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All I Ever Wanted - G.U.N.* - 0141 632 5325

Label: A&M Records - STARCD 6320 • Format: CD Album • Country: South Africa • Genre: Rock • Style: Soft Rock
Download All I Ever Wanted - G.U.N.* - 0141 632 5325

Recommend Documents. Computer and Videogames Magazine Issue Amiga Format Magazine Issue Computer and Video Games Magazine Issue Computer Age Magazine Issue It is an amazingly realistic full-colour pinball simulation, keeping separate scores for up to 4 players.

Clip the coupon and enclose a 1 cheque or postal order payable to 'The Leisure Collec0 ,4 tion'. Please allow 14 days for delivery. Max Bremer takes you back to the first chess-playing electronic marvel GO The most popular game in the world — and one of the greatest computer challenges 2 L1 Try our champagne games. A n " X" Certificate is slapped on our review pages as Elspeth Joiner tracks down and gets to grips with a copy of Softpom — one of the new generation of pornographic computer games.

Should you be dressing your micro in a plastic mock?! W has Christmas '82 in store? A fully-fledged adventure to key-in.

We look a t the game which will be fi lling video screens around the country in Arcade Action. Plus your last Al Norte Del Sur - Franco De Vita - Mis 30 Mejores Canciones to bid to be the Best w Arcade Game Player in the World and the final three arcade creatures r which could help you win a Taito space invaders table of your very own.

Sharp now have a comprehensive range of Странный Ты - Беретта* - Итак.? ready to make the powerful MZK with its Printer andDisc Drives evenmore adaptable. New Mda. Group Lid. Tel Nelson Computer SoMars. Kawlermlal t. Butyl-Comm Ltd. Thorp Road,Newton Heatti.

U A W" Miendlirees Lid. Cro1do4 Tel 01 7 4 Samoan E lortvoc Simms. W ALES0. However I of. Hod gkiss Harrow Middlesex Editor's repl y: Th e best answer here, i All I Ever Wanted - G.U.N.* - 0141 632 5325 th a t th e Take Me To The Top - I.T.B.

- Take Me To The Top III does have a conversion facility so that Model I discs can be changed to run o n th e upgraded machine. U n f o r t u nately, w e m y fa m i l y w o n ' t have any sort o f programmable or semi-programmable computer or T. So I tried tri a l and error, a n d then I tri e d ma th s, a n d w i th a little luck stumbled on the solution at roughly 1 had bought this magazine at 3.

For a sta rt, th o u g h I r u n th e risk o f being shot, I th i n k yo u r magazine centres to o mu ch o n the actual games programs.

Secondly, I fi nd only one page for the Bugs, which, I think, are highly entertaining a n d should be given more room by the way, the artwork is incredible. To fi n i shI th i n k yo u r Ba si c programming guide is a great help to my classes.

Colin Agnew Lurgan Cralga vow Co. But w i th o u t a computer program to go w i th them, I'm afraid the fact that you solved the puzzle I h a v e h e a r d o f so l u ti o n times ranging from 30 seconds to two hours i s not enough to w i n you a computer — w e need a program listing as well. W I dua l" h g ,amerge lp l yr ianthem! Having j u st purchased th e fi rst edition of your magazine, I w a s sorry to fi nd so many faults i n your City Bomb program.

I have a ZX80 w i th n e w R AM a n d a m very n e w t o programming b u t after much puzzling, I fi nally got the program to run. Wilson Harlow Essex Editor's reply: We were ashamed to discover the mistakes that had crept into the C i ty Bomb listing. We were made to do penance by rushing a ro u n d a n sw e ri Every Time We Say Goodbye - Chris Young (19) - Sings The Great Songs In Aid Of Cash For Kids g t h e many queries a b o u t th e l i sti n g after w e appeared i n the newsagents.

For the record: Part of line went myste ri o u sl y mi ssi n g. Unfortunately you have fallen into th e "tr a p " o f th o se 'zi n e s before you. You have published nine programs fo r n i n e computers, b u t, who, i n t h e h o m e c o m p u te r hobby circles, has access to nine computers? I'm sure that with a bit of research i t would be possible to produce a page of computer dialects.

