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A Missle Makes Love To Its Target - Tron (18) - Tron Bloody Tron

Label: 12th Records - 7 • Format: CD Album • Country: US • Genre: Rock • Style: Sludge Metal, Stoner Rock
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Author's Note: Chapter 8, here we go! Most of what I have to say is at the end, so enjoy! I A Missle Makes Love To Its Target - Tron (18) - Tron Bloody Tron to the side, dodging the missle flying through the air towards my head. I righted myself and took aim with my assault rifle on the human who had fired it, his hands now empty. I stared at him blankly for a few moments before I sprinted to the outer wall of the building and began climbing it as fast as I could.

I reached the top and pulled myself up to stare into the eyes of the man standing on the opposite side of the roof. It was hard to describe the qualities of it that made it almost non-human. There is no greater tragedy than to die at the hands of A Missle Makes Love To Its Target - Tron (18) - Tron Bloody Tron. The man shook his head sadly. I could hear his voice echoing loudly within my head.

I jolted upright in my bunk, slamming my head into the hard metal above me. I fell back down with a grunt of pain, my heart pounding in my chest from the terror of hitting the ground from such a height. It took me a few moments to calm myself and accept that what just happened was all a dream. I HATE when that happens. I sat up with a sigh, rubbing my head.

Normally, my dreams aren't that weird. Being flung off rooftops by crazy people is a far cry from killing zombies. I glanced around the room to see who else was awake. I appeared to be the only conscious person in the room, all my friends were asleep. I looked down at my watch, which I could actually see now since my customized armor was kept securely in the armory, as was everyone else's. The time was AM, which explained why everyone wasn't awake yet.

Except for me. Following last night's discussion, which was filled with plenty of speculation on the mysterious job offer we had recieved, we all stayed awake for an extra hour or so, meaning we should be sleeping in. But now that my mind was active, I knew I couldn't fall back asleep, so I quietly slid out of bed, grabbing my phone as I did so. I decided to head to the captain's quarters and do something on my phone. I had yet to even hit the button for the internet on my phone, since it's not like it would work, but I had several games I could play and a book to read.

I mainly just wanted to relax on the huge bed and try to make myself tired. I needed more sleep if I was to meet with our mystery employer and discuss the job later in the day. I drifted down the corridor to the captain's quarters, thinking about last night. I wonder what the next job will be. Hopefully, not another drug retrieval. Something stealthy would be fun, especially with my new custom armor. I opted to keep the black armor given to me by Zaeed, but I had added an orange outline to the suit.

It reminded me of something out of Tron. Timmy kept his armor unchanged while Tillman had tried to emulate the Dead Space armor as best he could. He succeeded. Evon had made his a dark green and Ricky settled on a solid navy blue.

Jake's armor was something he called urban camo. To me, it looked like a random assortment of grey and A Missle Makes Love To Its Target - Tron (18) - Tron Bloody Tron cubes, but it's not my armor. Alex told me he was still planning his color, so his was still the default black.

As I walked down a particularly empty hallway, my grip on my phone weakened and it fell right out of my hand. I silently cursed at my own clumsiness and began fumbling around in the dim lighting to find my phone. How can it slip out of my own hand? It's a good thing that wasn't a gun, and nobody saw it. Wait, what's this? This is But why is it loose? I gave it a little shake and it wiggled around like it wasn't attached to the Goosebumps - Loafers - Loafers handrail.

Fantastic manufacturing, batarians. Couldn't have been bothered to even bolt it to the actual handrail, huh? Cheap bastards I used it to support my weight as I pulled myself to my feet, but I must have put too much stress on the thing because I soon ended up back on the ground with the support bent almost parallel to the floor.

I let out a sigh, and a loud "clunk" followed right afterwards. I froze, staying motionless. What was that? The wall in front of me suddenly rose, splitting off a section of handrail and revealing a bright white light. I immediately shielded my eyes with my hand, half due to the light, the other half because I was afraid I might have accidentally just discovered a portal to heaven and would be assaulted by angels.

A few seconds passed before I realized that I was not under attack by winged people and I lowered my hand. An elevator-sized room awaited me, the light strips on the room's ceiling the source of light.

My drowsy mind took a moment to put two and two together. It's an elevator-sized room because it IS an elevator! I found the second deck! I stood up and quickly found my phone on the ground thanks to the light. I picked it up and stepped inside the elevator. The wall descended to its normal position and I felt the elevator begin moving down towards its destination.

The way this has been going so far, I might have just found the Batcave. Within A Missle Makes Love To Its Target - Tron (18) - Tron Bloody Tron few Alleman Am Ballermann (Mallorca Beach Mix) (Radio Version) - Jim Cliff - Alleman Am Ballermann, the elevator reached the other floor, and I was faced with a small hallway with another door at the end of it.

