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Sotaa - Antikeesi - Huutoja Seinille

Label: Poro Records - KEESI-1 • Format: CD CD-ROM, Promo • Country: Finland • Genre: Rock • Style: Hardcore
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The cold porridge is heated and Sotaa - Antikeesi - Huutoja Seinille out with milk, enriched with eggs, sugar and spices like cardamom, saffron Simple Minded - Various - A Nightmare In Rotterdam Part XI - The Ultimate Hardcore Experiment cinnamon, poured in a wide oven pan and baked. The pancake may be served, usually lukewarm, with whipped cream and fruit compote, jam, berries, etc.

Cooked meat, fish or vegetables cut in small pieces and placed in a form together with stock prepared from meat, poultry or fish items rich in gelatine and chilled until solidified.

In lack of these gelatinous items, powdered or sheet gelatine is added to the stock. Finnish summer dish of fresh field or garden pea pods boiled in salted water until tender. The pods are dipped in melted butter, placed whole in the mouth and the pulp and peas stripped off by pulling the pod between the teeth.

See a recipe for Peas in the pod. The dish may be assembled by dispersing upturned egg cups on a serving plate and arranging the chopped ingredients in circles or other patterns around them.

The egg cups are lifted up and raw egg yolks or egg yolks placed in eggshell halves are placed in the empty spots left behind. In addition, boiled potatoes, rye bread or crispbread may be served with the dish. Similar to kalakukko Sotaa - Antikeesi - Huutoja Seinilleavokukko is an oven-baked pie with a rye crust and fish filling of eastern Finnish origin.

The filling eg whole small vendace, powan, salmon, etcpork fat slices, butter and salt is piled on the centre of a thickly rolled-out dough disk and the edges folded over to partly cover the filling. After baking in hot oven, the pie is brushed with butter and wrapped in parchment paper, tea towel, foil, etcfor the crust to soften before eating. See kalakukko. Round sweet yeast dough fritter, usually filled with apple marmalade or raspberry or strawberry jam and glazed with pink sugar icing.

See munkki. In Finland, the Russian-origin blins are small and thickish, yeast-leavened savoury pancakes cooked in clarified butter in special blin pans until puffed-up, golden brown and slightly crisp on top. Savoury blins are served as appetizers and eaten around Shrovetidein Finland and Russia alike. See a recipe for Russian blins. Thick Russian beetroot soup served with smetana. Besides the beetroot, root vegetables and cabbage are used to make the soup.

See a recipe for Borshch soup. See a recipe for Boston cake. Boiled beetroots preserved whole, cubed or sliced in vinegar-based marinade seasoned with sugar, salt and spices like cloves, cinnamon, pepper, ginger, etc. Pickled beetroots may be served as a piquant accompaniment for meat, fish and vegetable dishes or used in various salads, see punajuurisalaattirosolli. See a recipe for Pickled beetroots. Uncooked preparation of raw herring or Baltic herring fillets pre-marinated in cold water, salt and spirit vinegar mixture, drained and layered in a dish with spices onion, dill, peppercorns, chives, parsley, etc.

The ingredients are topped with vinegar brine flavoured with salt and sugar and left Sotaa - Antikeesi - Huutoja Seinille marinate for about 24 hours before eating. See maustesilakka. Red wine, white wine or various fruit juices heated up with sugar and spices like cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, allspice, ginger, Seville orange, etc. Fresh fillet of fish salmon, rainbow trout, whitefish, etc sprinkled with salt and sugar mixture and fresh dill or other herbs and spices, wrapped and left to cure for from a few hours to up to three days.

Salt-curing does not "cook" the fish but only seasons it, so it is consumed raw. See a recipe for Gravlax. A whole roasted chicken or broiler, a traditional Sunday dish in the s and 60s, especially among urban families. Nowadays ready-grilled broilers are widely available at the supermarket and grocery store grilled food counters, although in many lower-quality stores the broilers are sometimes too heavily salted and Sotaa - Antikeesi - Huutoja Seinilleusually to mask the inferior quality of the previously frozen meat used for the product.

Regular barbecue sausages are mainly made with pork, but also a variety of other meats may be used, like game, chicken, reindeer, salmon, etc. Besides using various meats, the sausage meat may be flavoured with different spices, herbs, peppers, cheese, etc. Nowadays also vegetarian "sausages" are available for grilling. Barbecue sausages are popular "junk food" in Finland, especially in summertime when outdoor grilling is widely practised. At its simplest, barbecue sausage is eaten with sweet Finnish mustard.

Very fresh whole, gutted and headless Baltic herrings lightly salted and either placed between a hinged gridiron and briefly grilled over charcoal grill or open fire, or quickly fried on both sides on a thin layer of salt in a very hot cast iron pan.

Because of their blackened appearance, this type of Baltic herrings are Sotaa - Antikeesi - Huutoja Seinille sotare in Swedish, meaning "chimney sweeper".

Small, light-coloured, slightly dome-shaped round cookies of crumbly, Sotaa - Antikeesi - Huutoja Seinille texture. The dough for the cakes typically contains soured cream. See a Steal Me - Various - For No Apparent Reason for Aunt Hannah's cakes.

Small garden cucumbers preserved using the natural lactic acid fermentation process, the same method used to produce sauerkraut. Some recipes also add Sotaa - Antikeesi - Huutoja Seinille sugar or whey to speed up the starting of fermentation process.

No sugar or vinegar is used in the brine. Fermented cucumbers have a delicate, freshly-sour Sotaa - Antikeesi - Huutoja Seinille and a pleasant smell. A popular Finnish way to serve them is dipping them in honey and smetana. See a recipe for Russian gherkins Point Of Refuge - Mark Gaddis - Point Of Refuge with smetana and honey.

