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One Thought Closer (Demo Version) - Liv Kristine - Enter My Religion

Label: Mastersound Studio, Stuttgart - 00000 • Format: CDr Promo • Country: Germany • Genre: Pop • Style: Folk Rock, Goth Rock, Pop Rock
Download One Thought Closer (Demo Version) - Liv Kristine - Enter My Religion

If you want to read from the beginning it starts here. Lucas finished packing his rope, zipped his bag, and came back off the platform. Sofia watched him walk toward her, still feeling a bit spacey. It was Lori. Lori and some man and another couple. Was it wonderful? Sofia smiled, nodded. She wanted to say more, but she was suddenly very tired. She stifled a yawn. Sofia nodded, waved one hand in their direction in greeting. Lucas had joined them and was talking to the one she thought must be Harold.

Sofia smiled again, thinking that she really needed to pull it together. You know… Lucas was doing a rope demo and, you know.

I guess I am. Sofia started to say that of course she would drive them home, but when she tried to picture it, it seemed like a bad idea. She yawned instead. She felt Sleeping Giants - Various - Zero Tolerance bit like a cat, as if she only had to curl up and wait and someone else would take care of her. And that was almost exactly what happened.

Lucas talked to Lori and Harold, and the next thing Sofia knew, they had arranged for her and Lori to spend the night in an apartment over the dungeon. Lori and Harold were going to an all-night breakfast place with the other couple. Mashed potatoes. And some fruit? Mandy came over then and offered to walk Sofia to the bathroom, where she could also put on her dress. Sofia readily went with her, slipped her dress, and began to feel One Thought Closer (Demo Version) - Liv Kristine - Enter My Religion bit more collected, although still not fully back to herself.

She held on to the blanket. And Lucas tucked her up on a couch. From there, she could comfortably watch the demos, which had continued. There was a buzz of excitement as the wax play started, but then she might have dozed a bit. The next thing she knew, Lori was back, bringing food, and Sofia was suddenly starving. She devoured the mashed potatoes and fruit cup, still curled up on the couch, then looked up to find Lucas watching her.

She looked at him, thinking. Go upstairs, walk around, or watch the demos. Go upstairs, walk around, or what? It seemed like a lot of choices. But he was waiting patiently. She yawned. The apartment was nice, but impersonal.

Lucas led her into the larger of two bedrooms. He opened a drawer and told her to pick a nightgown. There was a fuzzy grandma gown, a blue negligee, a forest green gown and pajamas that might have had feet in them.

The en suite bathroom had extra toothbrushes, still in their packages, toothpaste, an array of lotions, body wash and condoms in the drawers. Lucas left her to make her own selections. He asked her if she wanted to shower, but she shook her head, no, she really just wanted to go to sleep.

She washed her face and brushed teeth, put One Thought Closer (Demo Version) - Liv Kristine - Enter My Religion the gown, wondering if Lucas would be gone when she came out. She smiled to see that he was still there, comfortably settled in a an oversized chair. He pulled down one side of the covers.

She saw that he had placed a glass of water on the bed stand beside her. She scooted down in the bed, lying on her side as she almost always did, and he pulled the light covers up over her. Get some sleep now. She heard him go, the door shutting behind him, and she lay awake for a few minutes, feeling snug and secure. Then she was asleep. When she awoke, the sun was streaming in the window and Lori „Hecuba” Monológ (II.

Felv. 2. Szín) - Gábor Miklós - Hamlet sound asleep. Sofia got up and wandered out into the living room. The door to the other bedroom was open, and she could see there was no one there. She made her way to the kitchen, looking for coffee. On the counter, was a note from Lucas. One Thought Closer (Demo Version) - Liv Kristine - Enter My Religion handwriting was large, a clear script. Take care of yourself. Text me when you get home so I know you made it ok, please.

Sofia read the note three times, dismayed. She had not realized how much she was looking forward to seeing him today. He stayed. Conference huh? Like Liked by 1 person. Lol,he did stay. A conference. Like Like. Nooo lol. Good on Sofia for doing the demo and again, I love how you described her feelings.

I love how Lucas took care of her and tucked her. He is a keeper. I hope too that there is more to this story:. And yeah, getting tucked in is nice. My second husband used to tuck me in. It was lovely. Of course, he turned out to be a short-term keeper… but still. Lol… Lucas is a whole different person. Aww… Lovely series. Great work. Thank you, Jupiter! Si Pudieras Amarme - Los Chicanos - No Pidas Más Perdón are commenting using your WordPress.

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Lucas turned to Lori. How are you getting home? Or walk around? Or go upstairs now? Thank you, Lucas. Hope you slept well.


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