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I Beg You My Sweet - Various - Azerbaidjan / Turkmenistan

Label: Le Chant Du Monde - LDX 74008,Мелодия - C90 23257 001,Мелодия - MEL 23257-23258 • Series: Voyage En URSS - 8 • Format: Vinyl LP, Compilation • Country: France • Genre: Folk, World, & Country • Style: Folk
Download I Beg You My Sweet - Various - Azerbaidjan / Turkmenistan

Missing Presumed Dead - Roger Waters - The Wall (Blu-ray, Album) am confused, where does the Original Research tag apply. POV is one thing, and you can argue exactly where you believe the infringemnet took place, but the original research header seems unwarranted.

If anything this article has too many sources as some editors questioned every other sentence here. I am in doubt that when someone says "Molodvans" he most probably refers to inhabitants of Principality of Moldova. And this should be the topic of this article. Historical Moldovans, if someone dares to write something meaningless for a change from political bickeringis a matter of a seoparate article.

Are Moldovans recognized as a minority outside the former Soviet Union? Dpotop12 June Everyday - Buddy Holly - Greatest Hits. My question is simple, not complicated: Are there countries, outside the ex-USSR, that have, in their censuses, persons recorded as Moldovans?

Something should be clear by now: the traditional I Beg You My Sweet - Various - Azerbaidjan / Turkmenistan which should actually be rendered as "Moldavian" for what concerns the historical term and the Romanian regionwas by no means an ethnical definition, in the same way "Belgian" is not an ethnical definition.

Because: 1. However, the modern variant claims that "Moldovan" is an ethnical definition hence its paradoxes. In this context, implying that Moldovans and I Beg You My Sweet - Various - Azerbaidjan / Turkmenistan are the same from a Romanian perspective takes a lot of sophistry as well.

The problem with Moldovan nationalism is that it wants to be everything it can be without being Romanian it's like a pickpocket, in the sense that it will only do certain things when it is sure not everybody is paying attention. Now, I consider ethnic identity in general to be the product of 19th century propaganda among the lumpenproletarians, and in all cases including a lot of unreasonable mythology yes, I Beg You My Sweet - Various - Azerbaidjan / Turkmenistan include Romanianness in my assessement ; the main issue herehowever, is that the Moldovan identity uses several devices meant for vey different purposes.

I have no problem with people considering themselves Moldovan, and presumably or for sure indicating that they take this to mean " not Romanian" since they are not retarded, as Dpotop and Dapiks would have us believe ; I have a problem with theorists of Moldovenism who are never held accountable for their paralogisms which may or may not be endorsed by other Moldovans, which have no consequence on Moldova's independence, which add nothing to the debate, but which certainly implicate things Moldovans do not have a monoply on.

Live From Rock Bottom - Dert Floyd* - Eclipse13 June UTC. I see that my simple question sparked an interesting discussion, but my intent is far simpler: If only ex-USSR states recognize the Moldovan minority not the Moldavian one, which is a Romanian denominationthen the article should state it.

I have been challenged over the US and Brazil censuses. For the US, I brought proof. For Brazil, I reject the comparison for 2 reasons:.

For the present time I have nothing to say except that I will read about it and I will try to contribute in the future. Thanks again for invitation Dahn. I have to show you these [2] [3] exquisite piece of Pridnestrovian propaganda. I'm citing:. I also suggest this page [4]and especially the questions "Are you communists? Dpotop13 June UTC. The Statistical Yearbook mentions that Moldovans and Romanians received asylum green cards betweenthat Moldovans and Romanians entered the US in on study visas, that Moldovans and Romanians resided in the US in on H-1B visas.

To say that they're recognized only in the former USSR would be misleading. False, the link you give contains non-official data. I provided the official data from census. Regarding Moldovans as Romanians has been the official policy of the US for a long period. It refers to people who were allowed to settle imigrantes regularizados in Brasil, but have remined citizens of other countries. The lead I Beg You My Sweet - Various - Azerbaidjan / Turkmenistan is obviously citzenship, and there is no indication of what they decalre themselves.

All other variants of the word Moldovan in Portuguese, coupled with "Brasil" and "censo", do not show any results. Flight Of The Pteradactyl - Various - Sacred Sites is really getting ridiculous.

So now we have pictures eh? Well sorry to distrub the Neo- Stalinist Commie camp but first of all this article is about a debate on the Moldovan ethnicity and if there is onenot an ethnic group per se.

