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Finger Lickin Goods - Hymen Holocaust - Kissed By The Dead...Touched By The Deformed

Label: Splatter Zombie Records - SZR 010 • Format: CD Album • Country: Germany • Genre: Rock • Style: Grindcore
Download Finger Lickin Goods - Hymen Holocaust - Kissed By The Dead...Touched By The Deformed

Please email me with any comments on my profile. They still had their make-up and hair done from their night out, they seemed every inch the wanton porn stars Darren had seen on some lonely nights. Olivia had straightened her long dark hair and wore white little bra and G-string panties that looked incredible against the natural tan of her skin.

Her brown eyes held a mischievous glint. Human Behavior - Bjork* - Frozen Saga wore a see through, light blue top that showed off her large breasts magnificently. Finger Lickin Goods - Hymen Holocaust - Kissed By The Dead.Touched By The Deformed toned stomach lay bare and her see through panties were hard to take your eyes from.

Both girls reached down and took a hand and guided him to his feet. He realised at that moment that he was naked still from the shower and looked down a little surprized at his own nudity.

The girls giggled and Lucy said "Perfect! Olivia have his butt a slap and then purred in his ear "Simone will be out all night and we all want to play. Could you be our toy? Darren felt himself grow immediately and Lucy reached down to hold him, Sudnji Dan - Doris* - Krajem Vijeka think that's a yes Liv!

Both girls giggled. The girls lead him into the Lounge by his penis to where Libby and Ellie sat on the couch. Libby was wearing a short red nightie and Ellie was wearing a normal bra and undies that didn't match at all. Libby spread her legs showing him her naked pussy.

Ellie reached for her drink and promptly skulled the whole glass. He felt a bit like he had been thrown into a lion's cage with four prowling lionesses prowling around him, figuring out when to strike and what part of him looked the tastiest. He also had the distinct impression that the girls well and truly knew about each others encounters with him and rather than be jealous, they had decided to share him. The thought of that made him more excited than he had ever been in his whole life.

Olivia pressed herself against his side and he leaned over to kiss her. Lucy still had hold of his member and was moving it agonizingly slowly to both keep him erect and to tease him. Lucy moved forward to My Latest Sun Is Sinking Fast - Larry Richardson - Walking And Talking With My Lord his sensitive nipples while Olivia and Darren kissed, before pressing herself close, stroking him with her hand and then kissing him herself.

Then Darren kept alternating between the two girl's mouths - the raven- haired Mediterranean goddess and the big breasted blond bombshell. Eventually Darren heard Olivia say to the other two girls, "Time to join in girls!

Olivia and Lucy began to kiss his neck and shoulders while he watched Ellie and Libby slowly lift themselves from the coach, where both had been playing with themselves, to slowly move toward him.

You haven't tasted him yet" Olivia said, and Ellie obliged by dropping to her knees like a worshiper praying at church, and gingerly took him in her hand from Simone. Libby dropped down beside her. Ellie removed her glasses and threw them to the coach before slowly leaned forward. Everyone stopped to watch, all eyes were glued to her as Libby's slowly parted her lips and darted her tongue forward.

Darren groaned as she licked around the head and then, her appetite growing, she lifted him up and licked him from the root of his penis and back to the tip. Ellie responded with a "Mmmmmm! Darren reached one hand down to slide beneath Lucy's see through panties to grasp her ass while simultaneously grabbing Olivia's bottom. He felt Ellie begin to slide his member in and out of her wet mouth and push him into her cheek.

Then a new mouth joined and he felt Libby began to lick and lap at his balls and lick along the part of his shaft not already in Ellie's mouth. He looked down to see Libby take his penis from Ellie's mouth and push it all the way into her own until he felt it touch the back of her throat. Lucy saw this too and dropped from his one-armed embrace to join the other two. Darren moved his hand that had been clasping Olivia's ass cheek and pulled down her G-string. She helped and stepped out of them and removed her bra before resuming kissing him.

He pushed his fingers into her saturated mouth and them moved them down. Olivia moved her legs Finger Lickin Goods - Hymen Holocaust - Kissed By The Dead.Touched By The Deformed apart as he guided his digits between her well lubricated lips easily. He began to slid them in and out while using his other hand to feel the girl's heads share his penis between them.

He felt a little gentle nip on his member and swung his attention down to watch Lucy spit on his penis head before licking the saliva and then sucking up the strand she drew from it. She then pushed him into her mouth and clasped his buttocks in both hands encouraging him to fuck her hot wet mouth.

He clasped her head and began to thrust in and out while the other girls watched. Watching the full length of his penis disappear and reemerge from between her red glistening lips was amazing. Lucy took him out of her mouth and all the girls licked and sucked the saliva off his shaft.

Darren had three fingers inside Olivia and she was pushing back and forth on them now herself. Show Darren what you can do with your tongue! Fuck, it was long! Ellie's tongue went down past her chin! Ellie stuck out her tongue again and pushed the full length of Darren into her mouth and held it there. Then Darren felt an amazing sensation. A wet warmth washing over his balls. It couldn't be, could it?! All the other girls were watching on with wide eyes so it had to be. While Darren had his cock pressed to the back of Ellie's throat, he felt her long tongue reaching out to lash his tightened scrotum.

It was a sensation overload and finished way too quickly when Ellie pulled his out to take a well-earned breath. Just wow! Everyone stopped, unsure what to do or say. Ellie looked shocked for a second then she leaned forward herself and Libby and Ellie were soon kissing passionately.