I cautiously stepped out of the elevator and made my way over to and through the other door. I was faced with a large circular room. It was big enough to have a Mantis gunship in the middle of it and you could still have plenty of space around the circumfrence of the room. Going along that train of thought, I noticed the center of the room, the place that a Mantis could be placed, had a floor pattern that suggested it could open. As in "open to allow a gunship to fly in and land".

That would be freaking awesome. The large room also had doors at each of what would be compass points. Fortunately, this room actually had lights on, probably because it had yet to be connected with the main systems.

The lights in the other deck dimmed at night, but those could be Shake It - True Hustlers - Aint No Room Fo No Protenders during flight. If we ever learned how to fly this ship. I traveled in a clockwise direction, checking each room as I went along. The first room, marked Maintainence, was filled with tools and work benches. I could see Tillman modifying his suit to look exactly like a RIG down here.

Having him mod our helmets probably wouldn't be a bad idea either, maybe make us not look like batarian spec ops. Since they're RIGs already, I'll ask if he can make them into a higher "level", both in software and appearence. Before I left, I noticed a prison cell in a dark corner of the room.

And that would be where I was held on this ship the first time. Nice to know we have a jail on board. The second room, marked Weapons, confirmed my suspicions about the nukes. I found a larger version of the weapons room located on the SR-2 Hidmari Bassline 365 - DJ Sharpnel - 二次元サティスファクション front of me.

I never really learned the actual name for that room, but the one on the Fury looked similar Make You Mine - The Corrs - Best Of The Corrs least. It had a single over-sized cannon that I A Missle Makes Love To Its Target - Tron (18) - Tron Bloody Tron fired from the bottom of the ship like an underslung grenade launcher, a GARDIAN point defense laser control, and the nukes.

The nukes. There were ten of them, all in a separate container. These containers would be loaded into a firing tube and launched at their target if they were ever needed. The Fury had the capability to kill millions of people with these nuclear weapons, and the batarians had them installed on their best ship.

If there was ever a situation where one of these things needed to be used, it would not end well. For anybody. The Reapers are probably going to be one of those situations. I left the weapons station after quickly checking everything.

I didn't want to stay a second more than I had to around those WMDs, no matter how safe it was supposed to be. I checked the third, and final, door.


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  1. Nov 11,  · Tron was about to laugh at how the Korean pilot had missed, but the missile met its intended target a fraction of a second later. BOOM In a wild display of bright red and fiery yellow, the explosives ran their course along the hallway, creating a violent display of concussive debris.
  2. I do not own any of the Tron franchise, much as I want to. Chapter Scars (Part One) Tron sat down on the steps in the main room, taking off his Disks and pulling up an old memory file. It was blurred and badly distorted, like anything from the User world was but he could make out the main picture.
  3. Tron snarled, thrashing, but Cyrus ignored him, pulling up the memories of the times when Beck was a child, watching with great interest as Tron played with the boy, as he went off the edge when Beck was hurt, when they brought him into the Grid to heal him only for the boy not to remember him.
  4. Sep 30,  · 18 · 2 comments. TRON team is leaving for the Asia Blockchain Summit in Taipei What is the target price our community has for Tron? Is.5$ a reasonable target? (ladoramoonshaperarashakar.infoinfo) submitted 1 year ago by WhippedAmbivert. I know we cant guess anything, but just wanted to set a target a hodl. Haha. If the value is.5$ how much marketcap would we.
  5. Dec 19,  · @awaken_voice @ronster @rabish this actually means that 34% of the 99B trx held by tron won't be released into circulation. They will be locked safely. Imagine that they weren't locked. If these coins were suddenly released in market. Trx price will drop. Its good!
  6. Jan 29,  · HOW TO COPY AND PASTE ADS AND MAKE $ - $ A DAY ONLINE! (FULL IN DEPTH TRAINING) - Duration: Jay Brown , views.
  7. TRON produces its own wallet software that is available for download on its website, which allows you to store TRON on your computer. For maximum security, you can store your cryptocurrencies on a dedicated hardware wallet such as a TREZOR wallet or a Ledger Nano S.
  8. Apr 12,  · Those wanting to become a patron - ladoramoonshaperarashakar.infoinfo follow me on twitter to interact with me and suggest future videos - ladoramoonshaperarashakar.infoinfo
  9. "It was more of an accident, but I still found it! I wanna go talk to TRON some more, so I'll be leaving you now. You can show the others when they wake up, I'm sure Tillman will love the maintanence bay. Have fun down here." With that, Joseph passed back through the hallway to the elevator and began making his way back to the bridge.

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