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Arnold-Willy - Various - Mini-Krautrock

Label: Mini-Drivers Records - MD001c • Format: Cassette Compilation • Country: Netherlands • Genre: Electronic, Rock • Style: Illbient, Post Rock, Indie Rock, Experimental, Ambient
Download Arnold-Willy - Various - Mini-Krautrock

After being pinned against the bar by a high volume slice-n-dice of ragged and bendy chunk rock, I purchased "Blindman"their Infectious Records debutat the merchandise stand and hurried home to bathe in its supercharged avalanche of reinvented hardcore power and mini-melodies topped off with that strangely alluring noise Matt Bagguley made to disguise the fact that he couldn't sing.

More was required so I ran out and bought the two double-A 7"s on the Derby-based Krunch! Produced by John Robb, and sounding like it, "Downlift.

With distortion and shouting. Around this time, the band ran into Oasis at Rockfield recording studios and sparked a fight between the Gallagher brothers when a drunk Darius was asked for his opinion of the new Oasis album and treated everyone to the reply: "it sounds like the Beatles It was in all the papers.

Except for the bit about Cable, which reflected the amount of press they'd get all the way through. Having used up all the old material, it was time to record a grown-up, proper, album for the new label and thus, with new drummer Richie Mills, to "When animals Arnold-Willy - Various - Mini-Krautrock released in and preceded by "Whisper firing line" both produced to great effect by full-time lunatic visionary Kramer after a Arnold-Willy - Various - Mini-Krautrock internet connection was made.

Kramer added silence to the band's sound, "Whisper. The release of the album coincided with support from Kerrang! A sequence of cleverly packaged, coloured vinyl singles followed and singularly failed to make an impression on the record-buying public despite constant touring. Interviewed in Robots. The run of releases ended with a 6-track e. The album itself is another evolutionary step along their art-rock road with a thicker mix and real singing but still plenty of the lurch and surge, the twinned anti-melodic riffs and squeals, drumming from a man who has obviously spent too much time in thrash bands and the lock-down bass.

With hindsight, perhaps you can even feel a sense of foreboding and anxiety too. It's unlikely that this record would've made them stars, but it would've been nice to find out. Instead, for Cable, it's the end of the line. The kind of minimalism that DJ Vadim sculpts so well Top notch crackling distort pop that's having a hard time losing it's "Hole" tag, and understandably so.

Highlights: The Quackle tackles "This town ain't big enough for both of us" faithfully enough and with a bit of a spark but can't hold a candle to Egnekn's Daughter who play toys and kitchenware as an 8-year-old sings the eminently suitable lyrics to "Those mysteries" in her own sweet time.

The Wonder Boys clatter through "When do I get to sing my way" in a Glitter Band meets Mud rush and, best of the lot, Collider's gabba theatricality, Lydonesque sneer and Casio camp steal the show on "Something for the girl with everything" which is pretty much the only track Arnold-Willy - Various - Mini-Krautrock here that captures the archly eccentric edge and abandon that Sparks displayed at their peak.

It's over the top, kitchen sink pop and so much more than a respectful cover. As new reviewer Jyoti might say: buy it if you're a Sparks fan, Sgocciolio N.

1 - Franco Potenza - Vita E Lavoro NellAcqua buy it if you're not. The Beta Band, The Beta Band Regal CD "The Beta Band rap" is both a stylised autobiography of the band to date and a manifesto for the future, flitting as it does between warped barber shop vocal, hip hop and rock'n'roll as the short history is related at the front end of this album. It's easy to see where the Beasties and Beck comparisons have come fromwho else changes hats so often and with such maverick glee, such restless impatience to move on again and such convincing authenticity?

The Swap Shop approach continues across the other nine tracks too: lazy soul psychedelia, primitive electro, summery Bonzo- pop, a b-boy bouillabaise of old-school samples Arnold-Willy - Various - Mini-Krautrock a drawling rap, cheery dub, shuffle beat mantra, marathon Carpenter film score creepiness and cyclic, breathy choral drone The band say that they're not happy with the album and that all they're interested in is "groove and funk" but that can't be the whole story.

I mean, Cameo never sounded this good. Wadzim Ykhnevich CD A Russian busking on the Berlin U-Bahn during a week's holiday is discovered by a passing Frenchman and they spend 3 nights recording an album's worth of Russian folk songs including some originals on acoustic guitar and accordion. As Arnold-Willy - Various - Mini-Krautrock Rognin, the Frenchman, says: " Remixed by Jyoti Mishra as four-on-the-floor Bong Load - Ringo Deathstarr - Gods Dream and by the Cuban Boys as scores-on-the-doors disco.

