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Return Of Power - Various - More Dance 5

Label: Not On Label - none • Series: More Dance - 5 • Format: CD Compilation, Unofficial Release • Genre: Electronic, Hip Hop, Reggae, Pop • Style: Euro House, Eurodance, Pop Rap, Europop, Trance
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The Rings of Power were twenty magical rings forged in the Second Ageintended by Sauron to seduce the rulers of Middle-earth to evil. Nineteen of these rings were made by the Elven-smiths of Eregionled by Celebrimbor. These were grouped into 316 - Van Halen - For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge rings for the Elvesseven rings for the Dwarvesand nine rings for men. The nineteen lesser Rings were linked somehow to the power of the One, and were dependent on it.

Their wielders could be controlled by the wielder of the One, and if the One was destroyed, their own powers would fade. The impetus for their creation came from Sauronwho could at that time still assume an appearance fair enough to deceive at least some of the Elves. A total of nineteen Rings of Power were forged by the Elves, sixteen of which Sauron had a direct hand in creating. The greatest three Rings Celebrimbor crafted alone.

Many other lesser rings were made, described in The Silmarillion and by Gandalfthough they were generally considered as having been mere essays in the craft: practice, as it were, for the smiths. Sauron, however, planned to use the Rings to dominate the remaining Elves of Middle-earth.

In accordance with this, he secretly forged the One Ring in the fires of Mount Doomseeking to bring all the rings and their wearers under his sway. However, when Sauron put the Ruling Ring on his finger, the Elves were immediately aware of him and took off their Rings. Furious at this turn of events, Sauron came against the Elves with open war and demanded that the Rings be given to him. Fortunately for the Elves, they were able to hide the greatest Three, but Sauron recovered the other sixteen.

These he then gave to mortals: to the Dwarves and Men. Seven he gave to Dwarves, but Nine he gave to Men, knowing that they would most easily bend to his will. The Dwarf lords to whom the Seven were given became wealthy beyond measure, but they did not fall to Sauron's power. Instead, the Rings kindled in them an overwhelming greed for treasure, and so ruin was brought to each regardless. According to Gandalf, one feature of the Rings of Power that appeared to be universal was that a mortal who wore any one of the Rings was granted a lifespan far beyond their natural one.

It is likely that this is an unintended side-effect of the Rings' power, as Sauron originally intended for all the Rings to be worn by Elves, who were immortal to begin with. The individual who kept the Ring Return Of Power - Various - More Dance 5 not grow or obtain more life, however; they would merely continue until living became unendurable.

Bilbo Baggins stated Loiras Geladas - Léo Jaime* / RPM - Léo Jaime & RPM the end of his time possessing the One that he was beginning to feel "thin and stretched", a sign that this process was beginning to affect him. They were not created as weapons of war or as a means to dominate others; their purpose was to preserve the beautiful Elven domains where their wielders resided, and to aid in healing and resisting evil.

However, they were still linked to the One Ring, and whoever wore it could, with effort, see the thoughts of those who wore the Three. In The Silmarillionit is indicated that the Seven Rings of the Dwarves were not fundamentally different from the Nine that were given to Men, for originally Sauron had intended the Seven and the Nine to reside in Elven hands so that he might Rising - David Heat & Leo Wiedmann - Rising them.

It is implied in that work Return Of Power - Various - More Dance 5 Sauron simply gave Men nine of sixteen lesser Rings because they were more easily controlled. However, the Nine and the Seven are referred to in other works as each being its own distinctive set.

If they were different in their effects on their wielders or in the powers they conferred, it is not stated. It is also mentioned in Unfinished Tales that the Seven were created before the Nine. Sauron helped to create the Seven and the Nine, so it is likely that their powers and effects on their wielders were similar, even if each set was distinct.

It is important to note that the fact that the Seven did not subdue the Dwarves is related to the resilient nature of the Dwarves themselves, not the Rings.

