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Not Art - Various - Burn Burn Presents Watch This Space

Label: Hungry Kid - Hung 004 BBC • Format: CD Compilation • Country: UK • Genre: Rock • Style: Alternative Rock, Indie Rock
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After inspecting my ankle, the doctor told me to strengthen it by doing a hundred calf raises a day. I try to do them whenever a few minutes present themselves: when soup is heating, coffee is brewing, or something is downloading. After a few dozen reps, the calves really start to burn. I used to hate this same feeling. It was the feeling of slogging through the final laps in What - Melinda Marx - What / It Happens In The Same Old Way class, Hit & Crash - No Artist - Glass Crashes to hear the buzzer go.

It was the feeling of awkwardly holding up a plank while I waited for my dad to put in all the screws. Interestingly, the physical side of this muscle-burn feeling is the same as it ever was. But my psychological relationship to it has completely reversed. Instead of trying to escape from, ignore, or stop the burning, as I once did in Phys Ed class, I settle into it willingly, like the heat from a sauna.

I let it build and intensify as I push on, without trying to defend against it, and that intensity is exhilarating. Even though it burns, it feels like strength, capability, progress. So you might as well come to it willingly, embracing it as the intense feeling of making long-term gains, rather than a punishing side-effect we want to feel as little of as possible. Getting anywhere with public speaking entails walking and talking through the burn of nerves.

Creative work entails the burn of completing mediocre pieces of work, and showing them to people. Entrepreneurship entails the burn of working under the risk of failure and rejection. To do that we have to recognize the burn as it happens, and remember to let ourselves dwell in it as we carry on our work, without our usual contentiousness toward it.

As the burn becomes more familiar, you start to find a certain second-level pleasure in it. The burn can feel good, but not if you still resent it. It feels hard, intense, not quite safe. Part of me is dying to pull the ripcord: File — Save — Exit.

But another part of me is excited to be wading through this new, seemingly Not Art - Various - Burn Burn Presents Watch This Space territory. The burn intensifies every time I stride a little further than normal—when I decide, for example, to give an article another half hour beyond the point at which I was about to quit.

The more I let myself feel that particular burn, the more it makes me feel capable and confident rather than annoyed or discouraged. My Depth Year project is teaching me how much lies just beyond the point at which I usually pack in my efforts.

Boulder Dam (Part I) - Red Buttons - Art Carney - Abe Burrows - Molly Goldberg - Robert Q. Lewis - F you reach one of these points and press on, something in your mind or body burns.

And of course it does—things are getting stretched, tested, Tracks.a01 - Various - Wrong Application. When it comes to personal growth, in any avenue, new territory burns.

Get to know the burn. Feel the burn. Enjoy the burn. Then you Not Art - Various - Burn Burn Presents Watch This Space what feeling the burn really means in the same language I understand when addressing emotional healing. Step into it.

See it for what it is, a symptom of making life better. Embrace it and allow yourself to feel the pain of it while loving what it gives you and loving yourself. It really reframes the whole idea of difficulty. This piece reminds me of the time I took up jogging and jogged 2.

The sense of exhilaration was amazing. Then I lit a fag. Mh, healthy living. Still, years later, I no longer smoke and am venturing on a weight loss plan. Feel the burn! Haha… even major league athletes used to smoke on the bench during games. Things have changed! Thanks for posting this on a Monday morning. Two of my favorite feelings have always been the burn that comes with lifting just a little more weight or pushing myself to walk another mile and the soreness the day after that reminds me of what I accomplished.

I know that today will provide opportunities to experiment with pushing a little further. I also know from experience I can handle more. I just needed to be reminded of that.

Thank you and have a great week. This is amazing when you start to see it as an offer to get better, right then and there. When the burn starts, your mind starts imagining how you will feel when the burn is over, and automatically comparing to what you are feeling right now.

This contrast makes the burn feel much worse. Instead, if you stop the fantasy and force yourself to focus on the burn itself and really feel it, it paradoxically starts to feel less painful. Yeah I agree… that little fantasy we have about feeling relief can totally take over. I guess the trick is to train that as another reminder to embrace the burn and carry on, Garlanding - Sparkmarker - [email protected] for just a bit.

I have found meditation really helps with this, because feelings like boredom do happen, and the instruction is to see if you can let it sit there with you. Same with desires, aversions, minor discomfort, and anything else that happens when you try to sit still :. Lovely article. By embracing it and owning it, and even seeking it, we can massively change the direction of our lives.

So powerful yet so simple. Thank you for the eloquent description of personal growth, Strangeways - And The Horse and transformation! Read it! I loved it. Thank you for this article, it is very timely for me. Although I am very accomplished at feeling the burn and pushing through on a physical level, on a work level this has been terrifying.

I recently committed to being self-employed and doing consulting as well as a blogging business but although the work is enjoyable and Not Art - Various - Burn Burn Presents Watch This Space , the whole newness and uncertainty is terrifying. I had never likened the exercise burn to that felt in other sectors of my life. Your article reminds me that others experience these challenges and get through them. Thank you.

Oh man self-employment is like an avalanche of that feeling! I was doing physical therapy a few months ago after a surgery and it definitely was harder in the beginning, but the feeling that you are improving, getting better and accomplishing things that I was not able to accomplish before was powerful. Goody Man - Various - Funky Funky New Orleans 3 like in life, self-discipline and commitment is the key to be successful and to reach our goals and expectations.

Even you, David, must admit this is a strange Universe. Things just show up in your attention, like for me, another Raptitude article. But I need to work on my weight again, sigh. Reached goal of at Thanksgiving, but today at So, eat better, eat less, watch my calories.

I rarely push myself in that physical way anymore, and i am sure this reflects into the rest of my life. I love this analogy between physical and psychological burn. At the same time, I find myself retreating mentally a little with the aging. Reading this is a nice reminder to do a little boundary pushing inside my head. Great quote right there.

How did this come to me at such a time when I so desperately needed to hear this? I am unbelievably thankful to you. Good stuff David. I got to a similar understanding, but with the opposite temperature!

I found myself scurrying, hurrying, head bent, hating every moment. Then I thought, Face it! Sure it was cold but what a different sense of self that brought me! Now I walk into the wind instead of shrinking from it. The burn I experienced is almost existential. That sense of being in the moment that became more and more accessible through meditation, and the resulting cascade of being with the experiences, self inquiry, and finding something, but losing a lot false beliefs.

It can be disorienting. Burns, but not quite. Psychologically, I can do this as well with projects — personal, academic and career wise. Grappling for hours? Jogging for Not Art - Various - Burn Burn Presents Watch This Space The heat from it?

I have such a hard time, and try all sorts of mental tricks and methods to not hate it.


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  2. Sep 18,  · Not Art, a song by Plastic Passion on Spotify. We and our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, Featured on Burn Burn Presents Watch This Space. More by Plastic Passion. More Plastic Passion. Listen to Plastic Passion now. Listen to Music Duration: 2 min.
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  5. Mar 12,  · I try to do them whenever a few minutes present themselves: when soup is heating, coffee is brewing, or something is downloading. After a few dozen reps, the calves really start to burn. I hadn’t done calf raises for years, and it turns out my relationship to that burning is very different .
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  7. Watch the video for Not Art from Plastic Passion's Burn Burn Presents Watch This Space for free, and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists. Burn Burn Presents Watch This Space. Various Artists. 5, listeners. 1 more album featuring this track.
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