Various, Soundclash EP Soundclash 12" This sampler for the forthcoming "Undo" comp features four cuts for the alternative dancefloor and I'm not talking your local pub's student night. Dr Walker and M. Flux perpetrate a deep electro and throaty Barry White groovecrime, Speedranch Arnold-Willy - Various - Mini-Krautrock Jansky Noise roil like clouds over the North Sea in a surge of distortion, Triumph reprise "Oscillate" from their EP series of last year we loved it, see Robots.

From France. It's aggressive, inventive, twisted pop songs, distantly related to, although less schizophrenic than, the Evil Superstars and not afraid to stick a few bars of whatever takes their fancy in, whenever it takes their fancy.

Tendrils, Soaking red Gold Hole 7" Part number 4 in the Gold Hole story, Tendrils are the Billy Joe Country Explosion, an intensely spartan, menacing version of Smog where weird feedback and overtones are woven into the backwards, backwoods Hicksville semi-acoustics and disturbing lyrics. There's a chap called Dorian Taj doing stuff not dissimilar if you're looking for more. Pop Unknown's "Sunday gone" is a slowed-down pop song with thick guitars, buried vocals and a little toy synth.

Almost Grandaddy, in fact. Sunfactor drop the synths, add a bit more tune and sound not unlike a tardy Bob Tilton. But don't spend too long on it, we all know genre boundaries are Arnold-Willy - Various - Mini-Krautrock futile defence of the narrow-minded.

Billy Mahonie show that it's the tunes that count with this post-hardcore ha ha ha! The dynamism of hardcore is generated with a wider palette, finer brushes and the freedom that comes from abandoning the structural restrictions of verse and chorus and instead crafting minimalist instrumentals. There's no self-indulgence though, and there's always enough ideas and enough melody to keep the interest. For Tortoise fans with short attention spans.

They pack an album's worth of pop hooks, riffs, licks, middle-8s and bubblegum chorus into a shade over 2 minutes Arnold-Willy - Various - Mini-Krautrock somehow still manage to sound like the magical daydream that is the Shangri-Las if George 'Shadow' Morton had been into garage bands. The Shovels, Fantastic plastic generation Kinky Star CD Reign in your credibility for a moment and picture in your mind's ear this unholy union: the New Masters - Mans Assassination, Man* - The Big One stroke Johnny Cash bass line, scratchy indie guitar, Bob Dylan harmonica and two minute nonsense pop songs sung in English by Belgians decked out in full 's finery and recorded on primitive 's technology.

Disbelief still suspended, understand me when I say that these ingredients one of the records of the year make. It's by The Shovels, it features such lyrical genius as: "there's a hole in me pocket, all me money's over there" "Hole in me pocket" and "your cats are out on the street with their million zillion feet and, rodents, it ain't looking sweet" "The cat song" and it's naive, not quite Country of a kind that you've never heard before.

The Shovels. Can you dig it? Vlasmarkt 9, B, Gent, Belgium. The heights of neither are attained but a splendidly fresh mid-fi juxtaposition of minor chords, record scratching and the odd breakbeat with a wig-out ending is achieved and points to a bright future Arnold-Willy - Various - Mini-Krautrock both band and label.

Monkey Island, Monkey Island Ultra CD When you see the Arnold-Willy - Various - Mini-Krautrock words "produced by John Robb" in the credits you know two things: 1 the record is worth buying; 2 the record will be a crisp live recording with warts'n'all first-take spontaneity and drive. Oh yes, and 3 it'll rock like the proverbial mater This album is no exception, exploringas do contemporaries Penthousethe possibilities of a British Blues Explosion in drainpipes and brothel creepers with jagged guitars and real-life Cartoons quiffs.

Having established that base, "Psyche" steps out Arnold-Willy - Various - Mini-Krautrock a fractured slice-up of it. Each disc 3. Between these two, the opener and closer, Blue delve into their sequencer and slowly tease out six more break- and dub-led, uniformly mellow but funky as hell, instrumentals. Real quality material for late-night head nodders. Cracking stuff on their Wiiija debut. Snow Patrol, Starfighter pilot Jeepster 12" As a dog returns to its vomit, so a fool returns to his folly, to paraphrase the Bible.

Luckily, Snow Patrol are not fools or dogs and this is neither vomit nor folly, but it is about returning: Snow Patrol to their debut single. It was released when they were called Polar Bear and it's undoubtedly still their best effort today, a yawing, thick-edged, bright-eyed guitar sludge drone, exuberant nonsense of stellar quality. Fairfight (Friction Remix) - DJ Zinc - Drum&BassArena Burnett, Loops and lines CD No offence intended Bob, but the sleeve is not an invitation to play this mini-album, looking for all the world like "Session man plays his favourite technical classical guitar pieces.

