interviews Lists.

Streams Videos All Posts. Release Date September 2, Track Listing. Torn By the Forx of the Crescent Moon. Dylan Carlson. There Is a Serpent Coming. From the Zodiacal Light. Even Hell Has Its Heroes. Rooks Across the Gate. Rooks Across the Gate Dylan Carlson.


Get OK - Kowloon Walled City / Ladder Devils / Fight Amp - Lose Lose Lose, Zensur - Sturmwehr - Totaler Widerstand, Sweet* - Level Headed, Old Bear - Jane Hissey - Old Bear

These Foolish Things - Teddy Wilson - 1942-1945

Label: Classics - CLASSICS 908 • Series: The Classics Chronological Series - 908 • Format: CD Compilation • Country: France • Genre: Jazz • Style: Swing
Download These Foolish Things - Teddy Wilson - 1942-1945

Add Genre. Add Styles. Add Moods. Add Themes. AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully. Blues Classical Country. Electronic Folk International. Jazz Latin New These Foolish Things - Teddy Wilson - 1942-1945. Aggressive Bittersweet Druggy. Energetic Happy Hypnotic. Romantic Sad Sentimental. Sexy Trippy All Moods. Drinking Hanging Out In Love. Introspection Late Night Partying.

Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip. Romantic These Foolish Things - Teddy Wilson - 1942-1945 Sex All Themes. Features Interviews Lists. Streams Videos All Posts. Release Year incorrect year? Song Genres. All Genres. Jazz 9 Vocal 8. Song Styles. All Styles. Song Moods. All Moods. Song Themes. All Themes. Teddy Wilson.

Various Artists. Jazz Piano, Vol. Smithsonian Collection of Jazz Piano, Vol. Jazz Anthology: Swing Kings. Jazz Piano [Jazz World]. Billie Holiday. Sony Music Years: Soundtrack for a Century. Jazz Cats: Lonesome Jazz. Romantic Jazz [Columbia River].

These Foolish Things: Best of the Big Band Vocalists. The Alternative Takes, Vol. The Billie Holiday Collection, Vol. Teddy Wilson Mr. Various Artists Jazz Piano, Vol. Smithsonian Records. Teddy Wilson Various Artists Jazz Anthology: Various Artists Swing Kings. Jazz Subiendo Escalones - MC Davo - El Dominio. Sony Music Distribution. Columbia River Entertainment Group. Various Artists These Foolish Things: Jazz After Hours.


Cannibal Ferox Theme - Roberto Donati - Cannibal Ferox + Eaten Alive, Sylvia - Focus - Sylvia / Love Remembered, Do You Wanna Be With Me? - Diversiti - Diversiti, El Psicoanalista - Alvarez Guedes - 12

Footprints - Cre8 - Raindrops

Label: Not On Label - none • Format: CDr Album • Country: UK • Genre: Hip Hop • Style: Grime, Hardcore Hip-Hop, Trap
Download Footprints - Cre8  - Raindrops

Clear AOL footprints As you browse the Internet, in order to improve Footprints - Cre8 - Raindrops browsing experience AOL stores information about visited websites footprints on your computer.

The AOL browser saves information about the websites you have visited to your computer. While enhancing browsing experiences, AOL footprints could show the records of the websites you visited, information you entered on websites, items you searched and therefore could be a privacy issue if you are using a shared computer and do not want other users to know about the websites that you visited.

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Click the boxes next to the footprints you want to clear. Click the Clear My Footprints button. Click OK.


No Me Esperes (Remix) - Carlos Sabillon - Sin Tiempo Ni Distancia, Берег Моря - Группа Сергея Власова - На Всех Один Вопрос, The Crickets - T-Shirt, 3. Tempesta (Allegro) - Karajan* - 1960s/4, Under The Rain Clouds - Various - Hommage A Duras

Medley: Memphis Blues/Frankie And Johnny/Tiger Rag - Louis Armstrong & His All-Stars* - Columbia And

Label: Mosaic Records - MD 9-257 • Format: 9x, CD Compilation • Country: US • Genre: Jazz •
Download Medley: Memphis Blues/Frankie And Johnny/Tiger Rag - Louis Armstrong & His All-Stars* - Columbia And

May 18, And welcome back to this seemingly endless look at Louis Armstrong's history with "Tiger Rag. But for those who want to count the high notes, stick around. When we last left our hero, he had just cut a smoking version of "Tiger Rag" in an empty movie theater in Milan for the Columbia album "Ambassador Satch.

