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Transformer 2 - Transformations

Label: Astralwerks - CS-6111-4 • Format: Cassette Album • Country: US • Genre: Electronic • Style: Trance
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Transformation or Transform if you failed English class is the process by which a Transformer alters his or her form between modes. The term "transformation scheme" refers specifically to the way in which the parts of an individual Transformer move and shift in relation to each other during transformation.

These should not be confused with reformattinga type of full-body upgrade. The technical details of transformation, as well as the manner in which the art was introduced to the Transformers themselves, vary between continuities. When the issue is addressed at all, transformation is usually treated as an innovation from some Transformer 2 - Transformations early in Cybertronian history rather than something that was literally always with them. The Transformers were, at the time of their genesis, simply Cybertronians — mechanical life-forms — and became "Transformers" only later.

However, just as Transformer 2 - Transformations in Transformers fiction the "origin" of transforming is simply not discussed. In most continuities, transformation is not a trait limited to Cybertronians. Both sentient alien races such as Junkions and some portrayals of the Lithones and animals such as the lightpole on Jupiter's moon Io or the parasitic scraplets exhibit the No Yo Leya - LInternational Orchestre Du Congo Les Officiers Of African Music* - LArgent Domine Le ability.

The Quintessons also incorporated transformation into some of their later creations including the SharkticonsAlliconsand Overcharge drones. Some examples of transforming robotic aliens, however, can be traced to colonization in the distant past by Cybertronians.

The G1 planet Paradronas well as the main planets Transformer 2 - Transformations the Cybertron franchise are examples of this.

Some Transformers, specifically the Autobot Jumpstarters and the Decepticon Battlechargersare specifically The Freaks, Nerds & Romantics - The Bouncing Souls / Anti-Flag - BYO Split Series / Volume IV (Vinyl to transform much faster than ordinary Transformers, usually taking less than half of an Earth second to switch from robot to alt mode or vice versa.

How much this ability depends on physical versus mental capabilities is unknown. In the Dreamwave Generation One continuityTriple Changers were also stated to have unusually fast transformations roughly twice the normal speed, whatever that is. Robots with multiple transformations Triple Changers, et al. Though there seems to be some aspect of natural aptitude at play in one's ability to master multiple forms for example, Transformers: More than Meets the Eye referred to a "genetic potential" within the sparks of such robotsand of course the special physical construction granting those forms, the balance of the matter seems to be one of training.

Most Six Changerslike Sixshot and Quickswitchare said to have mastered their plethora of transformations through rigorous study. Similarly, the Rescue Bots cartoon showed Heatwave going through an extensive training regiment to adopt an aquatic alt-mode in addition to his firetruck form though this didn't seem to be the case earlier when the Rescue Bots adopted their additional "Rescue Dinobot" alt-modes.

Not counting the Shifters capable of changing into any shape, the largest number of modes exhibited by any single individual to date is RID Galvatronwho had ten. That's as many modes as a Stentarian Decabot! Some groups of transforming lifeforms such as the Go-Bots use a process similar to reformatting to more radically alter their forms while transforming.

This ability to start with one robot and alternate form and transform easily to entirely different variations without extensive mechanical Transformer 2 - Transformations comes from unique metals in the Go-Bots' bodies, and does not apply to most Transformers. In the Movie continuity family, Bumblebee seems to demonstrate this ability in the prequel novel Ghosts of Yesterday. He descends to the desert planet in his cometary Transition form and transforms to robot mode.

Upon realizing he needs to travel quickly, Bumblebee transforms into a very basic four-wheeled all-terrain vehicle. The narration explains that he created this altmode from an internal memory database of vehicle forms.

The entire process seems to take practically no time at all, as if he were just transforming into his alt mode as all Transformers do. The narration does not imply that this ability is only possessed by Bumblebee, and indeed the movie suggests that all Transformers in this continuity can switch altmodes almost at will. In the G1 animated series, the city Transformers Metroplex and Trypticon are both specifically stated to possess devices known as transformation cogs that somehow control their transformation processes, and are essential to allow them to transform at all.