It is likely that the effects of one of the Nine on a Dwarf would be the same as those of one of the Seven, and were a Man to wield one of the Seven, he would likely still become a wraith. The Three were fundamentally different because Celebrimbor, working alone, created them for specific purposes not in tune with Sauron's line of thought, and Sauron presumably did not know of their creation until after the fact.

Described in the works of The Silmarillionthe elves made many other Magic Ringsbut they were mere practice for the craftsmen who created them. Their ultimate fates are unknown, nor is it known whether or not their powers were bound to the power of the One. If they were, then their power would have failed with the destruction of the One.

Celebrimbor forged the Three Rings by himself, and the Three were never touched by Sauron. Narya was first worn first by Gil-galadwho gave it Cirdanand was lastly worn by Gandalf. Gil-galad also initially owned Vilya, before Elrond inherited it after the former's death.

Nenya was worn only by Galadriel. They remained hidden, and the whereabouts of the three were not openly revealed until the end of the Third Ageafter the One Ring was destroyed, and the Dark Lord Sauron was overthrown.

These rings are invisible instead of making the wearer invisible. This is because of his possession of the One Ring. Each of the Three Rings had special properties, but their powers were limited. It is described as having the power to inspire others to resist tyranny, domination, and despair in other words, evoking hope from others around the wielderas well as giving resistance to the weariness of time:.

Narya was Hot Shot - The Vision Mastermixers - Disco Mixes by Gandalf at the Grey Havens. It was a gold ring adorned with a red ruby.

After the destruction of the One Ring and the defeat of Sauronits power faded along with the other Rings of Power. Galadriel bore Nenya on a ship from the Grey Havens into the Westaccompanied by the other two Elven Rings and their bearers. When Sauron laid waste to Eregion, Vilya, along with Narya, was sent to the Elven-King Gil-galad far away in Lindonwhere it was later given to Elrondwho bore it through the later years of the Second Age and all of the Third. Sorry - Dry Cell - Disconnected the other two Rings of the Elves, Vilya was jeweled: it contained a great blue stone set in a gold band, which contributed to its titles as the Ring of Sapphire and the Blue Ring.

Vilya was also called the Ring of Air, signifying its preeminence even over the other Rings of the Elves, since Vilya was the mightiest of these three bands as mentioned in the ending chapter of The Return of the King. The exact power of Vilya is not mentioned.

It is reasonable to speculate that it also possesses the power to heal and to preserve, as it is mentioned in The Silmarillion that Celebrimbor had forged the Three for these purposes, rather than to enhance the strengths of each individual bearers as the Seven, Nine, and the Return Of Power - Various - More Dance 5 rings did. However, these powers may simply have been natural gifts of his. Upon Sauron's destruction, the power of Vilya faded, and it was taken over the sea by Elrond at the end of the Third Age.

Sauron presented the Seven Rings to the Dwarf-lords. The Dwarves used their Rings to establish their fabled treasure hoards which in turn attracted dragonsbut Sauron, according to portions of the Silmarillionwas unable to force the Dwarven bearers to submit to his will. Indeed, the rings did not even turn them invisible; and the Dwarves were immune to some of the rings' more detrimental effects. It is believed that the Dwarves' natural hardiness, and the fact that it was only the more powerful dwarf lords who possessed them, made them resistant to Sauron's control.

While it is not directly stated, the Rings presumably gave the Dwarf lords who wielded them a greatly increased life span, and they presumably did not age. The net effect of these rings was to bring vast wealth to the wearer and cause him to become extremely greedy, which ultimately led to the wielders' ruin.

At the time of The Lord of the Rings four rings had been consumed by dragon fire and the rest re-acquired by Sauron. Dain refused, knowing from the Dwarves' long experience that Sauron was untrustworthy. These ring-bearers held rings that were under control by Sauron, for they became evil servants of him. None are mentioned specifically throughout The Lord of the Rings save their leader, the Witch-king of Angmar.

The line from Tolkien's epigraph, " Nine for Mortal Men doomed to die " refers to the fate of men, uniquely among the creations of Eru to pass beyond Arda to a destiny unknown to the elves. The effects of the Nine on the Men were that they each acquired great power and wealth, became powerful Sorcerers this effect presumably ended when they became the Ringwraiths and appeared to have eternal life, for they did not age. After a time however, life became unendurable to them, and when they put the Rings on, they often beheld the phantoms and delusions of Sauron.