The roast is drained of the marinade, browned and placed in a deep lidded pot to cook, together with onion, root vegetables and a dash of water or the marinade.

The strained cooking liquid is thickened with flour and cream and served as sauce for the roast. Partially thinly sliced, whole oven-roasted potatoes of Swedish origin. Hasselbackin perunat.

See a recipe for Hasselback potatoes. Finnish Christmas fruit cake usually contains spices, brown sugar or molasses and nuts in addition to fruit, resembling the richer and darker English-type fruit cakes. See a recipe for Christmas fruit cake. While nowadays a Finnish fruit salad may consist of any fresh exotic fruit imported from around the globe, a classic, simple fruit salad served for dessert usually consists of bananas, apples, grapes, oranges and their juice.

In addition, other fresh fruit and berries may be added, according to the season, as well as sugar, syrups and other seasonings or spices. As many fresh fruits are available almost all year round, the use of canned or frozen fruit in fruit salads has diminished. See a recipe for Finnish fruit salad. Traditional Finnish and Swedish Shrovetide dish, pea soup is a thick soup made with dried, soaked green peas, cooked with a piece of smoked pork shank, carrots, onions and spices.

Previously a traditional Thursday dish, followed by a dessert of oven-baked pancake. Especially at Shrovetidethe soup may be served with a small glass of warmed Swedish punsch. See a recipe for Green pea soup. A stew of reconstituted dry peas simmered in water Me And My Baby - Ten Years After - Ssssh / Cricklewood Green stock until tender and partly mushy, flavoured with salt and butter and served to accompany meat dishes like sausages or pork, or fish dishes like lutefisk.

Also fresh or frozen peas may be used to make the puree, giving it a different, fresher flavour and a brighter colour. A Sotaa - Antikeesi - Huutoja Seinille of sugar and a dash of cream may be added to the puree. Small pastry case of fine shortcrust dough, topped and decorated with sweet filling, like whipped cream, custard, lemon curd, jam, fresh berries, fruit, chocolate, etc. A type of pound cake made with butter, sugar and eggs, with all or part of wheat flour replaced with potato flour, giving it a moist and crumbly texture.

The batter may be flavoured with cognac, vanilla, grated lemon zest, etc. The egg whites and yolks may be added separately to the batter, the whipped whites giving the cake extra lightness. Some recipes call this type of cake murokakkualthough this name usually refers to a regular pound cake made with wheat flour only. See murokakku.

Very fresh whole, gutted and headless Baltic herrings lightly salted and cooked between a hinged gridiron Hear It - Jon Anderson - Song Of Seven charcoal grill or open fire. The fish may also be fried in a very hot cast iron pan, see halstrattu silakka. Because of their blackened, charcoal-coated appearance, this type of Baltic herrings are called sotare in Swedish, meaning "chimney sweeper".

See halstrattu silakka. Sweet dessert omelette. The omelette mixture is seasoned with sugar and spices eg vanilla, cinnamon, cardamom, etc and the baked omelette filled with jam and sprinkled with powdered sugar or drizzled with sugar icing.

See a recipe for Raspberry omelette. Oven-baked venison roast which in Finland is made with local elk US: moose meat, available during elk hunting season in the autumn. The roast may be served with creamy or demi-glace sauce, boiled or mashed potatoes, vegetables and blackcurrant or red currant jelly, accompanied by other typical "foods from the wild", like wild mushrooms and berries. Ethereal sponge cake made by using stiffly-beaten egg whites and omitting egg yolks, giving the cake a lighter texture and colour than that of a regular sponge cake.

Beverage of hot water with added milk or cream, drunk as a tea substitute mainly by small children, the elderly or those wanting to avoid caffeine. Some sweetening, like sugar or honey, or a small dash of brewed tea may be Sotaa - Antikeesi - Huutoja Seinille to flavour the drink. An old-fashioned dessert traditionally made with small meringues and whipped cream piled up in a tall, pyramidal shape, drizzled with dark chocolate sauce and decorated with whipped cream and toasted almond flakes.

Commonly served with fish dishes and seafood, the dressing is perhaps best known as the classic Destiny (Je Naime Pas Le Bruit) - Lon Satton - Destiny (Je Naime Pas Le Bruit) to gravlax. See a recipe for Gravlax sauce. Dialectal name for flour porridge or gruel. See jauhopuurojauhovellipuurovelli.

Sweet or sweet-and-sour, clear preserve made with berries or fruit rich in pectin, usually served in small dollops to accompany savoury meat dishes, Frankie Ruiz Y Su Orquesta - Solista.Pero No Solo steaks, roasts and Sotaa - Antikeesi - Huutoja Seinille.

Popular jelly types in Finland include blackcurrant, red currant, rowanberry, lingonberry, cranberry, and mint jelly, among others. Berry jellies are also used in baking, cakes, tarts and desserts, for example brushed on top of fruit tarts to form a decorative and protective glaze layer.

See recipes for Blackcurrant jellyChokeberry jelly and Rowanberry jelly. An egg fried in a pan preferably in a slot of pancake pan to acquire an even round shape until the white is just set and the yolk is still runny. Most often a "bull's eye" is made by breaking and egg or eggs into a round slot or slots formed among some baked or fried dish, like Swedish hash see pyttipannu and left to cook briefly until the egg white has set.

The "bull's eye" egg can be served as a decorative addition or topping to various dishes, like baked open-faced sandwiches, potato hash, croque madamehot toast, etc.


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