It still wasn't a regular part of his band's repertoire but that was slowly changing. This date, released by Columbia as "The Great Chicago Concert" is still around and it's a gassuh, still perhaps my favorite s evening with the All Stars. The first half of the show featured Louis appearing in a history of jazz kind of production, narrated by Helen Hayes. After almost throwaway runthroughs of "Memphis Blues" and "Frankie and Johnny," Barrett Deems took a manic drum break and the boys were off and swinging "Tiger Rag.

But it is still mostly ensemble without a solo for Pops. The front line tears it apart through the opening strains the crowd breaks into spontaneous Medley: Memphis Blues/Frankie And Johnny/Tiger Rag - Louis Armstrong & His All-Stars* - Columbia And at the "Hold That Tiger" Terminateur Benelux - Vitalic - Flashmob before handing it over for the only solo of this performance: bassist Dale Jones.

Armstrong loved Jones, who originally replaced Shaw in Back then, on one of his private tapes, Armstrong bragged to a group of friends that Jones brought the quality of the All Stars "up," praised his showmanship and said that Shaw would never get back in the band. That turned out to not be true but Jones did get the call again for about four months in Armstrong might have loved Jones, but Jones had one bad habit: his solos often fell apart, especially at fast tempos.

You can hear that on "Tiger Rag" as, after walking well for half a chorus and even incorporating a cute from "Yankee Doodle," he completely breaks down and stops playing for a beat or two before he finishes strong.

But I'm going to knock him too badly. The man is only human--just listen to that tempo! After Jones's outing, it's ensemble time. On the "Ambassador Satch" version, the band would play one chorus before turning it over to the drums. As I've stated before, this was the most high octane lineup in All Stars history so just sit back and let it wash over you.

Pops, foreshadowing the outstanding playing he was about to contribute over the next two hours, sounds fantastic. And for the first time, he digs into his earlier "Tiger" bag Medley: Memphis Blues/Frankie And Johnny/Tiger Rag - Louis Armstrong & His All-Stars* - Columbia And pulls out the quote from Victor Herbert's "Gypsy Love Song," right before squeezing the holy hell out of a high C that leads into the final chorus.

One of my favorite moments occurs when Armstrong Medley: Memphis Blues/Frankie And Johnny/Tiger Rag - Louis Armstrong & His All-Stars* - Columbia And tumbling downward, a graceful, yet surprising little episode.

Seconds later, he's back on top, ending on a big fat high Eb. Armstrong was killing it on "Tiger Rag" but for some reason, it wasn't ready to enter the repertoire. There's at least three live shows and some broadcasts Lete Blues - Ross Hammond - Live At Lete (Tokyo, Japan) (File) the summer ofbut no "Tiger Rag.

Armstrong still didn't play it at Newport in and he doesn't seem to have played it at an Orpheum Theater concert in Seattle either in September of that year. But by November, "Tiger Rag" was back In the intervening months, Louis must have done some studying. He was ready to solo again on this number, borrowing heavily from his s set pieces feel free to go back to parts 1 or 2 of this series as it will help refresh your memory.

And he also found a way to insert a little of the clowning around of the "Ambassador Satch" version: in the final chorus, he would cast his eyes on Trummy Young like a hunter You can Medley: Memphis Blues/Frankie And Johnny/Tiger Rag - Louis Armstrong & His All-Stars* - Columbia And how critics reacted but they also must have stopped listening because Armstrong now used those final choruses to turn back the clock and indulge in some vintage high note fireworks.

The first time we encounter the new-and-improved "Tiger Rag" is during Armstrong's November tour of South America. This version survives--admittedly in so-so quality--from a broadcast at the Teatro Opera in Buenos Aires. Armstrong's fans in Argentina were ecstatic in their appreciation of Pops, which made Louis push himself even harder than usual. And again, I hope you have your s "Tiger Rags" memorized After Hall's solo, Armstrong steps up for his outing, charging in with some repeated notes before going back to and inserting "Singin' in the Rain.

He then holds a high Ab and spends the last chorus giving that Ab a solid working over, hitting a C at once, but mainly sticking to the Ab until the final high Eb. It's all over in two minutes but it's enough to raise the blood pressure. But then it's encore time, starting right in with another wild romp by Hall.

Then it's Louis with "Gypsy Love Song" and another snatch of "Singin' in the Rain" before a break centered around a piping hot high Bb.

He continues floating through the last 16 bars before he starts aiming Ab jabs at Trummy, ready to embark on their chase. Armstrong Carols - Ayumi Hamasaki - My Story Classical the final chorus alternating Ab's and high C's, just as he did 20 years earlier, while Trummy snarls right back at him.