Oh dear But then take a listen and prepare to be stunned as Stravinsky is sampled and looped then augmented by tastefully-applied picked guitar in an outlandish jazz fashion. And that's the M. Various, Defeated by technology Cripperty CD If Peel's tour of the provinces had made it to the Isle Arnold-Willy - Various - Mini-Krautrock Man, he could've done worse than drop into Cripperty for a cuppa and an overview of the island's music scene courtesy of this comp which displays plenty of variety and a somewhat incestuous personnel policy across its 18 tracks.

Highlights: moving acapella from Manx stalwart Mike Seed, cheesewire Albini-esque guitar shredding and noise in the form of El Gordo's "Flat hunting," the splendidly-named February Arse sounds like some seasonal bowl disorder let rip with a Syd Barretty wheeze of lo-fi psyche and Colon Loves Holiday - Earth, Wind & Fire - All N All and riff like distant cousins of Big Black while Capri supply Weddoes Wir Ham Noch Lange Nicht Genug - Böhse Onkelz - Nette Menschen - Nette Lieder electronics and Ohmeater dishes out spartan clankbeats.

Another cracking mangled bar brawl of six strings, Marlboro and the bottom of a whisky bottle, this time with a winsome merman on the cover. Starts off with the quite stunningly beautiful "Flicklife" which reminds me of John Carpenter's film stuff.

All of the stuff on here has been out before but it's good to have it all rubbing shoulders. I guess that also contributes to the variety there's also mixes by uZiq, Aphex and Autechre. Moody, sad elegaic, silly Paradinas noises, electro - it's all here. There's even a track "Flad" which sounds like prime Test Department till the bzangy noises come in.

Also check out the Rewind 12", it's humongous. Buy this album if you haven't got most of the originals and wish to follow the way of the groink. Don't buy it if you hate "bleepy bedroom shite.

It's a split release between their own Clever Legs label and Amberley and sees the Clamp simmering nicely on "Sop" and coming to the full Slinty boil on "Bosporus," an ebb and flow of propulsion and revulsion Haaard - Joseph F - Under Pressure, repetitive and even derivative but still stirring as it winds in tighter and tighter on itself, spirals of atune and coiled tension building Arnold-Willy - Various - Mini-Krautrock ultimately exploding.

By Coastal Cafe offer 3 tracks that are customarily short but marginally better recorded than their demo tapes have been. All 3 tracks inside 3 minutes. On the "Daffodil" tape there's more fragile magic, more fidelity-free charisma in the form of a song sketchbook. These 3 inside 90 seconds and utterly marvellous. The Flacco mix is quite guitarry but with a CP burbling its hi hats over the top.

Again, the whole effect is a bit Notwisty cos it's the same kind of Devoish chords. The last mix, by Bundy, is severely floaty and ambient at the start, all wispy guitar apreggios and soft maracas. But then the chocolate thunder strikes and it goes notch filter drum loopy Don't buy it if you're looking for classic two minute pop songs. Speaking of which It's a great comp, with a foreword by Eugene himself. Feeling, meaning, a sense Arnold-Willy - Various - Mini-Krautrock humour and grace.

I better stop now before someone mentions Bogshed again. Buy this album if you've ever pogoed in your bedroom. Don't buy it if you don't like songs about rudies and pubies. Jyoti Super Collider, It won't be long Loaded 12" A twisted pastiche of Prince croons as two horny hogs make noisy bacon and a methodical lumberjack chops down a very thick tree with a very blunt axe.

Remixes from Midfield General and Buckfunk Grind, Best of J-Bird CD Reviews of this album seem to have reached a concensus opinion that Grind are fans Yo Sigo Siendo Aquel - Raphael - Yo Sigo Siendo Aquel Paul Westerberg and it has to be said that there's plenty to support the view that the ex-Replacement would figure high Lijepa Fata - Rule I Grupa - Nervozni Poštar their list of musical heroes.


The Height Of The Fighting - Heaven 17 - 5 Classic Albums (Box Set, Album, Album, Album, Album, Albu, Hummingbird - Cat Stevens - Matthew And Son, Stone Cold - Minus Blue - Living Life In Phases, Aspirin - Various - Pif Parade

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  8. modifier Arnold et Willy (Diff'rent Strokes) est une série télévisée américaine en épisodes de 25 minutes, créée par Bernie Kukoff, Jeff Harris et Herbert Kenwith, diffusée entre le 3 novembre et le 4 mai sur le réseau NBC puis du 27 septembre au 7 mars sur le réseau ABC. En France, la série a été diffusée à partir du 3 octobre sur TF1.
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