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Living Shady (Radio Version) - Brown Boy - Livin Shady

Label: Aries Music Entertainment - PROMO 1007-05 • Format: CD Single, Promo • Country: US • Genre: Hip Hop • Style: G-Funk
Download Living Shady (Radio Version) - Brown Boy - Livin Shady

Tom, Good-morning, my friend. Thanks for stopping by first thing. I'm steadily making my rounds. It's a real juggle to keep it together this time of the year with the A to Z Challenge in gear but Living Shady (Radio Version) - Brown Boy - Livin Shady coming to an end soon. I can't believe April is almost gone, can you?

The only group I know by name is the Marvelettes. I'm sure I've heard some of these others and didn't know who they were. Thanks for bringing a smile to my face with the Jerry Blavat the Geater with the Heater show this morning. Have a great day, my friend!

Hi, Cathy! Thanks for coming over and claiming the early bird honor this time, dear friend. I'm pleased to see you! I agree the month of April and the A to Z Challenge are both racing by.

Maybe it's because we're having so much fun. I know I am thoroughly enjoying your artwork again this year. I'm happy to know The Geator introduced seven new-to-you songs on his program today. I try to make his play lists as authentic as possible. Killing Me Softly With His Song - Dino Siani - Antology 2 will include rarities that were local or regional hits on the East Coast but not widely known in other regions of the country.

That alternate version of the hit by The Marvelettes is quite a find. I never knew about it until a couple weeks ago. I vividly recall Jerry Blavat playing "Mighty Cloud of Joy" Property - The Kinks - State Of Confusion other disco records on the 70s version of his television show. Thanks again for tuning in, dear friend Cathy, and enjoy the rest of your week! Tom, You always introduced some great new old sounds to my ears.

It's friends like you who really expanded my mewsic education. I still have a long ways to go so keep it comin'! Thanks for all your visits this month during the A to Z Challenge, you're the best friend ever! You made my day with this acknowledgement, dear friend. Thank you! You and I continue to demonstrate the joy and satisfaction that come from a genuine friendship commitment.

I am supporting you every step of the way in your A to Z because you are a faithful friend to me, because I get a kick out of your purrsonality and Born To Be Blue - Grant Green, Sonny Clark - The Complete Blue Note Recordings Of Grant Green With S I honestly love your artwork. I am happy to introduce you to mewsic you missed.

In some cases it is mewsic I missed, too, and I am learning right along with you. Thanks again for your lovely comment, dear friend Cathy! Tom, Friendships in Blogosphere was something I banked on originally but it soon became clear that geniune friends like you were jewels wanting to be discovered and I'm so glad I got hooked on this social platform.

I've grown a lot learning many things and gained a wealth of new mewsic in the process that I'd otherwise might not know. Thank you again for loyality throughout this month while a2zing.

I haven't always been the best to get back here but I've tried. The pace sometimes leaves me dizzy and I forget what I do or don't do. I'll be taking the rest of the week off, as you know by now to regroup and to tend to DH after his dental surgery. The poor guy is Living Shady (Radio Version) - Brown Boy - Livin Shady the wore run with his teeth in recent years. My heart hurts for him.

The next time I visit you, it'll be a brand new month. Be well, my friend! I will Show Me - Willie Clayton - Feels Like Love thinking about DH and his oral surgery and wishing him the best. I hope you will take some time to rest and bask in the afterglow of another highly successful A to Z run. Thank you again for your friendship and support, Cathy. I'll see you in May!

Hi, Arleen! How are you doing, dear friend? First I want to thank you very much for dropping in last week and helping your Central Pennsylvania neighbor Kathleen Mae Schneider pay tribute to her mother Margaret Living Shady (Radio Version) - Brown Boy - Livin Shady what would have been Margaret's th birthday.

Kathleen and I appreciate your support! I am trying to make this series as authentic as possible for Jerry Blavat fans like you. You will hear the kind of records the King of Philly Rock and Roll spins on his actual Geator Gold radio show Living Shady (Radio Version) - Brown Boy - Livin Shady the kind he played decades ago on his other radio programs and his Discophonic Scene and Jerry's Place television shows.

Thank you again for joining the fun, dear friend Arleen. I hope you are doing well and I look forward to seeing you again soon! Had to listen to The Duck. I thought it might be on the silly side, but it was a solid tune. Hi, Alex! Thanks for coming over, good buddy. I'm happy to see you! I'm also glad you brought up Jackie Lee's novelty dance number "The Duck. Jackie Lee's "The Duck - Part 1" was Ο Διαβάτης - Γιάννης Καραμπεσίνης, Μπέμπα Μπλανς / Μιχάλης Μενιδιάτης - Ο Διαβάτης / Τάμπα Τούμπα stateside in November and charted in the early weeks of ' It's interesting to note that an Irish female recording artist with the We Believe - Starclub - Starclub name, Jackie Lee, was also popular in the UK during the 60s and 70s.