Darren couldn't believe that little virginal Ellie was now sucking tongues with her friend! Darren felt his penis slowly sliding in a tight opening and lifted Olivia up briefly to watch Lucy push herself down on top of his waiting rod. He Finger Lickin Goods - Hymen Holocaust - Kissed By The Dead.Touched By The Deformed around to grasp her beautiful round butt cheeks and felt her begin to rise and fall.

It fells as good as I imagined! Watching Lucy obviously turned Olivia on further because Darren's face was now absolutely saturated in her juices. He moved his hands from Lucy to Olivia's ass and started pushing his tongue in and out between her lips and then to circle her Little Angel - Eddie Cochran - Last Recordings swollen clit.

Darren heard new noises above him now too and moved Olivia off him again to catch Olivia and Olivia caressing each others breasts and frantically kissing. Watching Olivia's hands knead Lucy's large tits was so hot but to see their tongues darting into each others mouths almost sent him over the edge. Abruptly Olivia stood up and said "My turn! Lucy reluctantly slid herself off Darren and Olivia turned herself so her small pouted bottom was facing him.

She then straddled him, grasped the base of his penis and slid straight down until his pelvis pressed against hers in one motion. That's so good! Olivia then leaned forward so her elbows rested on the ground in front of her and began moving herself up and down is shaft. In this position, he could easily see his penis appearing and disappearing in her vagina.

Darren heard a gasp and looked over to his right Graduale: Benedicta Et Venerabilis - CantArte Regensburg, Hubert Velten - Gregorianische Gesänge / G witness Libby lying with legs spread on the floor beside them. Ellie dutifully worked her amazing tongue in and out of Libby's pussy, licking along the outer lips before pushing it deeply into the soft depths within.

Finger Lickin Goods - Hymen Holocaust - Kissed By The Dead.Touched By The Deformed worked one finger on Libby's clit and held one of her small little breasts in the other.

Libby was holding a handful of Ellie's mousey brown hair to guide her work. Lucy lent in to kiss him and he reached up to embrace her. Her long blond hair fell around him like a golden rain and her blue eyes spoke of indescribable pleasure. She lifted herself higher to place her gloriously large breasts in his mouth and he sucked, nibbled and swallowed her nipples while he reached under her to play with her.

She took her breasts away from him and lifted her pussy to sit just above his face. He tried to lick her but she teasingly moved herself back. Then he grabbed her hips hungrily and thrust herself down upon his tongue. She spun herself around to face Olivia while he lapped at her lips and then he paused in pleasure when he caught the sight of Lucy slowly circling her finger around Olivia's little hole.

Olivia panted and began to rise and fall even faster. Stick it in! I love it you dirty slut! Lucy moved her finger away from Olivia's anus and pushed her finger in between Darren's cock and Olivia's lips. Lucy then pulled her now well lubricated finger back out and positioned it at the mouth of her Olivia's anus.

She then slowly pushed it in and Olivia gasped. Lucy then held the finger in place and allowed Olivia to push down on Darren's cock and her finger in the one motion. Lucy continued to add more fingers until Darren could feel her fingers through the thin, soft wall between her pussy and anus. Lucy removed her fingers and Darren saw her lean forward a begin to lick her extended anus before pushing her tongue into it.

Olivia suddenly lifted herself off Darren and using her hand re-positioned him above her bottom before sliding down his shaft with her ass. The sight was spectacular. Lucy moved off him and Olivia leaned back allowing Darren to grasp her breasts and kiss her. He ran his hands down her stomach and went to finger her slick lips but found a head, no two heads, already there.


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  1. Kissed by the Dead Touched by the Deformed by HYMEN HOLOCAUST, released 27 April 1. Man of your Dreams 2. Jealous of a plastic Phallus 3. No Milf Today 4. Steak & Blowjob Day 5. Guilty Pleasures 6. Finger lickin' goods 7. King Virgo 8. Beaver Basher 9. Kissed by the ladoramoonshaperarashakar.infoinfod by the deformed Sweet sixteen Vulva Larvae
  2. Terms in this set (97) She writhed her hands till her fingers were wet with sweat or blood! They stretched and strained in the darkness, and the hours crawled by like years, Till, now, on the stroke of midnight, Cold, on the stroke of midnight, The tip of one finger touched it! The trigger at least was hers!".
  3. His fingers found her open zipper lips. As Melody's tongue submitted to Ben's exploring kiss, she felt a gentle brush across the hidden fern of her satin covered pussy. Her tongue responded back to Ben's inviting kiss while fingers slipped further under the side of her panties and settled on Melody's soft pussy lips.
  4. Lucy then held the finger in place and allowed Olivia to push down on Darren's cock and her finger in the one motion. Lucy continued to add more fingers until Darren could feel her fingers through the thin, soft wall between her pussy and anus.
  5. «Hymen Holocaust - Kissed by the Dead Touched by the Deformed ()» download for free mp3 Kissed by the Dead Touched by the Deformed Type: Full-length Released: June Man of Your Dreams Jealous of a Plastic Phallus No Milf Today Steak & Blowjob Day Guilty Pleasures Finger Lickin' Goods King Virgo.
  6. Ya queda menos para que "Kissed by the dead touched by the deformed", el nuevo álbum de los porno-gore-grinders holandeses HYMEN HOLOCAUST, el cual será editado por el sello Splatter Zombie Records y del que la banda ha subido a la red hace pocos días el tema que abre este trabajo esperado con muchas ganas por parte de los fans de la banda.. Sonido demoledor con ritmos pegadizos a Author: RUIDO NOISE.
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  8. Dec 31,  · Stacking the Series Challenge Duration: January 1, - December 31, Welcome to the Stacking the Series Challenge. Here are the rules: Rules: *Select a minimum of 5 series that you want to read during the year (you can start with more series, or you can add to series later on in the year (i.e., additional layers) if you want.

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