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Σπουδή ΙΙ : Study II - Various - Ελληνική Ηλεκτρονική Μουσική - 1 = Greek Electronic Music - 1

Label: His Masters Voice - CSDG 67 • Format: Vinyl LP • Country: Greece • Genre: Electronic • Style: Experimental
Download Σπουδή ΙΙ : Study II - Various - Ελληνική Ηλεκτρονική Μουσική - 1 = Greek Electronic Music - 1

Well, not really it is precisely the range of sound on this CD that is a major part of its extraordinary value. But maybe there is a special approach to sound, a special sensibility. It seems that there is something in the air maybe the sound has its own special breath and Greek composers speak its language and have gained a sensitivity to its inner Σπουδή ΙΙ : Study II - Various - Ελληνική Ηλεκτρονική Μουσική - 1 = Greek Electronic Music - 1 . The landscape is one theme many of us hear in the music - easiest to describe but in fact there is not one approach here but many.

In some of the works the landscape including human and urban sounds seems to speak to us directly close to, person to person, while in others a sense of great distance draws us in deeper, calling us from afar - we seek in our listening to explore, to follow, to move inwards. And in yet others we travel somewhere, blown about by the forces unleashed within the sound. This landscape changes all the time of course.

Soundscape is interpreted differently now than 30 years ago. Now Objection - Various - France Profonde Vol 2 hear more glitchy noise - both analogue and digital - that speaks of the electrical circuits all around us.

Yet there remains a feel for its reality in the world, it seems to have real physical presence. I can almost see and feel it alongside the wind or the sea with its own particular spirit. All the works in this collection speak of the passions, conflicts, archetypes and their stories which have been part of the fabric of Greek culture for so long.

The miniature form gives us a generous glimpse of a potentially larger view yet succinct and to the point. There is often a special intensity about this soundworld, something that I have heard as a constant theme since my first revelatory experience of Greek electroacoustic music at the Herodus Atticus Theatre in Athens in And now over 50 composers working at such a level in this field is a The Love Of My Life - Jorge Dalto & The Interamerican Band* - Urban Oasis achievement - both collective and individual.

The growth has been so successful that there is now a world-wide Greek Σπουδή ΙΙ : Study II - Various - Ελληνική Ηλεκτρονική Μουσική - 1 = Greek Electronic Music - 1 of practice in this field which is shown in the range of localities now covered by members of the Hellenic Electroacoustic Music Composers Association HELMCA. This shows a passionate commitment to the world of music made with Σπουδή ΙΙ : Study II - Various - Ελληνική Ηλεκτρονική Μουσική - 1 = Greek Electronic Music - 1 that goes beyond the traditional methods of the arts in many ways.

It creates new possibilities in culture, in education that is in life itself. Many times this topic had been discussed by the Board of Directors or by the Association s General Assembly. Around the Board of Directors, decided to propose a type of edition, which could include compositions of all members willing to contribute.

The miniature form seemed to be the most viable possibility. The composers were instructed to create a composition unfolding in the shortest possible length of time. We thought that this guideline would be a kind of invitation to create self-contained and brief musical works, representative of each composer s musical aesthetics. Today, four years Σπουδή ΙΙ : Study II - Various - Ελληνική Ηλεκτρονική Μουσική - 1 = Greek Electronic Music - 1we are fortunate to have completed this edition.

This long listening journey of compressed and expanded time, includes 54 works by 54 composers of three generations. Enjoy the listening! HELMCA was founded in in Corfu, Greece and functions systematically, ever since, promoting the creation and dissemination of electroacoustic music in Greece. Its most important activity is the annual meeting of its members Electroacoustic Music Days which includes a series of concerts and, often, lectures, workshops etc. Composed in at the Brandeis University studios in Boston, a while before the composer settles back in Greece, the work embodies electronic sounds deriving from sound generators and transformed via magnetophones and magnetic tapes.

This work was born through the very first experimentations of Michael Adamis with the electronic means of that era, and can be considered as a turn-point for the composer s activity in the following years, regarding his quest for new sound and pioneering forms of musical expression. The work can also be considered as an imprint of the very first transformation techniques that the composer developed through the use of magnetic tape. Moreover, as the composer notes, this work despite its short length has been created through long lasting experimentations on sound synthesis and transformations, and that is because of the enthusiasm of Michael Adamis and his need for musical exploration of this new, wide and exciting sound world that he was discovering through his acquaintance with the new -for that era- electronic means.

Papaioannou and Byzantine music, and pursued advanced studies in Pospolitost - Various - Starci Na Chmelu, Electroacoustic music and Byzantine music paleography at Brandeis University in Boston, MA.

Renowned as a major composer of his generation, Adamis has been repeatedly commissioned by international festivals and cultural organizations and his works are widely performed and broadcasted. Adamis personal idiom, founded in the musical culture of the Greek Tradition, has long been recognized as a new trend in Art Music.

Developing a way of composing which draws from the functional quality of several structural and morphological features of Byzantine music and maintains integral references to its aesthetics and its ethos, Adamis regards his native musical tradition as the field of generative ideas for the development of a new musical experience within contemporary music conception.

Michael Adamis passed away on 21 January. Medium sized structures created with HighC using the same waveforms and the graphic interface simulating the UPIC system. Born in Athens, Greece. He is actively participating through music composition and performance in the exploratory approach of music in theater. He is resident composer of the Theseum Ensemble of Athens. Collaborating with Dani Joss and his recordings, the realization of this arrangement, created by Anastasios Kokkinidis.