Thanks again for your visit and comment, good buddy Alex! Hi Jerry and Shady. It's a bright sunny day, nice for attending a fun Soc Hop.

Living Shady (Radio Version) - Brown Boy - Livin Shady Dick Clark show was the best in my opinion, and I loved watching the dancers.

Great song! I love Harlem Shuffle, and only knew it was by Bob and Earl. Anytime I hear the song, I swoon and get up to shuffle, haha!

I had no idea they wrote the song, and went on to do more fun projects. The Marvelettes are agreeably one of Motown's top girl groups, and simply fabulous!

Maybe I haven't heard this one before, but the story sure is familiar! Loved it! I thought I heard a little needle scratch at the end of this record. This is a fun post, and deserves a large crowd, you guys! I liked the Billy Harner "Sally" song, but can't quite put the thoughts together on what it reminds me of. It makes me think of the last ditch efforts that some of the groups experienced transitioning from soul and pop, to the Jackson Five, Tommy James and The Shondells, and Marvin Gaye styles.

A good choice to make me think! Thank you for this very cool lineup of good, and different music. Living Shady (Radio Version) - Brown Boy - Livin Shady Contours open and "Clouds of Joy" finale, hit the spot! Hope your week's ending is fresh and exciting! See you next time! Hi, Suzanne! Thanks for dropping by with another super comment, dear friend. The Geator and Shady welcome you!

That old American Bandstand clip is one of the best available that offers a good look at the dance styles of midonly a few months after the show moved its production facilities from Philadelphia to Los Angeles.

However, this is also a fine example of modern video syncing. According to the uploader, the Bandstand kids in that clip were actually dancing to the Bobby Freeman hit "C'mon And Swim," yet you'd never know it.

Today they just text some girl and she thinks he's the coolest guy on the planet. While I'm at it, what's this fascination with typing messages on a tiny keyboard? It all came down after '64, both the girls high hair and the guys started growing it long. Yep, happened on the West Coast right where AB moved to. When Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers became popular across the nation, groups of young teenagers emerged making records that sought to capture "the Frankie Lymon sound" and match his group's success.

Few did. I never heard this version with a spoken intro before and was delighted to come across it a couple of weeks ago just in time to insert it in this volume of Geator Gold. It is very similar! Billy Harner reminds me of Mitch Ryder. Can you hear the similarity in his gravel voiced shouting style?


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  1. Apr 25,  · AND TO MARGARET ELIZABETH BROWN SCHNEIDER, NICKNAMED "THE OLDEST LIVING DELL RAT" Thursday, April 25, Geator Gold - Vol. 2: The Duck Across the Pond! livin' in the U.S.A., I'm willing to bet that presents the second of his radio shows here on SPMM (Shady's Place Music & Memories). I am trying to make this series as authentic as.
  2. Aug 30,  · Brown Boy & Evelyn Rivas - KGGI radio 2 Livin Shady Brown Boy & Josh Ochoa 3 (Radio Version) Brown Boy, Dos, Fingazz, Samantha Latino & Zig Zag 17 Livin Shady (Diva Reggaetton Mix) 17 Songs, 1 Hour 1 Minute Released: ℗ Street Noize.
  3. Aug 30,  · Brown Boy & Evelyn Rivas - KGGI radio 2 Livin Shady Brown Boy & Josh Ochoa 3 (Radio Version) Brown Boy, Dos, Fingazz, Samantha Latino & Zig Zag 17 Livin Shady (Diva Reggaetton Mix) 17 Songs, 1 Hour 1 Minute Released: Aug 30, ℗ Street Noize.
  4. Is the Homey Brown Boy (Girl) Im yours Forever I will be Im yours This is what you mean to me (Brown Boy) There's a special dedication that i gots to make.
  5. [Brown Boy (Lorene Rose in background)] Livin’ Shady Brown Boy. 2. Livin’ Shady 4. Superman Brown Boy; Superman Lyrics;.
  6. I've been livin' shady Cheatin' on my lady Ever since she left me I've been goin' crazy Thinkin' about my baby I know I did you wrong Just listen to my song I wanna make it up to you (make it up) I know I ain't livin' right I don't expect you to take me back (Make it up) And I don't expect you to forgive me But baby just listen to me (make it up).
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  8. Brown Boy Livin Shady lyrics & video: [Chorus x2] I've been livin' shady Cheatin' on my lady Ever since she left me I've been goin' crazy Thinkin' about my baby I know i did y.
  9. All I Ever Wanted Lyrics: Brown Boy / Finga dalig on the beat / Lovely one / So radio / Let's do it / Ahh / Can you feel it / Ahh / I know you feel it / Ahh / I know you feel that / Let me talk to.

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