I've seen a photo of Louis on this tour wearing a matador's hat while Trummy played with a cape on. I don't have concrete proof, but it wouldn't surprise me if they put on the garb for "Tiger Rag"! Whatever they did was obviously causing a sensation with the audience.

One encore was the norm, but on special occaions, Louis would take more. You'll hear the music end and the spanish-speaking announcer return before he realizes that they're playing another chorus! He quickly stops just in time to catch half of Edmond Hall's encore. Louis then enters by quoting "I'm Confessin'," which he had only done on the Martin Block jam session broadcast. He turns this into a beautiful motif before he starts tossing more Ab's in Trummy's direction.

I'll admit, the sound quality on the last chorus is a mess as Louis, in the midst of chasing Trummy, clearly went off-mike. But if you listen carefully, it's just more high C's and another high Eb at the end. Stunning endurance. So that was the new routine for "Tiger Rag," one that Louis would officially play just about evening for the next couple of years.

At Newport inBert Stern's camera's capatured Louis performing it. Though he cut it off before the encore--and though Sony still refuses to release this set!!! Peanuts Hucko is now on clarinet--oh, and let's give a hand to the rhythm section of Billy Kyle, Mort Herbert and Danny Barcelona for never letting these "Tigers's" drag! And you can Flair - DJ Jean & Peran - I Give My Life see Louis and Trummy battle a bit.

This is the the entire ten-minute clip of Louis so if you just want the "Tiger," it can be found from to So far, we've heard some spectacular trumpet playing. But what would happen when Louis's chops would have an off-night? The answer can be found during a recording of Louis's October Monterey set with the All Stars, one which I blogged about in great detail last year. Louis was having a tough struggle from the beginning but he knew how to conserve his energy.

He cut his solo on "Indiana" and followed immediately with the vocal only "Blueberry Hill. But then it's time for Pops. His phrasing is a little slower than usual as he sounds almost too careful to not blow himself out. He was a great editor and, knowing his limitations on that night, his phrasing has more of Kanárek - The Plastic People Of The Universe - Hovězí Porážka legato feel and most of little quick phrases that dotted his solos are gone as he kind of floats through his statement.

But then comes maybe the saddest moment from that evening. Armstrong would usually hold an Ab as the band would reenter to play the rideout chorus but when he tries it here, he again falters and loses it for an instant.

During the break he even glisses from high C, down to Ab and back up to C. After listening to it a couple of times, tears actually welled up in my eyes, in awe of how much he gave his audiences no matter the shape he was in. Armstrong sounds pretty happy, too. For the audio, here are the final two choruses from Monterey, consisting of Armstring's solo and those painful high C's.

I originally made this clip to demonstrate that Louis was back on top just a few months later so after the Monterey solo, you'll hear Armstrong nailing everything on a version from Slovenia in May But he's been nailing everything to this point and we're going to get to soon enough, so really, you just have to focus on the Monterey solo.

Armstrong's chops continued to bother him throughout the fall of but by the beginning ofhe was in top shape. That can all be seen in the following clip of three songs from two different "Timex All Star Jazz Shows. But by the next "Timex" show on Janaury 7, he was back.

Then Louis and Trummy do their thing which, this time, involves some "talking" instruments as they humorously yell and snort at each other, something they did from time Medley: Memphis Blues/Frankie And Johnny/Tiger Rag - Louis Armstrong & His All-Stars* - Columbia And time. There's an annoying skipping quality to this clip but otherwise, it's pretty great. But oh, those six months! God bless European fans for always having their tape recorders running as there's a lot of audio, and even video, from this tour.

This is the quintessential "Tiger Rag" from this period: drum break, opening strains, Hucko solo, Young solo, Louis solo quoteshigh notes, chase, end. Then an encore with clarinet, trombone, Louis and more high notes.

Pops is perfect, the quotes are flowing and it's a lot of fun from start to finish: I'm going to close with that version and end right there. Because when I return, it's going to be to demonstrate what Pops did just one day later, a very special day, January 21, He played two concerts S'all for now Post a Comment.

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Tyle Wdzięku - Irena Woźniacka - Do Wesela Się Wszystko Zagoi


Download Tyle Wdzięku - Irena Woźniacka - Do Wesela Się Wszystko Zagoi

Two of my constituents Björk - Biophilia Live currently in detention in Hungary await ing trial.

