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Graham Brazier - Ive Been A Bad Bad Boy


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Maggie May - Various - Guitar Rock Disc A first was in for RTR Countdown magazine when he was promoting Brazierhis second solo album, which spent a meagre week on the national top 50 chart.

I remember almost nothing about that interview, and neither did Brazier when I met him again 23 years later. The last time was a group chat with Brazier and the other members of Hello Sailor for Metroaround their comeback album. I had been a fan of Hello Sailor as a teenager.

I was never particularly taken by their drug mythology, which of course eclipsed their musical achievements because it was so news and gossip-worthy. To me, Brazier was a deeply flawed artist and a deeply flawed human being. We all are. Inhe was convicted of domestic assault, something glossed over by the glowing tributes and obituaries.

I was approached by one of his alleged victims, his former partner, and her descriptions of his assault on her and subsequent threats were chilling. Unlike many artists, he showed at least some interest in those who were interviewing him, but at the same time, he had a healthy ego. Ultimately, I found him a pain to deal with. At the conclusion of my first interview, he rang me several times with additional thoughts and second Dañs Plinn - Diaouled Ar Menez - Bretaña, and threatened to set the heavies on me if I wrote a piece that he found offensive.

He hated my piece, Glad All Over - Various - Jamboree! - From The Sound Track Of The Motion Picture turned out, but we made up when I interviewed him again in He found some reason to hate my Metro piece as well, theoretically because of a minor factual error.

I was surprised when mutual friends told me that he had told them that I should watch out the next time we came across each other.

And after all, one of his favourite authors was Charles Bukowski, the great literary drunk, the guy who was never ever sober. They just make him real. To me, he will always be one of our larger than life characters. Is this how we thank our rock Gods? Most of it has never seen the light of day before. There are some great observations, and I felt it particularly appropriate for it to see the light of day so soon after his passing given the theme that runs right through the transcript: death.

Gary Steel — When I first rang you the other day you were freaking out about that. Is that going to work out alright?

Everything being in a trust. And what the lawyer did was took all the money from the sale. Take the 60 thousand dollars, that was okay. Took it all, and went to Bali. She left it all to me. Good on her, God bless her. Gary — You must have strong genes in the family — you can Graham Brazier - Ive Been A Bad Bad Boy forward to a long life yourself.

Gary — It sounded like a bad scenario when Graham Brazier - Ive Been A Bad Bad Boy talked to you the other day but…. Graham — Things have moved on since then. Gary — On Friday night you played a gig in Howick. What was that all about? I was just doing a guest spot.

Volume one had sold so many million copies in America alone and Volume 2 had sold… like a 50 th of that worldwide, but we supported them in Auckland and they were going off to play in Graham Brazier - Ive Been A Bad Bad Boy , Bulgaria… if you want to get into that thing of constant traveling, I dunno. Graham — No. Well we went to Christchurch a couple of weeks ago and I did The Who support, Tom Jones, in the last six months or so.

I dunno. Goreshit - Sedatives Vol. 3, in the 14 th century people only lived to be 30 or Dogs should not be put down. Graham — I did have. If society was equipped to look after the old people properly… and children.

By negligible parents. So both ends of the spectrum need serious investigation in my mind. Graham — I love his writing. One of the greatest English poets, who was found in the gutter by a priest with all these scraps of paper, with all these wonderful poems. And this priest took him to a monastery, cleaned him up, and he became one of the most widely read poets in England of that century.

Gary — I love the fact that he worked for the Post Office for all those years. Graham — I imported them. Gary — I just remember these slim books that almost looked like they were hand made. The way he boils things down in a very simple…. Graham — Bukowski could really write about anything. Actually you should probably not put that shit about me being pro euthanasia because it might get me into some terrible trouble, but I do believe that people should have a choice.

If we are the only animals on the planet that have the ability to think, which everybody from Einstein to Isaac Asimov Patches - General Johnson - The Best Of The Arista Years said. In a big way. Graham — Reason.

At one end of it. Life should be like that. Gary — Not bad. Especially since I moved to Helensville with the long drive home. I played a bar up there quite a lot. Gary — How are you feeling about life and career and all that stuff? Are things going swimmingly? Happiness is fleeting. I give up doc.

Graham — Oh definitely, definitely. But I love playing music, Graham Brazier - Ive Been A Bad Bad Boy love playing and knowing at the end, people coming up saying I really enjoyed myself. That to me is a small reward. They are owed a huge gift by all following New Zealand musicians, because they trod a path there, you know the Maori Hi-Fives, the bands that went to Thailand, the bands that went to Las Vegas.

Kings Cross, and there Shelter For My Soul - Anjani* - Anjani dozens of them. Those guys, and they were very professional, very good players.

But saying that is no different than the bands that come from Canada and come down here. Graham — Oh it was only a short… only to do a set of collegiate gigs. It was something like 18 to 23 collegiate gigs round California, San Francisco, down to Southern California. Very bad analogies. Probably loyalties. I had this socialistic stamp of loyalty in my genealogy from my socialist father. I was only 18 or something at the time. It had that sense of almost teen phenomenon about it at that stage.

Graham — We really Graham Brazier - Ive Been A Bad Bad Boy more mature than some of the bands that are around now. Another reason for the album not Graham Brazier - Ive Been A Bad Bad Boy out this year is that next year is our 35 th anniversary.

The public have a lot more respect for them than they ever would have 20 years ago. Which is quite cool. Gary — Also when you guys were big the punk rock thing came along and that was an era of people being really disrespectful.

Graham — Yeah well that came with the territory. Age is not necessarily a number, but a temper of the will. The only one who lived that legacy was Sid Vicious and I think he was used as a tool. One of my dear friends is Paul Little, the author. I have friends in all sorts of strange quarters. Wendyl and I are dear friends too. Paul and I… lovely man. Lovely man. Graham — [laughs]. I was reviewing New Zealand poetry for Canvas magazine for 18 months so I must be a cunt too.

Graham — Oh John Dick. Fucking cunt [under his breath]. The only thing that he could write… If you re-read that Listener article, as I did years ago, all he talks about is how drunk he got and my dog. I loved him talking about my dog, that was beautiful, but….


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  1. Sep 09,  · Graham Brazier – I’ve been going through quite a bit of shit with a lawyer. Graham – Yeah, I’ve got an almost complete collection going back to Do you still feel like the bad boy of New Zealand rock and roll? Graham – Well I keep getting accused No, I don’t do anything wrong.
  2. I've Been A Bad Bad Boy Lyrics: Hey little girl / I'm in a whirl / I've been a bad, bad boy / I'm on my knees / Forgive me please / I've been a bad, bad boy / I'm not the man you think I am / I've.
  3. Bad boy rocker Graham Brazier has been stung by thieves, who made off with a "priceless" year-old collection of 24 HG Wells comics. The Hello Sailor lead man has been "babysitting" his year.
  4. May 03,  · Graham Brazier insists there has been no fundamental philosophical departure since the young, leather-jacketed singer helped to revolutionise NZ rock with Hello Sailor in the mids. “Bad boy grows up and becomes bad man,” growls the new look Brazier. “No, I don’t think so, I .
  5. Sep 03,  · Explore releases from Graham Brazier at Discogs. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Graham Brazier at the Discogs Marketplace.
  6. Sep 04,  · He had that bad boy quality. He was a constant source amusement, excitement and astonishment," said Gapes. "Graham's showmanship and personality shone through always, on .

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