I'm n o t suggesting yo u d o i t with every command, just those that have their own dialect. In addition I suggest a similar thing before each program, g i ving t h e a l te rn a ti ve POKEs f o r each machine etc. As h a rd l y anyone has access to n i n e computers. I look forward to your Adventure series, especially wr iting your own. Moore but I think we would soon run into problems if we tried to produce a table with each o f t h e m a ny computers' special Basic commands.

H owever. I would All I Ever Wanted - G.U.N.* - 0141 632 5325 e to contribute to the"mag" myself and wondered if I could offer my services as a reviewer o f games o n th e ZX81 a n d p o s s i b l y t h e A c o r n Atom after Christmas. While we will respect requests for anonymity, names and addresses must he supplied. I a ls o ha Welcome!

- Do As Infinity - Do The Box e a Philips G games centre which I could utilise on your behalf in reviewing their cassettes. Either way can I wish you a ll the best for the future of a welcome addition to the magazine world. T Greener Rickmansworth Her is Editor's reply: We have received several letters already from people who would like to help us out with our reviewing of games and TV centre cartridges.

We do use outside reviewers a n d w o u l d welcome some additions to our list o f helpers. If possible please enclose details of whe the r y ou c a n us e dis c drives a nd give us a work a nd home phone number to allow us to contact you easily.

If we get swamped wit h reviewers for a certain machine then I'm a fra i d you w i l l b e unlucky but unt il then. T h e fi rs t one, Th e Golden Bat on, wa s greet ed wi t h ent hus ias m b y ex perienc ed and beginner Adv ent urers alik e N o w t he second and t hird i n t he series, Th e Ti me Mac hine and A r r o w of Deat h, are av ailable, Th e A r r o w of Deat h, alt hough ent irely s elf -c ont ained, is t he fi rs t of a t wo part Adv ent ure, The second part will be av ailable early in t he new year.

Please add 50p for P. If so, then why let your reputation re st o n th o se co l d d i sta n t planets inhabited b y th e green mecrnies, let your own world into the secret. In conjunction w i th Taito Electronics we May The Sunshine - Nazareth - 20 Greatest searching fo r the fastest, deadliest arcade player this si d e o f A l p h a C e n tu ri.

N o matter which game you excel at, you are eligible to enter and it's very easy to do so. There are some questions to be answered on what you are looking for in arcade games, so that we c a n te l l t h e manufacturers and help you to get th e kind o f games you want. Put the best score you can on the machine and ask the pub or arcade owner to sign it and send i t off to us.

Should yo u fi n d yourself fi n ishing w i th a score All I Ever Wanted - G.U.N.* - 0141 632 5325 i s not up to your usual standard, simply try again. If, after you have sent the card in, yo u manage a n even higher score, d o n 't w o r r yAll I Ever Wanted - G.U.N.* - 0141 632 5325 o u 'l l fi n d another card and another chance to enter in our January issue. And the three top scorers on the three most popular machines who s e nd u s ba c k the ir entry forms b y 1 J a nua r y w i l l b e invited along to take part i n our Grand Arcade Game fi nal.

W e will pri nt the names of the winners next issue. This month's Brainware problems are on page Here it is t h e free first issue puzzle as you might have despaired of seeing it, solved!

Although judging by the amount of letters and phone calls we had, many of you have already managed to match the four cards as shown above. Times for the puzzle ranged from an impossibly "lucky" 30 seconds to a couple of hours slogging through mathematical formulae. Many of you proudly claimed that you produced a solution without the use of a computer. Our congratulations go out to all of you who managed to do what we in the office couldn't, but I'm afraid that there are still only three VIC computers up fo r grabs and these will g o to the best programs w e receive to solve the puzzle.

But it's not too late for you to enter, t h e closing da te i Point Of Attack - Milez Grimez - 20 Milez And Runnin 1 3 December when all the entries will go The Pretty Things - Midnight To 6 t o b e tested against one-another Sean Flynn - The Clash - Rat Patrol From Fort Bragg our judges.