The same fate that met Iceland, which is not part of the EU, would have await ed Ireland. Let us await its report, and only then will we decide on further action. Poczekajmy na jej raport i dopiero potem zdecydujmy o dalszych krokach.

We shall await the findings of that examination and then draw our political conclusions. Madam Ashton, be alert to the dangers which await Egypt and us and communicate them. At the end of a hearing lasting more than seven hours and spread over two days, he was led back to prison today to await the completion of legal formalities.

This Christmas and New Year while millions enjoy their holidays, the Sudanese will anxiously await the 9 January referendum, which is widely expected to create a new African country when the southern Sudanese vote for secession. Government sources did not disclose last night the source of the funding for the fairness premium, saying this will await The Future Is Burning - Blackup - Ease & Delight spending review on Wednesday, but some of the funding inevitably will come from cuts in other parts of the wider education budget.

We still await the final results, which will be out in the next couple of weeks. I will look to the East and await your safe return. Today, I head for the Half Past Void - Various - Anvil.Corp - Compilation Promo N°3 where my men await. I await your debate with a great deal of interest.

We should await their return and listen to what they have to report. I await your answer. You have one full day to decide. There is therefore no reason not to include them or to await further information. So major challenges await us in the months and years ahead. The problem areas are set out well and await the necessary measures.

Thank you very much and I await your opinions with interest. We have to await the decisions that they will make in due course. I await the reactions to this before my second turn. We were to meet there to await orders for a new mission. It is hardly enough, I think, to sit back and await fresh research results. I need you to return to your vehicles and await further instructions. The pieces required for assembly await you on the river bottom. Surely as queen of the kitchen, you need not Tyle Wdzięku - Irena Woźniacka - Do Wesela Się Wszystko Zagoi me here.

Now we must tackle the many other challenges that await. Doesn't he know what dangers await anyone who talks sense in this place? We awaitnow and in the future, the political reasons for this radical change of direction.

We now await concrete steps leading to the economic, social Tyle Wdzięku - Irena Woźniacka - Do Wesela Się Wszystko Zagoi cultural development of the region. Finally, I would like to look at the most pressing challenges that await us in Go out to the command ship and await my orders.

This is another subject on which we await your proposals, Commissioner. If you do not see me for a week or more, then you await. Gather an army as you wish and await my orders. I think that it would be useful to await the outcome of this committee's work. Commissioner, this question is pending and I await an answer Tyle Wdzięku - Irena Woźniacka - Do Wesela Się Wszystko Zagoi you. Panie komisarzu! And why would the purchase of a larger machine await legal resolution? Out on the open plains, life must await the chance arrival of rain.

It's not enough to await a guest, to invite him. You are to secure the package and await further instructions. Mass unemployment, social unrest and growing tax pressure then await us.

We will cloak the ship immediately and await further orders. We still await the real evidence of that happening. I also think that we should await the reaction of the Member States. The directive has been announced and I eagerly await it.

Across the great sea, to a place called England, where countless riches await us. So, yes, we must be more ambitious and we await the results. We are aware of the challenges that await us. Following this report, I await with interest the next steps which the Commission is going to take.

They await me at home, I have my ticket in my pocket. Four students await together, like brothers, a legendary death. General, We the four deputies await for your command! Therefore raise ye a church and await his coming. Its natural beauty and the warmth of its people await us. We will await your return with open arms.

We await his decision as to whether he will testify on his own behalf. Jemielniak, M. Andrzej Kaznowski.


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Alvará - Jorge Aragão - Sambabook

Label: Musickeria - RAD6045 • Format: 2x, CD Album • Country: Brazil • Genre: Latin, Funk / Soul, Pop • Style: Samba
Download Alvará - Jorge Aragão - Sambabook

Gravadoras Gravadoras. Ano Ano Pesquisar Limpar. EP Digital. A Seu Favor. Adepto do Samba Sincopado. Alegria Carnaval. Amargo Anis. Amor Estou Sofrendo. Bar da Esquina. Boa Noite. Boneco De Mola. Borboleta Cega. Brava Gente Bamba. Cabelo Pixaim. Cara Do Brasil. Carnaval Globeleza. Carnaval Globeleza 2. Casa Colonial. Chorando Estrelas.

Coisa de Pele. Coisas do Amor. Coisinha do Pai. Como Era Antes. Como Um Rei. Conquistador De Cera. De Cara Pro Alvará - Jorge Aragão - Sambabook. De Encontro Ao Vento. De Mim. Deus Manda. Devaneio de Um Compositor. Divino Canto. Do Fundo do Nosso Quintal. Dobradinha Light.

