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Paper Non-Stop - Various - So Fresh Clothing Presents: Quit Hatin On The Bay: Crushing The Block Ed

Label: Town Thizzness - 2010-4 • Format: CD Compilation DVD Compilation • Country: US • Genre: Hip Hop • Style: Gangsta, Hyphy
Download Paper Non-Stop - Various - So Fresh Clothing Presents: Quit Hatin On The Bay: Crushing The Block Ed

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Powers That Shouldn't Be [Worm]. Thread starter billymorph Start date Sep 12, First Prev 5 of 72 Go to page. Reader mode. We all know Taylor is just gonna lose.

Heck, she did lose. Myst is a goddamn liar and an idiotic asshole. It's not compelled to help anyone but itself in gathering more info and create more conflict. Taylor is barely excused for even interacting with Myst instead of just ignoring it.

It offers nothing but manipulations. The Richmaster said:. This was a great follow-up; I think that this might be one of the best confrontations between Sophia and Taylor that I've read, I especially liked how Sophia was pretty much forced to acknowledge the weakness of her argument. Myst's reaction to that line was particularly interesting too. NarutardPotter said:. With Kid Win in his civilian ID. Maybe they're both at the Boardwalk, or in Fuglys separately at tables next to each other.

Leetha said:. I am loving babel. It's like broadcast, only more overt and works both ways. It's glorious! Now, as for who I want to see, I would like to see Panacea and Glory Girl's shards at the same time, as well as her meeting a case 53 or someone who got cauldron powers and freak out when she sees a dead power for the first time.

Finally, I would love to see if she can talk to Endbringers. Ack said:. Wtf did she think she was doing? Coming to Taylor's house, getting caught coming to Taylor's house, then yammering on about stuff only someone who knows about Winslow would say.

Also, shooting a sharp arrow past her head, into the doorframe? That's asking Taylor to grab it, take it into the PRT and tell them where she got it. You're handing her the clues on a plate, you fucking moron. This isn't just Sophia being careless, it's Sophia juggling several idiot balls at once. And yet, I still can't say this is out of character for her.

Thozmp said:. Please please please, tell me that Shadow Stalker left the bolt there. Just that stupid little detail one forgets when their mind is full of anger and just a swirl with thoughts, and leaving it behind without thinking. Because I want Taylor to be able to call the authorities with fucking proof. NarutardPotter Have a nice Festival of Light. Banned - Sock. Poorly defined just means more room for you to play. Alas, Sophia grabbed it on her way out.

Hiding the evidence is a long established habit for her. There's an interestingly shaped hole that Danny will ask Taylor about in about a month, but she'll claim ignorance and he'll eventually conclude it was a woodpecker that got confused.

Hoping she can steal some friends or do more than talk to them. Here's hoping Sophia gets hers. Laird Deimos Mostly Fresh Meat. Aw, thanks Richmaster that's great to hear. As for Sophia's hype, I think it's canon that Shadow Stalker took a shot at nearly all the villains during her vigilante days. She didn't succeed but then she never said that she beat them Hmm, Kid Win is a tough one. He's quite sparsely characterised and his power pretty poorly defined. I'll have to think about that one.

Glad you're having fun I don't think you'll have to wait long for Panacea and GG. GG's power is next on my list. Eden shards will be fun, no spoilers but let's say they're not as dead as Cauldron likes to think. Oh yeah, if there was one word to describe Sophia it's definitely arrogant. Sophia being dumb Paper Non-Stop - Various - So Fresh Clothing Presents: Quit Hatin On The Bay: Crushing The Block Ed actually one of those bits I was worried about for this chapter, whether what she does actually make sense for a girl who's outsmarted Taylor at every turn so far.

But in a weird way it doesn't really matter to Sophia what Taylor does. Unless Taylor really is a parahuman, and if Fire - Various - XXXPerience Brasil (DVD) was Sophia could have spun the story such that Taylor was the aggressor, then there's no risk.

Any complaint Taylor makes is her word against a Ward's and we know how that's Slaver - Wolfcow - 1917 Zone. Even if Taylor figures out she's Shadow Stalker, so what?

No one has ever believed Taylor before, and if she goes to the PRT then she's going to be forced to sign an NDA then shown the door, not be asked to spearhead an investigation. For Sophia, it was all reward and no risk, even if Taylor got the better of her in the war of words.

Much sadness to be had. Still, I do kinda want to see Sophia mulling over the fact that Taylor is literally out of options in regards to her bullies.

There is no way for her to "be strong" that doesn't immediately result in getting smacked down. There is no victory condition anymore, and possibly has never been. Edit: Mind you, I'd still like to see Taylor just plant a knife in Sophia's kidney. Last edited: Sep 20, Yeah, Sophia says she can get away with it, but there's no way the 'new master cape' defense will work since Sophia just up amd left, plus there's a gouge taken out of the doorframe from a crossbow bolt at head height.

ToNotBe said:. Prince Charon Just zis guy, you know? Besides Ich Will - MC Bogy - Vom Kilo Zum Mikro - Gastparts 1 gouge, Terzo Movimento: Adagio Molto E Cantabile; Andante Moderato; Adagio (Parte Prima) - Beethoven*, Char no other proof, and it's not necessarily the only explanation.

Hell, maybe even accuse her of a frame-up. More importantly, Taylor trusting authority to side with her over one of their own? After the locker treatment? Hmm, Kid Win is a tough one. Robe Unlucky Underpaid and an insomniac. Matsci Grash itsh griah! Rwar arr rawrrawrarar! Robe said:. Can you hear me yeah? Taylor didn't quite know what to say even with the yellow lego head this guy still seemed tired and sad she Paper Non-Stop - Various - So Fresh Clothing Presents: Quit Hatin On The Bay: Crushing The Block Ed her mouth then closed it looking around to make sure nobody in the Time Bomb - Various - I Dont Want To Be Ashamed Anymore would hear her talking to him.

Taylor Raised an eyebrow at that she didn't think powers could hate their host let alone want to kill them but she just considered herself lucky and ate her burger quietly interjecting once and awhile into the private show that had been made of the two tinker shards heated argument over who had it Paper Non-Stop - Various - So Fresh Clothing Presents: Quit Hatin On The Bay: Crushing The Block Ed "this cycle" whatever that means. Hometruck said:. See, this raises an interesting Paper Non-Stop - Various - So Fresh Clothing Presents: Quit Hatin On The Bay: Crushing The Block Ed. There literally must be at least one aspect of Taylor's power that we don't know, because the power displayed thus far doesn't have any use for conflict, and is, therefore, not a power that would be allowed to be handed out.

Matsci said:. Once it figured out that Taylor can understand powers? It's going to be harassing her non-stop to tell Kid Win what his specialty is, so it can get some more use. On a completely unrelated note, I wonder what Eden shards look like to Taylor's cape sight, seeing as they are dead and all? Zombie versions of the powers? She'll run into one eventually, give how many are in Brockton Bay.


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