One by one, according to the nature of the Man and his innate inability to resist evil, they fell under Sauron's permanent control, and became wraiths who did only Sauron's bidding.

They remained permanently invisible, except to those Elves who had once dwelt in the Undying Lands few indeed by the Third Age and Maiar such as Sauron and the Wizards. They were also visible to whomever wore the Ruling Ring whether the other Rings conferred this ability is unknown.

Lose You - Mikkel Solnado - Its Only Love Give It Away process also appeared to Return Of Power - Various - More Dance 5 their lives and power with Sauron's, making them little more than extensions of his will. When Sauron's power was weak, the wraiths themselves were also fairly powerless. As Sauron became stronger however, they became much more powerful, to the point where the Witch-king was presumably able to match Gandalf the White in strength.

It is unclear where the Nine were physically kept. Sauron's intent was to command the minds of the other ring bearers through their rings of power. His original intention was for the Rings to be given to Elves of power and influence. Sauron then intended to forge the One Ring which, through the lesser rings, would allow Sauron direct influence over the thoughts of the other ring-bearers.

Had it succeeded perfectly, Sauron would have achieved dominance over the Elves with no military action required. However, for this plan to be successful the Ruling Ring would have to be significantly stronger than the other rings, and Sauron put a great amount of his own power into the ring in order to achieve this.

As the Ruling Early - Chicane - Far From The Maddening Crowds, it had all the powers of the other rings, but to a far greater extent, and had some powers uniquely its own. While Sauron's plan didn't succeed perfectly, the existence of the One Ring on his finger meant that the other rings, with which many kingdoms had been built, could not be used safely.

Photongnoul - Vasilisk - Musick For Liberation And Ecstasy, intentionally or not, Sauron's personal power was greatly enhanced so long as he wore the Ring, giving him military might the likes of which he could never have otherwise achieved.

Unlike the other great rings, the One Ring held no gem and had no intricate designs on it, at least at first glance. To an ordinary layman it would appear as a simple golden band.

Heating the ring in even a small fire, however, would reveal part of Sauron's incantation in an elvish script written along the ring. Return Of Power - Various - More Dance 5 to Isildur, Sauron's hand was "black and yet burned like fire. It was virtually indestructible, and no craft or power possessed by the Elves or Gandalf could harm it in any way. It also appeared to have a will of its own or at least, the ability to independently carry out Sauron's will since Return Of Power - Various - More Dance 5 contained a large portion of his beingand could expand or shrink by itself.

It was Isildur who cut the ring off Sauron 's hand. He had the chance to destroy the One in the very chambers where it was forged, but was corrupted by the ring, and spared it. Later it betrayed him, resulting in his death.

Bilbo got the Ring by chance, and at the end of all his adventures he still had it. He was chosen there to take the chance Isildur threw away: to destroy the One Goodbye And Forever Miles - Dan Buegeleisen - West Coast Alternative the fires of Mount Doom.

Upon finding Frodo as he believed dead, Sam took the ring to protect it. Return Of Power - Various - More Dance 5 discovering Frodo alive, Sam returned the ring. Frodo, after a long and difficult Return Of Power - Various - More Dance 5ultimately failed in his effort to destroy the One Ring. At the edge of the lava, the Ring corrupted Frodo, Return Of Power - Various - More Dance 5 he tried to take it to keep it for himself.


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  3. It is likely that this is an unintended side-effect of the Rings' power, as Sauron originally intended for all the Rings to be worn by Elves, who were immortal to begin with. The individual who kept the Ring would not grow or obtain more life, however; they would merely continue until living became unendurable.
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  6. The result of this excess is movement or shapes that look too wild and lose the character of the dance. The four sources of power are: Gravity Power, which is constantly at work pushing us towards the floor. Muscular Power, utilized when engaging various muscles to move the body. Centrifugal Force, which is power created on the outside of a turn.
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