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Lost Times - Splynter - The Battle

Label: Mind Theater Records - none • Format: CDr EP • Genre: Hip Hop • Style: Hiplife
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The Battle Nexus is a "nexus" of dimensions connecting many different worlds, including multiple incarnations of Earth ex: called dimension "Third Earth" by the Gyoji and the Triceraton homeworld.

It was the home of the Battle Nexus Tournament also known as the "The Big Brawl", a competition held every Lost Times - Splynter - The Battle years where the mightiest warriors from numerous galaxies come together and battle to become the champion of the multiverse.

This world climatically and geologically resembles the image of medieval Japan. The landscape is filled with hills, rocks and dense forests. The sky is purple and pink. It is not known if there are seasonal changes. The Battle Nexus was governed by a mystical figure known only as the Daimyowho presided over the matches of the tournament and maintained the peace of his realm using the War Staff of Ultimate Power.

Though the Daimyo had final say over who could compete in the tournament and, more generally, on any other Lost Times - Splynter - The Battle however, the individual matches were usually refereed by his servant, an ethereal being named Gyoji. The Battle Nexus was capable of supporting lifeforms from various atmospheric conditions, including Traximusa member of the nitrogen and sulfur-breathing Triceraton race, who was able to move about and fight comfortably without the aid of a breathing apparatus.

The Tournament takes place every three years. After registration, each participant must take part in the qualifying round. Only the Daimyo under its decree may allow unregistered persons to take part in the tournament. Although the Daimyo has the decisive voice in all matters of the Tournament, the duels are mainly presided over by the Gyoji he watches rules and fair fights.

One lost match ends the adventure of the loser in the tournament. Two fighters who have not lost any duel face each other in the final round, which is to determine the winner. If someone gets a serious injury during the tournament, the fight is interrupted for a while and the wounded person may give up. If he does not do it, he has to keep fighting with the injury. Climatically and geologically, the Battle Nexus is an image of medieval Japan. The exact spread of the nexus is unknown; the known areas are covered with hills, rocky cliffs and dense forests.

The sky is purple and a bit dim compared to the Earth. Whether there are seasonal changes is not known. The only major trace of civilized influence can be found in the palace of the Ultimate Daimyo, the ruler of the Nexus, who sits on a rocky cliff with a waterfall, Lost Times - Splynter - The Battle the Battle Arena, where the Battle Nexus tournament takes place every three years.

The arena is surrounded by a small place, which is mainly for the accommodation and tasting of tournament competitors and any guests. The climate works universally through magical powers, so that even species that could not survive under Earth-like conditions - like the Triceratons who need a mixture of nitrogen and sulfur - can move freely here without a breathing apparatus.

The natives of the Nexus live as in medieval Japan, but also wear masks male or face painting femalewhich are based on the earthly Japanese kabuki tradition. The Battle Nexus is achieved primarily through a ritual in which various mystical symbols are drawn in Mamma Mia - A*Teens - The ABBA Generation circle on a vertical surface and a meditative chant is sung.

This will open a gate instead of the symbols, through which you simply have to step through to get into the nexus. How exactly the Battle Nexus was developed, is not known. It is likely that the Ultimate Daimyo, with the help of the Mystic War Staff, was the first to open a gate to the Nexus and enter it. He opened this place for himself Lost Times - Splynter - The Battle the Firewalker - Korpus - II (File) of his life: To create Lost Times - Splynter - The Battle fighting arena in which the most diverse participants from all possible worlds should compete against each other for the honor of the competition.

Once there, they learned that Splinter was in fact the previous champion of the competition, as had his own master Hamato Yoshi before him. While competing, the Turtles had to unfoil a plot conceived by the Ultimate Ninja - the son of the Daimyo - and Splinter's old rival, the evil dragon named Drako. The two had attempted to steal the Daimyo's staff and using it to rule the galaxies.

Eventually, however, they were defeated. The Big Brawl. There, they must fight the two villains once again, but thanks to the Time Scepter of Lord Simultaneousthey prevailed.

The Real Good Hair (Interlude) - OutKast - Stankonia, Part 2. The Battle Nexus was formed as a peaceful solution to the bloody tournament previously held as seen in the end of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Annual.

At the first appearance of the Nexus, these games were implemented by Nielithe leader of the Dimensional Council, as uncompromising gladiatorial combat. Only the efforts of the TurtlesRenet and the warrior Baltizar put an end to these cruel games and lead to the banishment of Nieli.

The battles in the Battle Nexus Tournament are:. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. This article is about place. You may be looking for the game. Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.


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  1. D'Jinn was defeated by Splinter in the preliminary round of the tournament. The Ninja Turtles witnessed the fight but did not know it was part of the tournament. After the fight it was D'Jinn who informed the turtles about Splinters history in the Battle Nexus.
  2. Sep 05,  · After a week or so of weather delays, on the morning of June 28, , nine ships from Parker’s squadron loosened their sails, cruised from their anchorage in Five Fathom Hole off Morris Island, and dropped anchors in two parallel battle lines abreast of the fort and approximately yards off Sullivan’s Island.
  3. Dec 12,  · It leads to a surprising conclusion about where the heart of the battle was fought, and why William won and Harold lost.
  4. or to lose the battle but win the war phrase If you say that someone has lost the battle, but won the war, you mean that although they have been defeated in a small conflict they have won a larger, more important one of which it was a part.
  5. Welcome to Splinter Fleet, a web site devoted exclusively to the wooden SC Subchaser, the smallest commissioned warship of the U. S. Navy during World Wars I and II.. Over 40, men served on subchasers in World War II, and in those days the word “Subchaser” was as familiar to the folks at home as the words “PT Boat,” “Tin Can Destroyer,” “Liberty Ship” and “Jeep Carrier.”.
  6. Shredder agrees but at the end of the battle, Shredder stabs Splinter in the back (literally). The turtles hold him one last time before they, Casey and April flee with Fugitoid, as he arrives at the very last moment in a spaceship as Earth is sucked into a black ladoramoonshaperarashakar.infoinfod by: Kevin Eastman, Peter Laird.

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