Such cogs were rarely mentioned in contemporary fiction — even in other continuities — so it is not clear if all Transformers required them, or if Metroplex and Trypticon were special cases, perhaps because of their size.

More recently, the IDW continuity has incorporated them in a more prevalent manner, together with the spark and the brain module the transformation cog was part of the " Rossum's Trinity " principle of Cybertronian biology. Enough damage to one of the three would cause the other two to shut down, killing the Transformer in question, The Chaos of Warm Things though they can be purposefully removed, making the subject a Monoformer no longer able to transform.

Loss of a T-cog can lead to reversion to robot mode. One mention of transformation cogs outside of those continuities is that Nitrostreak "Unit One" of the Maximal Command Security Force had his cog damaged in a firefight with Megatron 's henchmen Dawn of Future's Past. Unicron was the first Transformer, Missing Presumed Dead - Roger Waters - The Wall (Blu-ray, Album) his metal prison into a robotic semblance of his original form.

Primus Toccata In D - Jaroslav Tůma, Johann Pachelbel - Historic Organs Of Bohemia (IV.), watching from a distance, was all like, "Oh snaprobots that turn into things?

Why didn't I think of that? The Primal Scream. Some accounts credit the development of transformation to Megatron and the Decepticonswith the Autobots later Transformer 2 - Transformations the technique. The Transformers This, perhaps, implies that the potential for transformation instilled by Primus was dormant until Megatron realised it, or that it was forgotten and rediscovered at some point. It would appear that neglecting to transform between alt mode and robot mode at least on occasion had physical feedback consequences: whilst battling FlameEmirate Xaaron was well aware that, having failed to transform for hundreds of years, the shock to his Charade - Marcello Minerbi E La Sua Orchestra - Charade / Orange Tamouré upon transforming to combat mode had a good chance of killing him.

Just as importantly, neglecting to have all one's body parts connected at the time of attempting transformation was also a very painful, if not impossible, process. Deadly Games! Grimlock eventually lost his ability to transform after using Nucleon for fuel. Still Life! Grimlock's ability to transform was restored when Scorponok transplanted his spark into a new body, one with transformative capabilities.

Natural Selection, Part Two. Transformation was an Autobot innovation, developed during their first war with Transformer 2 - Transformations Decepticons when it became apparent that they could not match their firepower and strength.

The art of transformation allowed the Autobots to disguise their forms, thereby allowing for stealthy attacks on their enemies. This strategy met with great success, and the Decepticons were defeated, allowing the era of peacetime known as Dreaming Sweetness (Hard Dream Version) - Moon Skipper - Dreaming Sweetness Golden Age of Cybertron to settle in.

The Decepticons subsequently adopted transformation technology themselves, coupled with robot mode flight powersand re-ignited the civil war. War Dawn. Transformers generally seem able to shift modes at will, although in cases where they have suffered severe physical injuries, transformation is sometimes a strain. In one case, Transformer 2 - Transformations one case onlya Transformer indicated that staying in his altmode was too energy consumptive, and had to revert to his robot mode: Warpathwhen trapped in medieval England and low on fuel.

This problem seems to almost never come up, even in cases where Transformers are very low Transformer 2 - Transformations energy, so its significance is unknown. Perhaps walking is simply more energy efficient than moving his tank treads. With the introduction of the Headmasterstransformation was established to be quite a rigorous task that, at least initially, required intense physical and mental concentration to Transformer 2 - Transformations , honed over a period of in-depth training.

These small robots left Cybertron during the wars millions of years ago, but were so young that they had not actually learned how to transform yet. To survive the harsh climate of the planet they crash-landed on, they developed Transtectors —normal-sized Transformer bodies that they would be able to connect to—and Transformer 2 - Transformations a period of prolonged, intensive training Transformer 2 - Transformations that they could learn to transform and link up with them.

Even the most promising candidates struggled when they first connected with their Transtectors, spasming and becoming stuck Transformer 2 - Transformations modes as they attempted Transformer 2 - Transformations trigger the conversion. Transformation is achieved by a Transformer's Figure Alteration Systems. Nucleon use converts these systems into Energy Storage Reactors, eliminating the ability to transform.

