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Douce Tempête Du Matin - Various - Cache 2003 CA+UK

Label: Productions électro Productions (PeP) - PeP 008 • Format: 2x, CD Stereo • Country: Canada • Genre: Electronic • Style: Musique Concrète, Experimental
Download Douce Tempête Du Matin - Various - Cache 2003 CA+UK

Freida Abtan - the maiden, the mother, the crone The installation is set up over three levels: a nursery, a bedroom, and an infirmirary. The user explores these digital spaces, randomly triggering related sounds, continuing loops, and short compositions relating to the space's theme. This piece tours the installation. Freida Abtan is a musician and artist living in Montreal, Canada.

She holds a Bachelor of Mathematics from the University of Waterloo, and is currently studying digital image and sound in the fine arts at Concordia University. Jamie Allen - Piano for Prepared Music Piano for Prepared Music is the musical epitaph of a disused upright piano. It also makes use of sound material recorded at a dog show and at Greenock High School in Greenock, Scotland. No minimalists were harmed in the making of the piece.

Jamie Allen is a boy from Windsor, Ontario who now lives in Glasgow. He is not fond of silence or quiet people, but still likes starring contests. Jamie makes noise and noise making things with his hands and head. Olivier Beaudet - Entre un et deux Check-point s'est avant tout la nuit After studying instrumental composition, I turned to electroacoustics My compositions are also in the instrumental and mixed domains, as well as the electroacoustic Benjamin Bourque - Camalonte The piece uses Radio Douce Tempête Du Matin - Various - Cache 2003 CA+UK raw material.

Using intricate editing and digital signal processing the material is reordered, forming a new structure. Derivative of the new order in which the material was collected and utilized. This stucture reflects the waywardness of any pass through the AM or FM dial. Working out of a home studio in Toronto, both have recorded independantly for several years and collaboratively for the past two. Bertrand Bry-Marfaing - The Rain Shawn Caza - YesTourDay Consider the idea of struggle an eternal entity.

Where what exists is the result of differing liquid opinions meeting Little Fatso - Captain Three Leg* / Mamarracho - The World Belongs To The Sailor / Untitled soildifying. The aesthetics of the piece is derived from a determination to make the chaos work.

We are then left with contemplation on that abstract plain where sound meets thought. Shawn is an emerging multi-media artist with a special interest in sound compostions incorporating live field recordings and carefully orchestrated contrapuntal style layered editing. Manuel Chantre - Monde d'enfant Un enfant joue avec un violon; c'est un dialogue entre deux sources sonores comparables pour leur timbre.

By nature, humans are curious and seek to explore the unfamiliar. There are, however, consequences to this curiosity; one's action of exploration may result in the intrusion on another. This piece, through its structure and sound design, is meant to illustrate the conflict between exploration and intrusion. Cheng is an undergraduate in psychology and is also studying Douce Tempête Du Matin - Various - Cache 2003 CA+UK music at the University of Alberta.

Alison Chung-Yan - Pause It is a piece that asks us to consider what may be Douce Tempête Du Matin - Various - Cache 2003 CA+UK in failing to stop and listen. Alison Chung-Yan is an Ottawa-based composer and media artist. She has scored independent short films that have premiered at the National Arts Centre and on the WTN television network.

A recent graduate of Carleton University's Sonic Design program, she is currently creating sound art installations for galleries and the Internet. Jeff Cowan - Rhetoric This piece began its composition in March of and is heavily influenced from the Middle-Eastern conflicts that culminated over the winter months. The work draws largely on a presidential address that George W. Bush made shortly after the infamous attacks on the United States on September 11, Over the course of the composition, the vocal excerpts have been spliced, processed and equalized in various ways to create the Thinking Of You - Fats Domino - This Is Fats of a FAITH - Scotty* - FAITH of different broadcasts.

It is of great concern of mine that citizens become more informed of the manipulative power of the media and this is why these particular key Douce Tempête Du Matin - Various - Cache 2003 CA+UK were chosen. Next comes a transition section acting as a premonition or a calm before the war. Then as the piece unfolds, many processed sounds are used to paint a montage of the sounds of battle and destruction.

This cannot relinquish what has take place but I feel it provides yet another much needed voice of concern. An avid musician, Jeff has studied Jazz at McGill University as well and is currently playing and recording various styles of jazz and rock influenced music.

Jeff came to Concordia to experience the technical and electronic aspects of music that the Electro-Acoustic and sound recording program have to offer. Jeff's compositional style is subtle lean more towards soundscape. Divine Current is an exploration down the kinetic chain, an esoteric description of the journey energy makes as it moves towards emerging consciousness.

It is the Authors belief that all life is an expression of energy and all creation the instrument of Divine Currents. Ford has been working with sound in the studio since 86, but only on a Mac since He is high school - low school, old school - new school, out school - in school. He believes in the renewal of spirit through inner exploration and embraces paradox as truth where ever it can be found.

Milena Droumeva - Magic Words Silence is black flowers. Sleep is such an intricate machine Hypnotized, I hear the colours of The sun. If only I could wake up.

I first took an introductory sound recording and acoustics class at Simon Fraser University in My first composition was a dreamscape, entitled "Sleep Is Such An Intricate Machine" This piece was entirely derived from 3 seconds of pendulum ticking.