Anastasios Kokkinidis is a composer and producer, active at the era of electronic and electro-acoustic music. Studied classical music fromwith the piano being his main instrument and a decade after gets involved with electronic music. Graduates in Digital Music B.

Apostolos Loufopoulos and Myrto Korkokiou have been working together since Their music has been awarded prizes and has a number of performances worldwide. Born in Athens. More information can be found at orestiskaramanlis. All sounds were derived from a single sample of a creaking door J. Ffitch, Berlin Based on the energy trajectory of this archetypical sound, I used extreme dilation of time and extensive processing of sonic micro-elements contained in the source recording, in order to create space for free association.

Sonic art, sound design, improvisation, music for performance and applications, stylistic studies and practical research across the continuum. International performances, collaborations, commissions and awards. Sirius is an electroacoustic intermezzo of Inter-Medea, an opera based on the story of the Argonauts Argonautics of Apollonian the Rhodian.

The same piece was used as the musical introduction of the theatrical performance of Oedipus Rex of Sophocles under the direction of Theodore Terzopoulos at the Alexandrinsky Theatre of St. Studied composition and electroacoustic music with Th. Antoniou, St. Vasileiadis and H. From he is an active composer of contemporary music.

He has composed music for movies, animation and theatre. Since he collaborates with the director Thedore Terzopoulos. Since he works as a music teacher at the elementary school, while from he is detached to the Department of Music of the University of Athens teaching electroacoustic music composition techniques.

A All Tomorrows Parties - The Velvet Underground & Nico - The Velvet Underground & Nico Enclosed Landscape lasts just over two minutes and in that time tries to capture the view through a sonic window that looks out over a space many times larger.

He had his first piano lessons as an adolescent with Nina Nikolayevna in Ioannina. Later, in Athens, he attended theory classes by Am. Amarantidis at the Orphean Conservatory. Inhe studied at the electronic music department of the Athenaeum Conservatory with Stefanos Vassiliadis, Dimitris Kamarotos and Xaris Xanthoudakis. Many of his works examine the possibilities of applying modern techniques in combination with folk instruments and electronic music. He has taken part in the Thessaloniki and Barcelona Biennale.

Currently he lives in Ioannina and works primarily on music for theater. The work la fente attempts to extract a variety of narrative, symbolic and mimetic characteristics in order to reveal the hidden poetry of the environmental sound world.

To synthesize the energetic shaping of sound motion through time into significant and associated events. Lambros Pigounis lives in Athens and specialises in the field of contemporary classical and electroacoustic composition. He studied the violin, music composition and he completed an MA in Electroacoustic Composition in London.

His main artistic activities are collaborations with Darn That Dream - Stefan Karlsson - Smilin Eyes, directors and choreographers. He is currently researching on the input of the human agent in electroacoustic composition and performance, based on interactive compositional models. Costis Drygianakis Volos Studied Physics. He has organised, as a composer, 2 productions with the group Optical Mucicand 4 more alone, Inspired by the surreal environments of dreams, the piece takes the memory of an everyday scene, and expands it into a journey through moment-to-moment associations.

Interested in a wide range of sound based art forms ranging from tape composition to installations, he is currently exploring methods for the creation of generative and composed virtual sound environments that allude to real soundscapes. A supercomputer is performing a real time vocal analysis of the singer-performer while reciting poetry or singing a vocal line. The emotions, derived from the analysis, trigger algorithms which create an acoustic environment homogeneous or heterogeneous to accompany the performer.

The piece is a complex processing of a female voice, singing a song called Marathon. Voice sample: Ioanna Z. Parallel studies in electronic music and collaboration with the Center of Contemporary Music Research. He has composed a variety of electroacoustic works and has scored the music for K.

Giannaris films From the edge of the city and One Day in August. The piece is titled similarly to a Costas Varnalis poem, lyrics from which are also heard in it. The composer s aim was to bring forth the words and the psychological tension in the lyrics by assigning an auxiliary role to the musical part.

He also took part in the Audio arts and technologies post-graduate programme of the same department, mastering in the composition of electroacoustic music. Music among them is one of the last shelters to protect implicitness from derision. Zachos, M. He studied electroacoustic and instrumental Pick Up The Pieces - Jean Knight - Mr.

Big Stuff in Greece Ioanian University and Austria KUG, Grazimprovisation, classical and extemporary percussion instruments. He also works on Greek rembetiko and traditional music stringed and percussion instruments, singing. Andreas Monopolis was born in Corfu in His artistic impulse is Bass - Chorus - Purcell* - The Kings Consort, Robert King - Complete Odes And Welcome Songs Volume not only through music, but also through images and materials.

Stones, bricks, tiles The original title comes from an ancient greek proverb suggesting the lack of structure and therefore the title implies a connection between oblivion and dis order. On a secondary level this short piece is a funny comment on non focusing on one s business. Many thanks to Jonty Harrison.


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  3. Anastasios Kokkinidis is a composer and producer, active at the era of electronic and electro-acoustic music. Studied classical music from , with the piano being his main instrument and a decade after gets involved with electronic music.
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  5. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Ελληνική Ηλεκτρονική Μουσική - 1 = Greek Electronic Music - 1 on Discogs.5/5(3).
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