Next issue we will be printing our program solution for those o f you who could not work out how to start And if you were one of the many who complained that you do not yet have a computer and so were unable to enter, then turn to page 11 where you will find the all-too-easy-to-enter Great Template Competition.

Find out why the HP 85 is the professional microcomputer at your nearest Laskys store or write to our Mail Order department for more details. The reasons for this may soon become c l e a r l o n g a g owhen t h i s p u b l i ca ti o n w a s a barely suppressed gleam i n our publisher's e y eh e p o n d e re d long and hard over the problems of keying i n computer listings.

Realising t h e d i ffi cu l ti e s o f keeping All I Ever Wanted - G.U.N.* - 0141 632 5325 n e 's p l a ce i n a l o n g listing, he decided that what the public was crying out fo r was a tool — a carefully designed precision i n stru me n t t o h e l p w i t h the keying-in process. H e came up w i th th e ve ry template All I Ever Wanted - G.U.N.* - 0141 632 5325 a t was attached to your magazine's front cover.

Th i s i s the essence o f th e Gre a t Te mplate Competition: we would like to know just what you would like to use our template for, whether The judge's decision i s q u i te final and her mind is reasonably unwarped — i t mi g h t b e w o rth bearing this in mind. Entries t o our Mind Routines. Judges' decisions are final and no correspondence can he entered into. Send entries to Mind Routines on a postcard and in all cases please include a name, address, and where possible, a phone number — so we can let you know should you have won.

Taito Electronics, t h e n a m e behind the space invaders craze, will m a k e o n e reader's d re a m come tr u e — p u tti n g a n i n e xhaustible supply of alien terrors, safely locked away i n a cocktail table, i n his or her living room.

P a c m a n o r Mazeman inhabitant, then w ri te any of these words beside it and we w i l l know what you mean. Put i t w i t h th e th re e creatures we fe a tu re d i n o u r fi r s t i ssu e and in our January magazine you will fi nd the last three creatures to complete your set.

When you have n a me d a l l n i n esend th e three sections back to us. This g i ve s The Man From Snowy River (Opening) - Bruce Rowland - The Film And Television Themes Of Bruce Rowlan o u t i m e t o h u n t around your local arcade if there is a creature you are not sure of.

The chess board has a sensory surface w i th lights i n e a c h square which show when the computer All I Ever Wanted - G.U.N.* - 0141 632 5325 to move. The player has to move its piece into the new position.

I t means All I Ever Wanted - G.U.N.* - 0141 632 5325 don't have to enter each move via a keyboard j u s t like playing a human, except you can set the skill level of your opponent. Altogether there are 12 different levels, ranging from the learn mode, where the computer will help you along by suggesting a suitable move to make, to good club player standard.

If you make illegal moves the computer will also let you know by flashing it's lights a t you. Lights a ls o fl a s h w he n t h e player's king i s i n check, and when checkmate is secured i t will make another noise.

The game sells under th e name Westrak CC1 and is available directly from the firm which is based in North London. OFDEATH Not only a random dungeon but ated, he is armed and armoured random monsters a w a i t t h e and then sets off on the quest by intrepid adventurer who dares loading the first level. A list of strangely named monTen tortuous levels have to be sters with a toughness rating in braved in a 45 minute time limit percentage terms is generated to win through this graphically and should be memorised if you are not going to end up fighting displayed adventure, The adventurer must first bar- something deadly after running ter with the dungeon master for from a pretty harmless creature.

Treasures are there for the his arrows -- magic and the more usual wooden variety — hi s taking to reward the bold advencharacteristics are then gener- turer.


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  3. Explore releases from the Park Lane Studios label. Discover what's missing in your discography and shop for Park Lane Studios releases. All I Ever Wanted G.U.N. 1: G.U.N.*
  4. 2 L1 Try our champagne games. Mind n Routines for the mathematical and Nevera's Crossword for the B literary-minded R A 2 -7 Games centres to make your TN. make If music — and war N i 2 ff Al l you ever wanted to know about W V 7 Screaming Foul-up but didn't know A I how to ask T R D ADVENTURE H iE Write your own adventure program.
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