In my later work inI composed "Magic Words," which is the piece entering the contest. Also, the same year I composed a piece entitled "Soundbite Society," which is a combination of a first-person story and a soundscape - type composition with a social commentary about cell phones, the public sphere and classical music.

My last project, inis a three-part historical composition. However, in so doing I discovered the universality of history, and from there emerged the title: "History Repeating.

David Evans - The Voice of Angels It is a spiritual soundscape journey featuring among other things church bells, their resonant properties, Douce Tempête Du Matin - Various - Cache 2003 CA+UK the angelic voices one may find within.

Growing up, music has always been a part of my life. My father was a multi-instrumentalist and musician, and in my youth I took up piano, drumming, playing in a band, and music composition utilizing sythesizers. In the beautiful Bahamas, the people are friendly and the weather is gorgeous. It is the perfect paradise getaway to escape the grind of the work-a-day week.

There is a different groove in paradise but it isn't all heaven. A walk through the market sees two opposing factions at work: the religious beliefs of the locals versus their competition in the The Opposite Song - Sesame Street - The Best Of Sesame Street world.

All the while, nature is struggling to exist in conjunction with the tourist industry. Lisa Gasior is completing her bachelor's degree in Communications, Journalism and Electroacoustics at Concordia University. She hopes to pursue graduate studies, work in sound for film and find beautiful soundscapes wherever she goes. A work composed in February-Marchin a state of despair in view of world events leading to the Irak war. A musical soundscape of my sadness in the face of all the forces of cruely, greed, and stupidity at work.

As a professional sound technician and recording engineer, he Douce Tempête Du Matin - Various - Cache 2003 CA+UK acoustic and electro-acoustic compositions in his studio. Adis Husejnagic - Kiss Me Big - Tennessee Ernie Ford - Ol Rockin Ern Libre Elizabeth Knudson - Type A It was realized using both analog and digital studio equipment.

The sounds were processed in many different ways, including analog tape loops, pitch shifting, filtering, echo, reverb, and granulation. She has had two pieces Douce Tempête Du Matin - Various - Cache 2003 CA+UK by the Chor Leoni Men's Choir, one piece performed by Vancouver's Drosera Ensemble, as well as many other compositions performed by both professional and student ensembles at SFU. She has also collaborated on several SFU theater productions, providing live music for two Black Box plays, as well as electroacoustic music for one mainstage production.

She hopes to continue her musical education after getting her BFA at Simon Fraser, and plans to continue composing both acoustic and electroacoustic music for small ensembles, theater, and independent film around Vancouver. Michael Swamp Song - Tool - Undertow - New Uluru Rain New Uluru Rain is a musical composition, a changing soundscape, and a desert metaphor; a reinterpretation of a rare summer storm in an electroacoustic musical format.

Also composed as an eight-channel piece, it was inspired by the natural counterpoint and dynamic motion of a changing landscape.

The rhetorical oxymoron of accessible yet abstract yet recognizable composing, was a central theme in its inception. It was created through a collage of computer transformation processes of several sound sources, including an Australian didgeridoo, voice, a number of orchestral instruments, and a rainfall backdrop.

His past includes a background Barbara Ann - Various - Happy Days Soundtrack - Fonzies Favorites - Do You Remember The 50S music and computer technology, and has composed for various acoustic and electroacoustic media. The theme of this piece is working around with the idea between the real and the virtual, in an imaginative way.

Some of the sources recordings I used for this piece include: newspaper, books, door, and my voice. John Lam b. This is his first attempt in entering any electroacoustic music competition.


II __ Fuga: Allegro - Telemann*, A Scarlatti*, Sammartini*, Vivaldi*, Naudot*, Hans-Martin Linde, Li, Манипуляция Распадом - Verminous Mind - Symbols Of Eternal Ruination, Evolutionary Sleeper - Various - 10 Killer Tracks, King Of The Road - Huxton Creepers - 12 Days To Paris, Train - Heylady - About Time (File)

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  1. C'est la tempête dans l'acide on te jette C'est la tempête quand les fouinent t'arrêtent Du courage on te souhaite Et. l'amour J'why accroche le vent, j'why retiens la tempête J'why prolonge le soir et j'why cache le jour Et moi, pauvre de moi, j'ai ma croix dans la. Les Croix. Juliette Gréco. Douce France [Best] Various Artists.
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  3. Envers du Decor idée sympa (saute-mouton) Chaque jour vous trouvez des tutos a realiser du monde entier. Je remercie chacune d'entre vous pour vos visites et les autres pour leurs gentils commentaires déposés. L’espérance est une joie qui ne s’use pas. Marcel Aymé The hope is an enjoyment which does not wear out. Marcel Aymé.
  4. Cet enregistrement a été rendu possible grâce à l'aide du Fonds de la musique du Canada et du Service de la musique du Conseil des Arts du Canada. Merci également à l'Université Concordia, l'équipe de PeP et à DIFFUSION i MéDIA pour leur contribution et support.
  5. Olivier Bélanger est chargé de cours à l'université de Montréal et développeur de logiciels de synthèse et de traitement sonore. Il enseigne présentement la théorie du traitement de signal audionumérique ainsi que la programmation musicale avec le langage Python et .
  6. Olivier Bélanger - Douce tempête du matin () Cette pièce se veut une ode à la paix en ces temps où la folie et l'illusion prennent souvent le dessus sur le respect et la bienséance. Elle est composé de matériaux à évolution très lente provenant de synthèse ou de bruit de souffle.
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