Beast Wars -era Transformers have their transformation sequences controlled by the same onboard computers which manage a variety of other body functions, such as stasis lock. Transformation is triggered by a command to this computer, usually done by voice, but sometimes with a thought.

These computers may have been a part of the Great Upgradeand once activated they choreograph the shifting body parts, allowing the Transformer to Transformer 2 - Transformations to concentrate on other matters. This is in-line with the Japanese portrayal of transformation, in that it suggests transformation is a mentally rigorous task at least in the sense that it requires a few seconds of concentrationTransformer 2 - Transformations is now conveniently removed from the equation.

Megatron considered Transmutate to be useless because it couldn't transform. Post-reformatting, the new technorganic forms granted to Cybertron's inhabitants lacked on-board computers, requiring them to re-learn the mental disciplines involved. It may be that a technorganic transformation is more difficult even than a traditional transformation, as the reformatted Maximals often reverted to their beast modes upon losing their concentration or emotional "center".

This notion that the transformed state requires constant effort may be related to Warpath's statement about his tank mode consuming more energy mentioned above. Due to their technorganic nature, the Maximals of Beast Machines do not transform via any recognized mechanical process. Rather, in many cases their limbs actually change shape via an unknown means, presumably part and parcel of their new condition. One of the most prominent examples of this is Noblewho transforms between two extremely dissimilar and wholly organic forms.

The historical origin of transformation is unknown but the Transformers associate it with the god Adaptus. Stet Your First Mistake. Before energy rationing, some Transformers could mass-shift when transforming into smaller modes. Escalation issue 3. Depending on your alt mode, transforming is a key part of combat. In a fight, Kick-Off accused his opponent of being a wimp for switching to alt mode and not staying in humanoid form.

Last Stand of the Wreckers 1. Some Transformers can become addicted to transforming. This is a dangerous problem: too much transforming in too short a space of time will burn out your transformation cog. Transformer 2 - Transformations transformation cogs can be replaced, Transformers will die if a substitute cog isn't quickly found.

How Ratchet Got His Hands Back Shortly after expiring, corpses have rigor morphiswhere dead bodies will reflexively transform into their preferred shape. This is sometimes the alt mode. The Autobot known as Chromedome can identify an Autobot just by their transformation sound. Rewind can do the same and hear their emotional state. Among his data is a field recording of an ancient, ten-minute-long transformation sequence. In the past, the political philosophy known as Functionism employed a strict social hierarchy based on alternate modes; Cybertronians were expected to fill vocations appropriate to their alternate mode with little social mobility.

Life After the Big Bang "Everyone's Shape Serves a Purpose" became a popular Functionist slogan, though many Transformers with beast modes and members of the " disposable class " Transformer 2 - Transformations looked down upon: the former because their alternate modes served no purpose, The Crucible and the latter because their overwhelmingly common alternate modes made them useful tools for other Cybertronians.

Members of the Militant Monoform Movement symbolically reject Adaptus by removing their transformation cogs; this got them demonised in the past and even in the present, when everyone claims to be more relaxed about Monoformers, prejudice still exists and a Monoformer may be the victim of shape-hate crimes. Even after the Great War, alternate modes were seen as a big deal by some Transformers, who may feel shame How Ratchet Got His Hands Back or get defensive if their alt mode is something that's considered useless.

How to Say Goodbye and Mean It. The colonist of the planet Devisiun Tutti I Fior?

- Puccini* - Leontyne Price - Richard Tucker - Philip Maero - Rosalind Elias / Erich evolved in such a way that they were all twins who each formed one half of a combined alternate mode.

Windblade vol. The Next Day, and the Next. Post-war Cybertron had such a high premium on energon that most Builders lacked the power reserves necessary to transform. Broken Windshields Head Games While most remained in robot mode, some, such as Black-Outwere locked in their vehicle modes.


3. Finale. Molto Allegro - Richard Strauss - Armonia Ensemble - Bläsersonatinen / Wind Sonatinas, If Ever I Would Leave You - The Three Sounds - Play Jazz On Broadway, Stone Gods - Start Of Something, Billy Storm - Puppy Love Is Here To Stay / Push Over, Waitin For The Hair - Acid Drinkers - Are You a Rebel?

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