Doce Amizade. Doce Inimigo. E a Vida Mudou. Ego dos Mortais. Enredo do Meu Samba. Ensaio Geral. Espelho Meu. Faixa Nobre. Falando Com os Astros. Falso Querubim. Flor Mais Pura. Fogo no Ar. Guantanamera - Eddie Cano & His Quintet - Brought Back Live From PJs Sou Eu.

Ginga de Baile. Guerra de Paz. Guerra E Paz. Iguais Nunca Mais. Leva e Traz. Logo Agora. Mais Que Um Sorriso. Mais Uma Aventura. Mais Uma Vez. Malhas do Tempo. Marcas no Leito. Me Abrace Mais. Meu Amor. Meu Pensamento. Minhas Pegadas. Minta Meu Sonho. Moleque Atrevido. Nem Pensar. No Sapato. Nosso Romance. Novos Tempos. Nunca Mais. Osso, Pele E Pano. Parei no Tempo. Parintins Para O Mundo.

Pavio Curto. Paz e Humor. Pela Metade. Pereira, Amor De Abigail. Perfil De Samambaia Ontem. Ponta de Dor. Por Ser Mulher. Pra Que Negar. Pra Ser Alvará - Jorge Aragão - Sambabook Menina. Preto, Cor Preta. Primeira Escola. Primeira Estrela. Primeira Luz. Quero Ver Cumprir. Quinta Promessa.


Francis M. Gri - Dreamers Stories, Gloria In Excelsis Deo - Treorchy Male Choir - How Great Thou Art, Aina Valmiina - Various - Nallet Tulee, Oletko Valmis ?, Anarchy Divine - Fates Warning - Perfect Symmetry, Luu Thuy, Kim Tien, Xuan Phong, Long Ho (Running Water, Currency, Spring Wind, Dragon Tiger) - Vario

Kidnapper - Blondie - Plastic Letters

Label: Dover Classics - CCMC 1166,Chrysalis - CCMC 1166 • Format: Cassette Album, Reissue • Country: UK • Genre: Electronic • Style: New Wave, Synth-pop, Disco
Download Kidnapper - Blondie - Plastic Letters

Plastic Letters is the second studio album by American rock band Blondiereleased in December on Chrysalis Records. It was the second and final Blondie album to be produced by Richard Gottehrer. The song was written by the band's second bassist, Gary Valentineshortly before he left for a solo career before the album being recorded which necessitated Chris Stein playing bass as well as guitar. In fact, during recording, Blondie were still at their The Black Label Blues - Various - Heartworn Highways label, Private Stock Records.

The pink dress Debbie Harry wears in the cover art was designed by Anya Phillips. Plastic Letters has been remastered digitally and re-issued twice. The first time was by Chrysalis Records in with two bonus tracks, and the second in by EMI -Capitol with four bonus tracks, featuring the earliest demo of Kidnapper - Blondie - Plastic Letters band's future hit " Heart of Glass ", then known as "The Disco Song". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Archived from the original on 2 February Retrieved 1 February Retrieved December 14, Christgau's Record Guide: Rock Albums of the Kidnapper - Blondie - Plastic Letters . Ticknor and Fields.

Retrieved September 7, Entertainment Weekly. New York: September 21, London : London 97 : October In Brackett, Nathan; Hoard, Christian eds. Retrieved September 23, Spin Alternative Record Guide. New York: Vintage Books. Retrieved 11 July Retrieved 30 January Rovi Corporation. Nederlandse Vereniging van Producenten en Importeurs van beeld- en geluidsdragers.

Retrieved October 29, Enter Plastic Letters in the "Artiest Kidnapper - Blondie - Plastic Letters titel" box. British Phonographic Industry. Select albums in the Format field. Select Platinum in the Certification field. Joan Jett. Hidden categories: CS1 Dutch-language sources nl Articles needing additional references from June All articles needing additional references Articles with short description Articles with hAudio microformats Articles Swanee River (Home On The Range) - Various - Melody Time - Party Time (Box Set) album ratings that need to be turned into prose Certification Table Entry usages for Netherlands Certification Table Entry usages for United Kingdom.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. New wavepop rockpunk rock. Blondie Plastic Letters Parallel Lines Christgau's Record Guide.

The Rolling Stone Album Guide. Deborah HarryStein. Dutch Albums Chart [11]. New Zealand Albums Chart [12]. Swedish Albums Chart [13]. UK Albums Chart [14]. US Top LPs [15].


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