Second of all even if Moldovans were an ethnic group, Stephan the Great is not an ethnic Moldovan since he lived in a time way before nationalism came about. Cebotari considered herself a Romanian and so did Mihai Eminescu after all it is he who wrote "Noi suntem Romani si Punctum! It is bad enough when some try to make this article seem to suggest that fore sure there are Moldovans and they are nothing like Romanians, but its getting over the top when you take the national heroes of one country and you present them as being the heroes of another country, which the same people claim that have nothing to do with Romania in the first place.

Which one is it commarades? You can't have it both Adest Fideles - Bing Crosby & Rosemary Clooney - White Christmas. Dapiks13 June UTC. Rotaru and Maria Bieshu are clearly acceptable. They bost self-identify in interviews as ethnic Moldavians even if according to some here such group "doesn't exist".

Anyway, their self-identification is sufficient while the issue whether this is a separate ethnicity or not is a separate one and unconnected.

Their images are also rather well-known and are associated with Moldova, no doubt. I will write a Bieshu stub. So, no need to write it. Sorry if again messed up the transliteration from cyrillic. For what it's worth, in the ethnicity mosaic, I used only people from the modern day Rep. Moldova to avoid ambiguity. These people are Moldovans in every definition, while Rotaru, for example, is not.

Can anyone write a historical article about the population of "Tara Moldoveneasca"? I mean "tara moldoveneasca" I dn't have diacritics on my computer. Are you guys romanians or what? I want it started from letopisetul tarii moldovei or even earlier. I am surprized you wrote three archives of this talk pages and nothing about the quoting the intro: "native population of the lands that corresond to the former Principality of Moldavia".

There exists a History of Moldovawhich is trouble in itself, because the article treats the unification of and the soviet republic in the same article, and suggesting some form of continuity. How could you continue from the Unification win Romania to today's Rep. Dpotop14 June UTC. I am not talking about political entity. I am I Beg You My Sweet - Various - Azerbaidjan / Turkmenistan talking about Romanian ethnos. I am talking about Moldoveni.

Let me give you an example which is IMO somewhat similar, but sufficiently remote topic to avoid political overtones. There is an exticnt ethnos of Prussians. We know very little about them. Yet we have separate articles about NotangiansScalviansetc. Notice the similarity: like Moldovans they are named after the geographical locations.

All of them are Prussians, but they have separate articles. IMO Moldovans historical deserve a summary article. Your objection is that everything is already written elsewhere. But how an ignorant person can fish out all this information from a dozen of places? The alphabet is still in use in transnistria and in wikipedia. Check your facts before reverting, please. It is far from being antiquated. You are probably confusing it with Romanian Cyrillic alphabet. If you think that I am "playing games", Mikkalai, have the curtesy on informing yourself on what this is about.

It matters SHIT that it is used in Transnistria, since it was proven just above that Transnistria has no claim to Moldovan ancestry, in the Tough Life - Wayne Arnold - Tough Life words of Transnistia - getting it in the Moldovan Cyrillic alphabet in there is thus equivalent to getting it in French or Armenian or Korean. Do not mock my goodwill by saying I am playing games, especially since the Cyrillic reference is actually the result of such a game: if you believe that it is essential to the text, why the hell wasn't it in there before?

It's kinda like that "multi-cultural nation" thing on Moldova. And if you believe that its use is that relevant, why don't you go to articles on all Bruce Parham - Dwell Together concepts and add the Cyrillic and unofficial version?! I'm going to add back "antiquated", for reasons which should be clear to anyone by now.

Dahn14 June UTC. Ok, nice talk. When you reach an agreement, would you mind explaining to me the sense of the cryptical self-naming in Moldovan and name in Romanian? Do you imply that somehow the Moldovans should call themselves Bessarabians? This issue is meaningful here because User:Constantzeanu has been banned for editing here. Given my experience on wikipedia, his edits do not justify a block.

Mikka, according to Wikipedia:Blocking policy Controversial blocksyou should be willing to discuss the motives of you blocking User:Constantzeanu. So, I will ask you to explain why you did it, and how your reasons fit into the accepted reasons for blocking, listed I Beg You My Sweet - Various - Azerbaidjan / Turkmenistan Wikipedia:Blocking policy When blocks may be used.

User:Constantzeanu is blocked for repeated insults of the opponents. It was not just a slip of tongue like, a person may emotionally say "it is shit", as we see it in the previous section it was an intentional well-thought and lovely phrased long-lasting insult.

It is not an expression of an opposing view on the text of the article. It is an inflammatory expression. Such behavior is certainly disruptive and is never tolerated in wikipedia. You may take this case to arbitration and see what happens.

In spain the idea of National identity is quite troublesome and it led I Beg You My Sweet - Various - Azerbaidjan / Turkmenistan the introduction of a semi federal system whereby central power has been asymetrically devolved to regions.


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